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Introduction to SEM services

Search engine marketing (SEM) implies a range of activities aimed at attracting visitors to a given site utilizing a variety of tools: media websites, social networks, Google and Yandex search engines, (video) reviews, photos etc. Search engine promotion also partly implies reputational marketing services (SERM) as well as website promotion in search results on smartphones and tablets. SEM methods include all techniques that solve this problem, ranging from direct engagement of targeted traffic by linking from less relevant sites, to working within your website itself to improve its relevance for your target audience (thereby improving site visibility for search engines by re-ranking the results listing in favor of this site for key requests).

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In fact, search engine marketing is all about traffic redistribution in the Internet from places that are less relevant to places with more relevance.

Why is the term “marketing” used instead of “advertising”? This is because the concept of “advertising” is a goal and marketing is a way of improving the efficiency of advertising.

Search Engine Marketing advantages are the many possibilities to engage the specific audience that is interested in purchasing your product.

Search Engine Marketing (sem)

Search engine marketing: technology

Contextual advertising is raising consumer awareness of a company’s website within search engines by placing contextual advertisements on selected words.

Search engine optimization (SEO; also known as website promotion or optimization) is a range of actions aimed at changing the website in addition to elements of external environment to gain higher positions in the "natural" search listings for given queries. SEO is all about attracting users by improving the quality and usefulness of the resource, creating unique content, competent use of keywords, in addition to eliminating any barriers in the code or structure of the site while it is being indexed.

Border-line case of search and contextual advertising is placing the advertisements in search results on a thematic site-advertising platform. It should be noted that search technology is not limited by these solutions. New technology is now being developed: search marketing for social networks (Social media optimization) and Video search marketing. Since the Internet continues to develop, newer technologies are going to emerge.

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Overall, search marketing involves the following features:

  • Working with specific requests (keywords).
  • Link to search (search engines; website search).
  • Taking into account the context (topics of a given platform, etc.)

SEM services: tools in use

Increasing the number of visitors of a given site is the goal, and various technologies are continuously being developed to achieve it. These technologies are constantly evolving and new ones continue to emerge. They might be very different, but still complement each other.

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Search marketing utilizes following solutions:

  • contextual advertising;
  • search engine optimization;
  • social network marketing;
  • behavioral marketing;
  • working with video and photos;
  • targeted advertising;
  • reputation marketing.

Let's consider the methods that are used most often (the rest are rarely used).

Sem Analysis Services

Contextual advertising

Ads about the company or product appear on specific websites according to the keywords mentioned there. This way the content of an ad (which can be textual and graphical) is directly connected to the content of a webpage where it appears.

Search engine optimization

SEO (for short) or website optimization is a series of actions aimed at promoting a site in search results list, thus improving its visibility online. Here the engagement of visitors is achieved by improving the quality of content on a website, the number of articles posted as well as the originality of information provided. Specific keywords used depend on user requests.

Sem Management Services

SMM — promotion in social networks

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is an increasingly popular search marketing technique which involves promoting a product, service or company via publication of relevant information on social networks. Effectiveness of the product largely depends on the way it is presented online (whether information is interesting and engaging) and on how representatives interact with customers on networks and forums.

Audio and video can also be used to the advantage of the company. SMM can be regarded as a kind of ‘hidden’ advertising.

Social networks promotion (SMM) is not suitable in all cases. Not all companies will be interested in photographs or informal descriptions of their products. It is perfect for beauty products, clothing and accessories.

Sem Specialty Services

Professional SEM services with KATASIS: Our team

Whether the project goes smoothly and successfully largely depends on whether it is performed by highly-qualified specialists. Our well-coordinated team consists of:

  • Project Manager (organizes the project as a whole)
  • Semantician (selects search queries)
  • Copywriter (writes textual content)
  • SEO specialist (works on optimizing and promoting the site)
  • SEO project monitor (develops a promotion strategy)
  • Programmer (responsible for technical work on the site)
  • Specialist in contextual advertising (leads advertising campaign)
  • Analyst (analyzes the effects of promotional efforts).

Seo Sem Smm Services

Search engine marketing from KATASIS: what do we offer?

Our SEM specialty services are all about:

  1. Emphasis on the technical part. Any Internet project requires proper construction as well as constant audit. The correct working of the links connected to a search engine is crucial in success of the site overall.
  2. Internal content marketing. This implies continuous study of user demand and formation of groups of requests (SEM analysis service). Optimization of existing site structure, filters, menu sections is used for attracting the largest possible number of visitors via search engines.Search Engine Marketing
  3. Integrated solutions. This means consistent work with all kinds of site content: photo/video reviews, product technical descriptions, blogs, news feeds. Attention is paid to pricing as well as completeness of product offers.
  4. External content marketing. We are working with forums, blogs, opinion leaders, social reviewers and aim at solving the problem of increasing traffic, sales and brand awareness among consumers. We also aim at the natural improvement of project referential popularity.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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