What is Spree Commerce?

E-commerce is one of the main trends in business development. This is why every company should think about the implementation of its project in the field of electronic commerce.

Spree Commerce (or simply Spree) is an open-source framework, which was released in 2007. Since then, the number of downloads of this platform has steadily increased. Today, about 50 thousand projects have been implemented on the basis of Spree.

The source code of this framework is available in the repository and is under the active development of community members. Projects implemented on the basis of Spree Commerce are easily customized and able to create new extensions.

Spree Commerce

Why you should choose the Spree Commerce web development?

Using Spree Commerce for web development, you get a multifunctional product that is easy to manage and customize. The framework is ideal for creating high-quality online stores, which purpose is to permanently expand the product database and increase the number of customers.

Statistics show that the e-commerce market is experiencing a period of rapid development. For example, in May-June of this year there was a record number of online orders. The advantages of electronic trade over traditional one cannot be overestimated.

The most reasonable decision in this case is opening an online store or upgrading an already established website. Spree e-commerce platform will be perfect for these task.

Spree Commerce Cost

Spree Commerce platform benefits

What ensured the success of a startup? Why the Spree Commerce online store platform became so successful? It is due to the following factors:

  • It has a ready-made mobile-friendly design.
  • Virtually unlimited customization. Spree Commerce is a modular platform. It can be modified and expanded at the customer’s request.
  • Logical and intuitive control panel that is convenient to use.
  • Localization of different languages.
  • Integration with the most popular payment services: Skrill, PayPal, Stripe, eWay, Braintree, etc.
  • Implementation of Ajax, which is a technology of partial page refresh.
  • Logical and convenient front end and back end.
  • No license restrictions.
  • Due to the Ruby on Rails framework, you can create online stores on Spree in the shortest time possible.
  • Large community. Like any open-source project, Spree Commerce is supported by a community of developers who tirelessly solve various tasks (creation of new gems and extensions, integration with payment gateways, etc.), as well as provide information on all relevant issues. Community members are always available in Slack public channels, Spree mailing lists or on GitHub gem pages.

Spree Ecommerce Website

Components of a successful online store on Spree

Marketing design

Apart from making the website beautiful, it is important to make it convenient to use. To develop a successful online store, you need to understand the buyer, his expectations and behavior on the website. You also need knowledge of modern web design requirements and the skills of using it for the benefit of the future online store. That is why it is important to examine the portfolio of contractors in detail before ordering the development of an online store.

Continuous work

Online store malfunctions are unforgivable, because every time the user sees an error message instead of the desired page, he has another reason to go to competitors. In order for your online platform to work stably, you need to choose a high-quality host, a reliable content management system, as well as a company that will provide technical support for your Spree e-commerce website. KATASIS can provide your online store with a full range of services that will ensure its smooth operation, which means regular profits for your business.

Ecommerce Web Development Agency

Opportunity to find any product

Whenever potential customers do not find products they are interested in, they leave your online store.

It is a shame if the products were actually available, but the navigation and search system were so confusing that the users could not find what they needed.

That is why it is so important to think over all categories of product sorting, filters and elements, because they dramatically increase sales volumes.

Detailed product information

In order to make the online store visitors want to purchase your products and convince them in your trustworthiness, you need to provide detailed and high-quality information about the products on the website.

This includes photographs, the cost of goods or services, descriptions of product features, customer reviews, information on payment methods and delivery.

That is why the development of online stores demands thorough work with content.

Who needs Spree Commerce?

If you need a high-quality online store with an individual design and the possibility of further business development, your choice is the Spree Commerce development. This framework allows you to expand your target audience and solve complex marketing tasks. It is created for ambitious and high-quality projects. If you want to create a premium online store and play big, the e-commerce department of KATASIS will be happy to answer all your questions and share its rich experience with the Spree Commerce framework.

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Stages of the Spree Commerce website development from KATASIS

  1. Development of technical specifications according to your activity.
  2. Design. You have the opportunity to see each template designed by us and complement them with your wishes.
  3. Full visualization of the completed design. You can immediately see how the finished project will look.
  4. Layout. You will be able to try out the website functions.
  5. Programming. We have a way to make you aware of the development progress.
  6. Testing. Our employees check for possible mistakes and instantly eliminate them for you not to waste time on further checking.
  7. Content. Give us the information you want to display and monitor the progress from your device.

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