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What is Vue JS?

Vue JS is a dynamic JavaScript framework which is aimed to create user connections. Being unique compared to monolithic frameworks, Vue JS is planned for gradual deployment. Its kernel first solves the tasks of a view level. It eases merging with other libraries and existing projects. Additionally, Vue can be utilized to create a complex single-page app, providing that deployed alongside other tools as well as additional libraries.

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Since April 2018, Vue has been almost three times more preferred than Angular. Judging by usage and combine the demand for it, you may realize that quite soon Vue will overtake his closest competitor, React from Facebook.

Benefits of the framework

Creating a site on a framework — obvious choice for those who have resources including unique capabilities, reliable protection, and high-level performance. Despite the relatively high price together with the complexity of the evolvement, the framework possesses a lot of undeniable advantages:

High efficiency

Vue js uses the first-rate CMS and clean PHP frameworks as they provide the proper level of security at a high speed of code work.

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The framework lets you create unique tools without linking the site core to the ready-made modules.

Cozy development

Unlike pure coding and CMS, the framework lets anybody to put into action their own ideas, thereby enhancing the project fulfillment and, above all, the programmers’ enthusiasm in their work.


Unlike CMS, Vue.js framework lets you eliminate "gaps" in the code and database protection fast and securely by using object-relational displaying technology.

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Description of the Vue.js framework

Vue.js is a JavaScript library to create web interfaces using the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture template. Vue works just on the "conceptualization level" and not usable for intermediate software evolvement and backend. Due to this, it can be imploded beside different projects together with libraries with no difficulty. Vue.js has extended functionality for representation level and may be utilized for creating robust single-page web applications.

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Vue.js main functions:

  • React interfaces;
  • Declarative rendering;
  • Data linking;
  • Directives (all directives have a prefix "V-". The state value is transmitted to the directive, and HTML attributes or Vue JS events are used as parameters);
  • Logical templates;
  • Components;
  • Events processing;
  • Properties;
  • Conversion and CSS animation;
  • Filters.

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The main library of Vue.js takes very little space (only 17 kB). Therefore the load on your Vue.js project is too insignificant, leading to the websites to load quickly.

Where can Vue.js be applied?

Vue works excellent with small projects that want some reactance, displaying the input values by a user, authorization, and other similar tasks. However, since Vue is easy to scale, it is also well suited for larger projects. Because of all these, it is known as a progressive framework.

Additionally, Vue serves well for substantial single-page apps thanks to its core elements, such as Router in addition to Vuex. using Vue, you can manage public APIs both for creating apps as well as for implementing server-run apps. Overall, Vue is good to develop solutions which have external APIs for data processing.

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Vue also aids you to build a frontend blog on well-known CMS. Additionally, Vue.js may be easily implemented to develop dynamic interfaces adapted to the user.

Advantages of Vue.js distinguished from other JS-frameworks

Vue's functions are very much alike to the functions of JS-frameworks from Google (Angular) and Facebook (React) when it comes to their elements, directives, properties, transitions, animations, and filters. But, there are certain fundamental differences that leave competitors far behind. Vue.js is:

  1. Available. Vue is based on the Angular and React experience, however, it is not difficult to run and comprehend. It requires minimal setting and optimization efforts.
  2. Adaptable. It lets you shift from single-page applications to microservices that you can use some sections from the application developed earlier.
  3. Light. Vue.js weighs extremely small (just 20 Kbytes) and therefore considered the lightest and fastest JS-frame on the market as of 2019.
  4. Quick. It makes it possible to select alone the needed elements for the project. It is a rapid-fire virtual objective document model.
  5. Practical. It gives you the opportunity to create websites, mobile applications and desktop programs with almost any functionality.Web Development Vue.Js
  6. Simple. Vue.js automatizes and accelerates the development of modern dynamic apps, without distractions on the part of the setting. The requirement of knowledge of server programming languages is not needed.
  7. Hassle free to integrate. With its help, you can build plug-ins that would be integrated without difficulty with other projects and frameworks.
  8. Reactive. The app was specially designed for the development of ultrafast interactive web interfaces with asynchronous data streams.
  9. Safe. You can connect to a ready-made code and use all its potential without the risk of the existing code.
  10. Scalable. Vue.js is a step-by-step improving ecosystem that scales between a library and a fully functional framework.
  11. Productive. It lets you work with a visual copy, rather than presenting itself. The framework exhibits excellent performance and intelligent memory partition.
  12. Demand is high. The professionals that work with Vue is incredibly in high demand, and salaries are among the best on the market.

What do professionals say about Vue?

Easy to integrate

More than three fourths of developers revealed the convenience of integration, which includes integration with backend-frameworks, which is a significant advantage of the Vue framework.

What is Vue JS

Lack of difficulty to learn

A lot percentage of professional think that Vue is straightforward to learn compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks.

Clear documentation

According to the report, 60% of developers surveyed told that documentation is another strength of Vue.


More than 50% of people who took the survey noted that the productivity of the framework was one of its essential benefits.

What is included in the development of the project together with KATASIS?

  1. Getting familiar with the project and preparing a trial prototype.
  2. Being able to create a technical design requirement and a detailed prototype of the application.
  3. Development of the personal design for the project.
  4. Layout design for the client part.
  5. Programming the back-end.Vue.js main functions
  6. Performing and functional testing of the site.
  7. Training to work with an app: addition of content, administration.
  8. Application release.
  9. Unloading on the prototype.
  10. Maintenance and development of the project.

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