Website development with PHP and Node.js

Custom-made website development with PHP and Node.js

What is a CMS and why do we need custom-made solutions in general? It would seem that modern management systems are able to implement any ideas with minimal time costs. In most cases, it is true, but the CMS functions are still limited, unlike solutions made from scratch.

A custom-made website is a web resource adapted to the individual needs and wishes of the developer. Plug-ins and modules are created from scratch, taking into account the specified functions, which completely excludes the possibility of unnecessary modules that create server load.

Such resources are difficult to create because they require certain skills and knowledge of the custom-made engines. If you do not have such information, it is better for you to contact a digital agency where you can order a turnkey website. Qualified programmers will do their job as quickly as possible, despite the fact that developing a website from scratch takes much more time than the CMS development.

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Why PHP and Node.js development?

The choice of the most suitable platform is the first step in the development of any website or application. PHP and Node.js are among the most popular and frequently used tools used by professional programmers. Although both of them are designed for applications of different complexity, they are based on different concepts and architecture.

PHP is an open source, general-purpose scripting language, which was used in the development of such content management systems as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. It has the following advantages:

  • Huge code base — a large code base makes PHP development easy and allows you to create various Internet resources: from management systems to powerful frameworks such as Facebook.
  • Web development — unlike Java or Python, PHP scripts are designed specifically for web development. They contain all the necessary functions for working with HTML, servers and databases.
  • Exceptional flexibility — in addition to the recommended HTML language, it integrates perfectly into JavaScript, WML, XML, and many other languages.

Node.js is a programming environment designed to convert JavaScript from a highly specialized language to a general purpose language.

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The main advantages of this software platform include:

  • excellent performance — Node.js programming allows you to create applications with non-blocking input and output, processing several requests at the same time;
  • asynchronous operation — while simultaneously connecting thousands of users, Node.js efficiently allocates resources and ensures the smooth operation of all systems.

Only a professional in the field of Node.js application development is able to make your dreams come true. Contact KATASIS to create a custom-made website and take your business to the next level!

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Why do you need a custom-made website and what makes it better than a CMS?

PHP and Node.js development is very popular due to the good adaptation to individual requests. Your web resource will have only the necessary functions, whereas each modern CMS has a standard set of options that cannot be changed. Many of them can slow down the website due to the excess hosting workload.

The undeniable advantage of a custom-made website is a high degree of security. After all, the security system is designed for each particular website, unlike CMS, where it is standard for all types of web resources. Interested in PHP application development? Then contact us! Qualified specialists with vast PHP and Node.js app development experience will create the website according to your every wish.

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What influences the cost of the custom-made website development?

The custom-made website development is carried out on the basis of the following data that also affects both usability and cost:

  • website type;
  • the complexity of the design and elements;
  • number of functions;
  • integration with external services.

php app developmentCustom-made website development with PHP and Node.js from KATASIS

KATASIS specialists have implemented many large projects over the years. Every website developed by us is currently making a profit for customers. You can see the examples in our portfolio. To order the Node.js and PHP app development, you can simply leave a request on our website. We will contact you in a way that is convenient for you.

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