What is Bootstrap programming?

Bootstrap appeared back in 2011 on Twitter. Initially, it was a small library for the internal needs of the company, but it quickly gained popularity and went far beyond its limits. Today, Bootstrap is a recognized favorite among developers of adaptive websites. This is a framework consisting of HTML templates, CSS and JavaScript extensions.

It follows the principle of “mobile-first”, which implies the initial development of the website for a small screen of a mobile phone, then the content is placed according to the resolution of the tablet and finally, the coder is working on a version for the laptop and computer. Through this approach, the end user can view the website on any device without experiencing the slightest inconvenience.

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Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap: features and capabilities

Bootstrap is an open and free framework created by the Twitter team. It is used to design high-quality dynamic sites and landings optimized for mobile devices. The well-thought-out structure of HTML, JavaScript and CSS code allows you to construct interfaces quickly, easily and even without the help of specialists, on condition that you have basic layout skills. The extensive web community Bootstrap guarantees virtually round-the-clock online support. You can understand any question by contacting the thematic forums or the official website of the developer.

Bootstrap is an open source platform with a MIT license. The framework can be used for free, both for personal purposes and for commercial projects. Today, the platform is objectively the best for developing responsive sites and landing pages.

Bootstrap Development Companies

Bootstrap web development company: who can work with Bootstrap?

The framework is suitable for the implementation of various projects, from blogs and portfolios to large corporate projects and landing page. Bootstrap is a universal solution for everyone who appreciates the time, does not like to fight with the code and strives for competent positioning on the Internet.

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Bootstrap is chosen by:

  • Representatives of small and medium businesses
  • Representatives of creative professions
  • Commercial organizations
  • Service companies
  • Informational publications
  • Bloggers
  • Startups

Bootstrap Website Development

Search engines are very fond of standard Bootstrap for the ease of code, site loading speed, and adaptability for mobile devices. You can create single-page and multi-page websites with a beautiful and convenient design with its help.

Bootstrap web development benefits

  • Actual design. Bootstrap websites meet the current requirements of web-design. Attractive design is the main component of success resources.

  • Dynamics. The framework library contains all sorts of dynamic elements. Ready-made solutions allow you to enhance the resource of diverse effects relevant to modern sites. The process of creating, for example, a fashionable attractive slider takes a few minutes. To integrate the web element, you only need to copy the necessary part of the code and replace the default images with the desired ones.Bootstrap programming benefits

  • Unlimited setting options. Bootstrap allows you to realize the maximum creative imagination. Various color schemes, various options for headings, fonts, background videos, and images allow you to achieve the desired results in relation to the finished product.

  • Thoughtful usability. Sites and Landings on Bootstrap find a positive response from the audience. It is easy to find a common language with them and if it is necessary, to quickly find the needed information. Sophisticated organization of the Internet resource helps to improve the conversion, to achieve a friendly location of search engine robots.

Bootstrap Website Development Cost

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Why to choose Bootstrap website development services?

  1. High-speed work. The grid structure of Bootstrap allows you to quickly and easily make up quality, responsive websites. Even an inexperienced user will be able to understand the designing pages process. Ready-made styles and web scripts speed up the layout at times. All you need to do is to register the necessary data-attributes and classes.

  2. Simple control. You can use various fonts, include media, dynamic effects and menus, perform many other settings, promptly excluding or adding classes to the elements.

  3. Flexibility. The thought-out setting of components simplifies the work on each individual website. The ability to select only those JavaScript and CSS components that are necessary for the current project is implemented.

  4. Adaptability. Bootstrap websites are correctly displayed on any device, regardless of the screen expansion, it can be desktops, tablets or smartphones. Organic adaptation for all kinds of gadgets is provided by default. This function is also easy to manage if you are guided by specific tasks.Bootstrap programming

  5. Cross-browser and cross-platform. The framework is adapted for popular operating systems and browsers. Smooth work is guaranteed on Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

  6. Many templates and extensions. Millions of sites are using Bootstrap for web development. Accordingly, there is a great number of various themes and design options for components. Many professional current templates and functional tools are free. Interesting solutions of talented developers allow you to uniquely identify a resource, to take into account the maximum wishes for design.

  7. Versatility. Bootstrap easily integrates with most popular CMS, including one-page.

  8. Support. Bootstrap is developing dynamically. New versions appear, work is underway to correct errors and introduce new functionality.

Bootstrap Website Development Services

Why is Bootstrap web development worth ordering at KATASIS?

Despite the friendliness of the platform, including novice developers, it may be difficult to understand the nuances of interaction with Bootstrap. In 90% of cases, questions appear already at the stage of basic settings. The help of professionals is necessary for preparation of the high-quality project. Creating a competent website without certain knowledge and skills will go wrong.

Learning how to interact with the framework will take at least time, perseverance and high-quality training material. We know how to work with Bootstrap and how to use the framework capabilities in relation to Internet projects of different formats. We develop websites on Bootstrap in optimal time with a guarantee of quality.

These help us:

  • Modern technical equipment

  • Powerful intellectual base

  • An integrated approach and attention to detail

  • A professional team from various IT areas

  • Coordination with the customer

  • Availability of services with consistently high quality of performance

We develop websites from scratch and provide comprehensive support to already functioning resources.

Bootstrap Web Development

Web development in bootstrap: What opportunities do we provide?


We guarantee pages of high relevance for key requests of different frequencies. We analyze the work of the website, identify and eliminate the factors hindering successful ranking. We will engage in safe, efficient methods for internal and external optimization work.

Technical support

We conduct an audit of the website technical component. We recommend an optimal set of works aimed at ensuring stable operation, timely content updating, and graphics as well.

Selecting and integrating Bootstrap themes

We help to choose the optimal template that meets the goals and objectives of the project. We take into account the objective requirements for the resource, dictated by the current trends in the IT industry and subjective wishes for design, structure, and functional content.

Bootstrap Web Development Company

Upsetting from filters

We solve the problem of imposing sanctions on the site by the search engines. We analyze the reasons of positioning deterioration. We offer an effective solution to the problem of restoring previously occupied positions with the prospect of further improvement in the results of issuance.

Training and accompaniment

Do you want to understand the nuances of site management on Bootstrap? We will help to understand the framework specifics, we will teach the key points of interaction. Our experts provide professional consulting services, the necessary accompanying material.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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