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The only thing that is invariable in the world is changes. Each site, regardless of specifics, needs to be updated. It can be just an external update, a kind of «cosmetic repair». Or profound changes related to the improvement of usability, the implementation of new functions. Redesign can be done every 2 years, you can — once in 3-4 years. But you should not leave everything exactly as it was for more than 5 years. Why? There are several good reasons for this, but let's first determine what redesign means.

Many owners of Internet sites are faced with the fact that the design of their resource begins to lose to competitors, and they are asked: what is this — the redesign of the site?

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Redesigning website: what is included in the redesign?

Depending on the tasks set by the customer, the site upgrade may include:

  1. Redesign of logos (if the logo is out of date, inconvenient to use, it does not look modern, or if the product has changed, there have been changes in the company's policy, the merger of two companies, acquisition, etc.) The price of the logo redesign depends on how clearly the task is set. The same principle applies to brand the site.
  2. Changing the color solution, fonts, style (using modern trends, individual memorable design, compliance with the changed logo).Website Redesign
  3. Adding/modifying content (deleting obsolete categories and sections, replacing images with more modern and qualitative ones, corresponding to topics, updating text content). Getting rid of irrelevant content allows you to speed up loading pages, which is welcomed by search engines.
  4. Introduction of animated elements (creates a sense of interaction, with proper use, it has a good effect on conversion).
  5. Development of HTML-code (important for search engine promotion).
  6. Optimization of usability (a convenient menu, navigation through the site, search filters, the ability to navigate intuitively).

The team carried out a deep redesign. Work on modernization consisted of the reorientation of a site from presentation to selling. Forms of feedback, buttons with calls to action were posted on the pages. Text content is beautifully developed on the page, made easy to read. With the help of icons, it became easier to perceive the list of advantages and uses of products. We thought about the navigation: the services were distributed in a vertical and horizontal menu, structured. Indicated the cost of the work. Added animation effects that «revive» the site, allow it to look stylish and modern.

Redesigning Website

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Redesign a website: 7 Reasons to order a redesign

  1. Move the site to a new CMS.

  2. Conducting search engine optimization, which requires a fast download site and clean code.

  3. Analytical data indicate that the site has become less interesting to visitors, it spends a little time, the conversion has significantly decreased. You need to update the content, work out the design.
  4. Site looks obsolete, loses to competitors.
  5. Mastering the company with new horizons, expanding the scope of activities, changing the marketing policy, upgrading the product.
  6. Entering the company into a new market, expanding or changing the target audience.
  7. Expansion of the list of services or product range, which must be presented on the site.

The reason for applying to the web studio «Business Site» was an outdated design. The company has grown and developed rapidly. At some point, the scale of the activity ceased to correspond to the brand name and the corresponding logo. There was a need to rebrand the site: change the name, redesign the logo. Accordingly, the design of the site has changed radically: navigation has improved, the selling points have been emphasized: a list of advantages, triggers, a range of services, examples of works, contact details. The site began to attract a wider audience segment, which positively affected the conversion.

Planning A Website Redesign

Redesigning website services: types

  1. Visual. Includes changes in color design, the appearance of new images, animations. Design remains the same in its essence, but it looks fresh. A visual update can improve the conversion, but may not bring the expected results if the previous version of the design was more popular with users. Therefore, before you do this type of redesign, you should weigh all the pros and cons.
  2. Functional. This is a deeper redesign of the site, which affects navigation, rubrics, sections, menus, filters. The need to make a functional redesign of the site design arises when the resource becomes inconvenient for the user. Regardless of which site is before us, it is very important that every visitor can quickly find the right information. If over time the amount of information has increased, and the optimization of usability has not been carried out, it's time to make a functional redesign.
  3. Technical. This is an upgrade of the site that affects the program code. The efforts of the artist are aimed at optimizing the code, reducing the length of loading pages. All this affects the position of the site in the SERP.
  4. Deep redesign. It affects the optimization of both visual elements, and functionality, and code. Best Website Redesigns

At the time of contact with the web studio, the design of the site is very outdated. There were global changes: the development of a new logo, the selection of a harmonious combination of colors for the design of the site. Full change of the site structure. As a result, we obtained multilanding with separate pages for the conditions of work in each of the four countries. The design was made by the selling company: they placed triggers from beautifully expanded text accompanied by icons and images, added feedback forms, buttons with a call to action, the ability to download the application form. Completely redone the structure of the main page, improved navigation on the site. They brought to the page specific vacancies, detailed information on which is posted on internal pages. The site is easy to navigate even to an inexperienced user: the buttons are highlighted in bright colors, the hoverers, the cursor changes when hovering. This design has significantly increased the conversion of landing.

Redesigning A Website

Proposal for website redesign: work stages

Redesign of the site is beneficial only when there is understanding: for what purpose it is done, what exactly they want to change, what results are expected in the end.

Therefore, before you start working, think about why you need a site redesign, whether or not it will solve the problems that have accumulated. On one side of the scale is an old design, familiar and understandable for users, and on the other — new functionality, modern style, optimized code. More details about the reasons, why to redesign the site, we already said above.

Proposal For Website Redesign

We pass to the stages of work:

  1. Development of the concept. With what to begin the redesign of a site, how not with planning of the future changes. At this stage, you can evaluate the sites of competitors, think about positioning. Analyze what elements on the site should be left, which ones are superfluous, what needs to be added or updated in design and functionality. How to make the resource user-friendly and understandable.
  2. Preparation of new text content, from the orientation on which the layout will be created.
  3. Creating a site layout based on the approved concept.
  4. Website layout. At this stage, the layout design is implemented. A website is created that targets PC users or a wider audience segment, including mobile device users.
  5. Programming. At this stage, changes are made to the program code, optimization is performed, actions are taken to accelerate the loading of the pages.
  6. Functionality check. At this stage, the site is tested after the changes, checking for operability, convenience, no errors.
  7. As a rule, the price for the redesign of the site in Kiev and other cities includes all these stages.Website Redesign Presentation

At the initial stage, the concept was worked out: the task was to increase the volumes of wholesale and retail sales. This meant that the site should become convenient, it should easily contain goods, and the actions for ordering and purchasing should be simple and understandable. Redesign of the store began with the design: in addition to the blue color of the logo was chosen green. The goods were divided into groups and distributed them both in the horizontal menu, and on the main one, with the list of sub-items, added a heading with hits of sales. Implemented a «smart» search. We worked the functionality of the basket. Place a button next to the contacts to order a callback. The design was made completely adaptable, convenient for making purchases from mobile devices and stationary ones. We worked through the code in the basic search engine optimization. Transfer the store to CMS Bitrix and set up the admin panel.

Redesign A Website

What redesign will strengthen the position of the site in the search results?

In order for the updated design to increase the position in search results and seo the promotion of the site became even more effective, it is important to observe the following requirements:

  1. Take care of redirection if some pages have disappeared or the link has changed.
  2. Improve navigation, sort content or products into groups, as much as possible to facilitate the search on the site.
  3. Update the content. Often, by the time the design is updated, much is changing in the company's activities, the list of services or goods, spheres of activity, etc. is expanding. Why not fill the site with the new text? In addition, unique content is very popular with search engines.

Redesign My Website

Speed up page loading

Take care of the adaptability of the design. This not only allows you to expand the reach of the audience but also takes into account the search robots.

When you updated the site, you saved the structure and logo. For registration, the colors of the logo were taken: contrasting black, white and red. A horizontal menu has been worked out: an option with services has been added, the ability to go to the page with detailed information about any of the basic or additional services. The design became solid, unobtrusive. Text beautifully deployed on the pages, supplemented by thematic images. Navigation is worked out. Pages are loaded quickly. Redesign of the site improved the position in the issue and increased the conversion rates.

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Our article, in which, for clarity, we have posted examples of the redesign, contains answers to the most urgent issues of site owners. The most important thing you need to know about updating a design is redesign must be done at least once every 5 years, taking into account the requirements of search engines and the convenience of users, displaying changes in the product/brand/services/marketing strategy/target audience in it.

You can redesign the visual, functional, technical, deep. The main thing at the same time — to focus on quality and focus on the desired result. And yes, trust in redesign only to the professionals of your business.

Landing Redesign

Website redesign company: a flexible approach

We work on a methodology that is convenient for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely communication and information about the stages of the project. If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker. Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.

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