Promotional video creation

Why do you need a promotional video?

Do you want to reach the maximum amount of audience and accordingly, increase awareness and sales of your product or service? Pay attention to promotional videos that solve several problems at once, and inform your target audience about the products at the same time and encourage you to make a purchase. A promotional video is a short story or screensaver that lasts from 10 to 30 seconds, during which the sale of a product or service is prompted, or a corporate brand is promoted.

Making a promotional video requires tremendous effort and resources because this is quite a painstaking process. In the promotional video development process, a huge number of narrowly targeted specialists and qualified professionals is involved. Therefore, before proceeding to the direct advertising video creation, it is necessary to determine the target audience and conduct preliminary training.

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Before making a video ad, you need to select a developer and carefully study his portfolio. By choosing KATASIS, you condemn your video advertising to success. We have vast experience in creating high-quality, creative, image and commercial videos. In our portfolio, you will find everything you need to bring your business to a new level.

Promotional video creation by KATASIS

Shooting a promotional video is creating videos for further interaction between the company and the audience with the help of a visual series. A person perceives the world around visually, which is why promotional videos are so effective. And if in the process of its creating, add high-quality sound and a fascinating storyline, and then the success of your advertising campaign is guaranteed.

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Promotional videos are placed on popular TV channels and video hosting websites to attract consumers’ attention to a brand, product or special offers, and videos can also have a social message. Unlike television, making advertising video for the Internet provides a number of advantages in the form of information about reviews, ratings, and statistics. Representatives of the company with the help of these data explore the target audience (age or geographical spread) and predict the conversion.

Cost of a promotional video depends on:

  • deadlines for the work;
  • the duration of the video;
  • the number of script concepts and storyboards;
  • shooting process scale.

promotional video creation

Order a promotional video: creating stages

  1. Marketing research for shooting advertising video. The image of the target audience is determined: age, geographical spread, financial condition, and basic needs. A list of resources for video placement is compiled according to the results.
  2. Scenario advertising video. Specialists conduct preparatory work: the search for ideas and how to implement it. Even the most intriguing scenario will not work without good text or high-quality visualization. Storytelling has become the trend of the last 5 years — these are small stories that can influence people’s feelings. Having seen this type of advertisement, the client will perceive it more emotionally and will definitely remember it.

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  1. Storyboard to create a promotional video. Sketching script saves time and effort, and most importantly allows you to quickly make adjustments to the shooting process. A small rehearsal always improves the quality of the video. This method is used by studios, both for small projects and for large ones.
  2. Production of the promotional video. The planned filming schedule, well-chosen specialists and the cast will bring the idea to life. The duration and promotional video shooting cost depend only on the capabilities of the client company. For the production of the viral video, you can additionally think over the details, follow the popular Internet memes. And combine them into a movie that will collect the maximum number of views.
  3. Post-processing for a promotional video to order. Editing, color correction, computer graphics, a spectacular soundtrack make the video more impressive.

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Making a promotional video: types

Shooting ad video for commerce

The purpose of such videos is to demonstrate a product to a potential buyer from the most attractive side, as well as to increase brand awareness and trust. Robinson, for example, stands out among competitors for family and friendship. Warm feelings that cause their video, stimulate to choose the juice of this particular company instead of hundreds of similar brands.

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High-budget advertising video production

Brands with a long history and huge sales are ready to invest in advertising not only the soul but also substantial sums. Among the most expensive projects in the history of advertising was CHANEL number 5. Shooting an advertising video lasting 4 minutes cost $ 44 million. The director of the video was Baz Luhrmann, who worked on the films «Moulin Rouge», «The Great Gatsby» and «Romeo and Juliet». Costumes were created by Karl Lagerfeld. The main role was played by Nicole Kidman, who received 4 million dollars for the shooting.

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Making advertising video for the social sphere

The purpose of these videos is to popularize social organizations and foundations that are engaged in socially important projects — charity, environmental protection, the fight against poverty, racism and gender oppression. Commercial companies very often apply with similar appeals: Dove, Always or creation

Shooting a promotional video for political agitation

Videos to support candidates and parties are increasingly becoming the basis of organizing a campaign around the world. This is particularly noticeable in the election race, which was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. KATASIS will create a promotional video that will profitably demonstrate your goals and product.

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Why chooses us

  1. High quality. We provide high-quality final video product at an affordable price. We use quality equipment with all the capabilities of our professional team.
  2. Complete solution. Professionals of the entire production cycle work in our studio, starting from writing the script and ending with cutting the video and its color correction.
  3. Non-standard technologies. In video production, we use modern technologies that we have in stock — hexacopter, 3-axis electronic image stabilizer, glide tracks, and many others.
  4. Target result. Our videos bring only target results because we are working through the informational message of the video. You get exactly what you expect — whether it is an increase in conversion or brand awareness.
  5. Exclusive approach. We are very attentive to each project, so we try to make it unique and unique. Our promotional video maker company is interested in creating high-quality clips because our portfolio provides new customers.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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