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Definition of the term «content marketing«

The term «content marketing» consists of two words — content and marketing. It is necessary to understand what is primary and fundamental. Of course, for us, this is marketing. If we put content at the head of the table, then we narrow down the entire tool to copywriting. What, in fact, is constantly happening, if you read a lot of articles on the Internet on this topic.

On the business side, marketing is the creation, promotion, provision of a product or customers’ service and the management of relationships with them to their benefit. If we put the consumer in the center, marketing can be called the identification and satisfaction of some needs of our audience. In other words, let it be profitable for them, but the consumer and the audience are in the center. Here business acquires such a valuable element, one can even say ethical, and, in fact, is serving the people.

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content marketing

How does content marketing work?

Professional content gives your business a number of key benefits:

  • Attracts potential customers already interested in the product;
  • Helps your business to attract partners through the expert reputation and an open approach (B2B segment);
  • Forms expert status, confirms your high competence, open approach, readiness to share professional information without compensation;
  • Helps your web resource to occupy the highest positions in the search results for key queries;
  • Builds trust in the brand, which is converted to sales at the time of need updating.


What is the difference between content marketing and advertising?

The most important characteristic of strategic content is not advertising. Professional content may contain a certain percentage of advertising, but it should be given as extremely as possible and only in those cases when it is simply necessary to avoid using your brand name to reveal the essence of the question.

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What are the content marketing channels?

Distribution channels for such content can be: company website, blog, social network profiles, classical media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV), online video channels, books, podcasts, seminars, lectures, webinars, exhibitions, conferences and other events that attract target, professional or interested audience, as well as using any means of recording, broadcasting information.


Content Marketing Goals

  1. Brand formation. Carry your benefits and values to your audience. Attract new subscribers to communication channels and turn them into brand advocates with regular, useful and expert content.
  2. Increased sales. Get interested your potential customers and tell about promotions and special offers. Expand the benefits of new products.
  3. Content promotion. Create strong content that will be shared on social networks. Promote content in social networks to your target audience to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.

What does content marketing involve?

Awareness promotion

Your materials will appear on all sites that your target audience visits — media, blogs, forums, thematic sites, groups in social networks.

Internet marketing

Expert position

The publication of expert materials will increase the confidence of your target audience. If you need to solve a problem in this area, they will remember, most likely, about you.

Detuning from competitors

The publication of high-quality and useful materials is a good opportunity to be different of the competitors.

Getting better leads

Content marketing helps to prepare your target audience for the transition to the next stage of the purchase funnel.

Reinforcement Internet Marketing Tools

High-quality content will enhance your work on search engine optimization, increase the conversion of contextual advertising, help to increase the coverage of social networks posts.


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Stages of content marketing

  1. Audience analysis. The first step is to understand for whom we are writing, about what and what we are writing, in what form and on what platforms. Answers to these questions will give the study of your target audience.
  2. Content audit on the project. It will give an understanding of where we are now and where to go next.
  3. Definition of work strategy. Based on the characteristics of the niche, the needs of the target audience and the activity of competitors, a content marketing strategy is being developed.
  4. Preparing a content plan. On the basis of the strategy, specific works on its implementation are prescribed — the topic and type of material, a platform for publication and terms.
  5. Creating a technical task. A detailed technical task is formed to create the necessary materials.
  6. Content distribution. Content is published on pre-selected websites
  7. Result analysis. Selected performance indicators, such as coverage, site transitions, social network activity, and sales are tracked.

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It is worth emphasizing that content marketing is not a one-off advertising campaign, it is an ongoing process that should be part of a marketing strategy. This is more an approach to product promotion than a set of tools.

Advantages of working with KATASIS

  1. Experience. The company successfully works in the SEO-optimization market and web development services.
  2. Qualified help. You can always get expert help and ask any question to the specialist leading your project.
  3. Guaranteed result. Content can sell without pushing a product or service to the market but giving people the necessary information.
  4. Distribution. KATASIS agency can create content for you and help its distribution: on your own site or on third-party resources, you can also consider the option of creating a separate website developed specifically for the distribution of useful materials.

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  1. Consumption rise. Content marketing may have commercial intent, but indirectly. For example, with the help of content marketing, we can increase the website traffic and brand awareness, form a need for a product or service.
  2. Promotion. For effective content marketing, you need to clearly understand the purpose of the actions and the expectations of the audience — KATASIS specialists will create and promote content that will be of interest to your customers.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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