Application technology consulting

What is application technology consulting?

Any IT business is a complex system consisting of many functional parts. As in any other field, the overall work of such a structure largely depends on each of them. However, most industrial structures and IT industries have historically been much divided. In fact, they began to combine and integrate only at the dawn of technologies that implement data processing and cloud storage systems. Therefore, it is still difficult to manage all distributed and dissimilar processes within a single corporate structure.

Nevertheless, there is an effective solution to this problem — consulting individual business processes. Technology consulting means analyzing a company’s workflow.

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Technology consulting for mobile app

This is usually followed by measure system development to improve its effectiveness. Properly implemented, consulting is an extremely powerful tool for optimizing the working process. With it, many burning questions can be quickly solved. For example, a client may request control and supervision of a specific process performed by employees or an entire department. The team may also need outside assistance at the drafting stage of the project architecture, or vice versa, during the final testing and evaluation. Problems that may cause a need for technology consulting may also include server rental, assistance in setting up a domain, one-time outsourcing, project management, risk planning, technical review, etc.

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What is application technology consulting used for?

Each company over time has a need for technological improvement of both already used and newly introduced business applications — as a result, there is a need for technology consulting services. It appears in the presence of the following factors:

  • The need to reduce the cost of owning an information system due to a more efficient solution of technological problems
  • Need formation for a comprehensive study of infrastructure tasks and service
  • Functional limits expansion of standard information systems
  • The need to ensure the most effective enterprise automation policy (including flexible integration scenarios that take into account the historical information heritage of the enterprise)

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To solve these problems, in our company’s portfolio special application technology consulting services are highlighted. It includes the following tool and program areas:

  • Integration: allows you to solve the problems of combining data and systems
  • Programming: aimed at solving problems that are not covered by the standard features of the application
  • Optimization: allows you to reduce the ownership cost of the application
  • Maintenance service: aimed at solving problems related to the operation of information systems
  • Technological innovations: allow you to find the most effective technology tools and methods for solving automation problems

Technology consulting for web application

Our services in terms of technological developments and innovative solutions guarantee the clients the following results and application technology consulting benefits:

  • Cost optimization of software development costs
  • Improving the speed and quality of technical solutions development
  • Search and implementation of the most relevant innovative solutions on the market for the customer
  • Comprehensive analysis of customer information systems with the identification of weak points and suggestions for their modernization
  • Simplify maintenance of information systems
  • The lower total cost of ownership information system

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Application technology consulting offerings: the task of technology consulting

The KATASIS methodology is aimed at building an optimal IT architecture and takes into account both market conditions and business goals. Developing approaches to the implementation of IT solutions, we rely on the triple expertise of the company — in the field of IT management, implementation of business applications and infrastructure systems.

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In the technology consulting field, we focus our efforts on the following areas:

  • Building Shared IT Service Centers (SSC)
  • IT strategy development
  • Import substitution strategy development
  • Transformation of the IT operating model (IT value chain)
  • Transformation of IT management architecture (IT for IT)
  • Audit, modeling and process reengineering
  • Selection of process automation solutions
  • Corporate IT architecture development
  • Model development and calculation of total IP ownership cost
  • Creating contact centers of the company
  • Creating Service Desk
  • Development of feasibility studies for complex projects
  • IT transformation

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What do you get from cooperating with KATASIS?

Professionally performance

KATASIS offers a full range of quality control services, including software testing, planning and conducting testing, improving the software development process.

Let’s compare

KATASIS offers a special type of testing that allows you to test the application in various browsers, operating systems, as well as compatibility with various software and hardware.

Application technology consulting benefits

Missing documentation?

KATASIS has application technology consulting offerings, even if you do not have sufficiently detailed project documentation and time to compile it.

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Step by step

In our company, there is a certain sequence according to which testing is carried out, that allows for a complete check of the application in various aspects.

Technology Consulting

Under stress

Using software involves the simultaneous operation of many users, and in such situations, there is a need for performance testing under load (stress testing).

Is your website safe?

We offer a full cycle of security testing to ensure that the information system protects the data in the right direction and supports the functionality.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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