Online research

Online research services — what is it?

An online research is one of the most actively developing marketing researches, which include both studying the Internet audience (studying people registered in a particular system) and conducting research on various topics using the Internet.

The main advantages of using online technologies are the ability to survey a large number of people in a short time at a lower cost of services; the study of inaccessible categories of the population; a higher level of frankness of the respondent, associated with the anonymity of the survey; the ability to follow the progress of the online survey in real time, etc.

Online Research

Which tasks does online research solve?

  • Find and test the target audience of the product / service
  • Estimate real and potential demand
  • Make a portrait of the consumer and a map of his preferences
  • Assess customer service and customer loyalty
  • Test new products and services
  • Analyze the effectiveness of advertising
  • Determine your position among competitors

Online Research Services

Types of online research

Most commonly used:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Testing of concepts / ideas
  • Studying brand image and positioning
  • Evaluation of packaging and trademark
  • Research intentions
  • Price testing
  • Monitoring of slogans, titles
  • Evaluation of the brand position in the market, packaging tests, advertising
  • Research method of conjoint analysis
  • Research of consumer habits and attitudes to the product.

Online Research Company

This is only a small part of the researches conducted on the Internet among the survey audience. More often online research in marketingis carried out for companies. However, standard sociological surveys that touch on topical issues are becoming increasingly involved in the online community. In other words, conducting marketing and other research on the Internet is an excellent support for advanced researchers in sometimes performing even the most difficult tasks.

Online research by KATASIS is a set of methods for interviewing respondents on the Internet, which allows you to get information from the target audience in a short time. Used modern solutions allow us to program questionnaires of any complexity and to carry out the necessary representativeness of the sample. The number of Internet users worldwide is growing every day. Today, finding a consumer and getting feedback from him becomes easier where it most often happens — on the Internet.

Online Research Technologies

Online research benefits

  1. Spectrum of tasks. The solution of any problem from testing packaging to assessing the health of the brand.
  2. Wide geography. The opportunity to ask respondents in any country of the world, the study of hard-to-reach categories
  3. Short time. The shortest possible time to collect information — a survey of 1000 respondents from 72 hours
  4. The quality of the data. Due to the logic embedded in the questionnaire (lack of opportunity to skip a question, transition logic, etc.)
  5. Embedding video and audio materials. Possibility to upload commercials, packaging design, audio clips, etc.
  6. Minimization of the human factor. Minimizing the impact of the human factor (the elimination of errors in a personal survey, data input, etc.).

Online research not only allows you to solve the widest range of marketing tasks, but also offers more opportunities — you can embed video and audio clips, advertising and other visual materials for testing into the questionnaire. At the same time, the respondent is in a calm and unhurried atmosphere and can give more complete information (compare with the street survey when a person goes about his business, and the interviewer stops him and asks to answer questions).

Online Research Methods

Stages of online surveys

  1. Development / adaptation of tools (questionnaire, sampling and quotas) together with the customer in accordance with the goals and objectives of the project.
  2. Programming questionnaire testing.
  3. Organization of the survey: placing banners for inviting respondents, monitoring quotas, for observing the timing of field work.
  4. Quality control of field work: on completeness of filling, logic and accuracy of data.
  5. Analysis of the collected data

An Online Research

Online research importance

  1. Recruitment of respondents. Recruitment of respondents for online surveys are conducted directly online. Thanks to the ever-growing Internet audience, rippling (line sampling), that is, recruiting of respondents from social networks and online resources where registration is required, is becoming more common.
  2. Data control. Modern control technologies make it possible to completely reject all inaccurate questionnaires.
  3. When conducting an online study, strict conditions are applied to control the quality of questionnaires, data and selection of respondents:
  • Targeting — selection of respondents that fit the profile;
  • Screener — comparing the social profile of the respondent with the answers to the questionnaire, control by IP-addresses;
  • Control of the main questionnaire: adding trap questions to the questionnaire in a slightly modified form, controlling the time for viewing materials and answering individual questions, checking the possibility of viewing / listening to the media context, monitoring the questionnaires to screen out false answers;
  • Verification of collected data: control of the total time of filling, the quality of open answers, the proportion of homogeneous answers in the table questions;
  • Screening test and selection: screening out false questionnaires and additional respondents.

How To Do A Online Research

Online research costin KATASIS

Online research in each case implies different goals and objectives. The cost of an online survey depends on a lot of factors:

  • Target audience to be surveyed.
  • The length of the questionnaire, including the number of tabular questions, open questions.
  • Geography research.
  • Sample (how many respondents need to be interviewed).
  • Quotas. The tougher the quotes, the more banner impressions are needed.
  • Availability of video and audio materials.
  • Dates.
  • Special requirements of the project, etc.

Online Research For Business

Therefore, the cost of conducting an online research in each project is calculated individually. Order comprehensive online marketing research services and stay ahead of the competition.

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