Research and consulting

What is research and consulting?

In situations where the budget for online promotion is high, and the risks need to be minimized, there is a need for extremely effective tools. Experience in SEO-work allows leading companies not only to carry out large-scale marketing research (Internet), but also to provide specialized services that permit you to increase the advertising campaigns effectiveness.

This includes a wide range of services to reduce losses and minimize the risks that are caused by errors or incorrect approach to the planning process. Research and consulting website services are provided by the KATASIS Company.

research and consulting

What is the value of research?

  • For the customer, the research carries the guarantee of the website designing for the target audience needs, rather than focusing on the developer’s “sensations” or the website customer.
  • For the developer, research means a qualitative transition to a new level of delivery service and, as a rule, increases customer satisfaction. In the ideal case, the customer must provide basic data for the context analysis. Unfortunately, in most real-life situations, the customer does not have relevant marketing data in the right amount. In addition, information about the direct interaction of the visitor with the website is required for qualitative analysis, but customer usually doesn’t have it. Therefore, the main research work must be performed independently, while attracting the customer as the primary source of information for subsequent analysis: it has a lot of useful information and is able to provide answers to questions.research and consulting for website

What gives research and consulting?

Studying the target audience and network demand

The advertising campaign effectiveness on the Internet depends on the understanding and ability to predict the customers’ behavior that accesses information sources on the network. To conduct a careful market and demand analysis, as well as determine the factors that influence its formation, it is necessary to use the most advanced world techniques and Internet marketing software development.

research and consulting costs

According to the research results (Internet — online or offline), the customer will receive a visual and informative report, using which you can determine the criteria for market segmentation, its volume, a list of keywords that go to the website and so on. A comprehensive description of the purchase stages, including the reasons for choosing a particular product, brand, service, is attached to the research report.

Identifying the major competitors’ strategy

In each case of website promotion on the Internet, the need to create and use various marketing programs is individual. Their development depends on the actions of resources that are direct competitors of your website. In some cases, it turns out that among the main rivals in the business are not those companies that you were waiting to see.

research and consulting websites

That is why, at present, the actual marketing service is the identification and the leading competitor’s discovery on the Internet with the content subsequent analysis and structure of their resources, studies on strategy, advertising tools used, the budget of promotional campaigns, etc. So, a comprehensive report on the activities of the main competitors with the advertising techniques analysis they use appears in your hands.

Marketing potential and used promotional measures assessment

To choose the right advertising tool and evaluate all the market possibilities, you need a qualitative comparative effectiveness analysis of previously used methods with those that you are going to use in the near future. Equally important is the probability and the total potential of the planned advertising campaign on the Internet.research and consulting order

Using various sources of information and research methods, you can provide a high-quality, comprehensive service that will tell you the best online advertising tools. So, you will know the expected user’s traffic, possible conversion, and the customer loyalty level. Based on this information, you will easily build an effective marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Determining the web resource readiness for promotion on the Internet

Terms for which you can achieve the desired results of search engine website optimization depend on many criteria. Not the last role is given to the quality of the web resource implementation. This factor is directly related to the algorithms and the work of search engines.

This is why website readiness analysis for promotion procedures is needed. This work should precede the advertising campaigns implementation, help to identify potential barriers, as well as draw up an action plan that will allow fixing problems and preparing a web resource for effective promotion on the Internet in a short time.

research and consulting companies

What research and consulting services does KATASIS Company offer?

A systematic approach to Internet marketing, marketing research and the provision of related services combines SEO promotion, contextual and display advertising tools, planning work. It is this complexity which provides not just high results, but also a synergistic effect.

The proposed comprehensive strategy, created by professionals, is formed on the basis of systematized information, which is obtained as a result of analytical and research work. The client is provided with the influx of traffic to the website, consumer activity growth and increase in sales. In the case when the undertaken promotion methods on the Internet are fragmented, the achievement of such high results is impossible. You can orderresearch and consulting, as well as a set of measures contributing to the promotion of a web resource on the Internet, on our website by contacting us in any convenient way.research and consulting enterprise

Main advantages of cooperation with KATASIS

Our specialists have experience in marketing research, we have completed many ad campaigns to a successful conclusion, applying our own software developments in the process of work. The experience gained during the years of effective realization of various projects allows implementing large-scale research and conducting high-quality analytical work.

We provide research and consulting services in the «non-stop» mode, simultaneously revealing the most relevant promotion tools that contribute to the achievement of goals set by the customer.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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