Social research and analysis

What is social research and analysis?

Social research and analysis is conducted to study processes, phenomena and problems that have a social nature, namely: the peculiarities of people’s behavior in different situations, in different cultural environments, the formation of public opinion, attitudes to various organizations and phenomena of social life, public awareness of something, leisure practices of different population groups, values and norms, the distribution of roles in the family and much more.

Social researches are fundamental and applied. Fundamental research describes social relationships and patterns, the results of basic research are used to build a strategy for solving serious social problems, for a deep understanding of the causes of a particular phenomenon. Applied research is aimed at studying specific objects and solving problems at the level of individual small groups of people.

Social Research And Analysis

Social research and analysis for business

The result of social research content analysis:

  • knowledge of your target audience;
  • information about the needs and expectations of consumers;
  • understanding of marketing campaigns or advertising campaigns effectiveness.

social research and analysis company

After conducting various types of social research analysis, we guarantee:

  • The efficiency of the survey;
  • The quality of communications;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Reporting;
  • Loyal price offer.

Do we manage information or vice versa? It is a controversial point. Sometimes, in order to set the direction for a business, to properly present the advertised product, to create an image of a company or an individual, it is necessary to “get feet wet”. Here we need the most accurate and naturally obtained data on the target audience, its preferences, experience, and the situation as a whole.

Social Research And Analysis Company

Social research and analysis services: who will need it?

KATASIS has been conducting political, marketing and sociological research since 2015. Do you need to develop the most effective marketing strategy, conduct a political campaign? Or maybe the goal is to launch a new product on the market? Then it is necessary not only to study the needs and preferences of the population but also to learn all about competitors.

social research and analysis for business

An experienced team will provide a full range of marketing services:

  • Do you want to get a stable profit and develop your business, knowing all the preferences of customers? You need high-quality marketing support.
  • Before introducing a new product to the market, it is important not only to determine the demand for a product, but also to identify its competitiveness. “Beautifully file” product is also important.Social Research And Analysis For Business
  • Many resort to guerrilla marketing when it really works and does not require large financial investments.
  • Not a single promotion of a new product on the market can do without branding. But the main thing is to do it competently, unobtrusively declining to purchase (development of the slogan, logo, naming).
  • Creating advertising design, media accompaniment, PR is the embodiment of creative ideas of specialists who know how to submit information and sell even sand in the Sahara.
  • The success of an election victory depends on a properly organized election campaign. This is not only a strategic image of the candidate, but also his staff, responding to events during the election race.

social research and analysis benefits

Do you need to organize social research and analysis? Social research and analysis company KATASIS is at your disposal. In our work, we use quantitative (telephone, Internet and Face-to-face surveys) and qualitative methods (in-depth, expert focus group interviews, hall tests), conduct desk and field research, both on an all-Ukrainian scale and outgoing from small firms.

A team of qualified political scientists, sociologists, marketers will provide impersonal data about the object under study. This can be achieved through consistent methodic, methodological and organizational procedures. The principle of our work in conducting sociological research is to collect, process and present the information obtained as soon as possible, summarizing everything competently and giving useful recommendations to the customer.

Social Research And Analysis Benefits

Why to choose us?

You were not mistaken in deciding to turn to us, because we guarantee:

  • Reliability and faithfulness of primary data. The basis of the business reputation of a sociologist in the maximum reliability of the primary data obtained by him. We provide accurate results of sociological studies in which the size of the error corresponds to the stated indicators.
  • High-quality analytics. We are aware of the responsibility for the results of our conclusions and recommendations used by the Customer. Due to the high-quality requirements of the analysis, we have not yet come across any complaints from customers.
  • Flexible pricing policy. We offer reasonable prices and flexible approach to each client. Specializing in guerrilla marketing, we are able to solve the most ambitious tasks using a modest budget. Even expensive research projects can be modeled so that the price is lower and the quality does not suffer.

social research and analysis services

  • Experience and reputation. Having been on the market for more than 4 years, we strive to improve and maintain a positive reputation. Leading experts of our company are in the expert community, commenting on the results of surveys, as well as the events of the socio-political agenda in the media.
  • Efficiency. The experience of our project managers in the effective management of large-scale research and marketing projects, as well as the necessary human resources, allows us to implement both desk and ffieldworkin a relatively short time.
  • Innovation. We are constantly evolving in order to be ready to competently respond to changes. We are improving the traditional methods of studying consumer opinions (personal interview, telephone interview). We use innovations in marketing and social research statistical analysis.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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