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What is the An eye-catching app Icon?

It is unlikely that you will succeed in the App Store if your application will scare people. The main characteristic of a truly high-quality product is the combination of functionality and a pleasant appearance. The first visual impression of your application is based on its icon. If we talk about the design of the application as a whole, then there may be strong variations depending on the tasks and audience for which the product is designed. Only one thing is invariant — the application should have an icon.

Eye Catching App Icon

Why to order Eye Catching app icon in KATASIS?

For KATASIS designers, icons are not just signs for applications that fill space in the interface markup. We perceive 90% of our environmental information through vision. The icon causes visual associations immediately. The text is first read by sight, then mentally pronounced, and as a result of associations may not occur. The icon takes up little space and conveys meaning, even if the application is not multilingual. But this works only when working on references with a symbolic message and set the goal to describe the function and not just to designate it. Without icons, your interface will be incomplete. If you just buy an icon or use paid sets of icons, you get a psychedelic visual nightmare. Make the application not just working, make it successful. The Eye-Catching app icon design development is what they order in KATASIS!

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Eye Catching App Icon Companies

Ideal eye catching app icon development

The ideal icon should remind the product with every element: color, texture, design, shape. For example, you can take the Phone icon. Since its release, it has not changed much — solid green background in combination with translucent oblique lines and a simple image of the tube. We recognize this application literally on the machine. If you look at other Apple applications, there is a similar picture. A unique color, some additional background design element and a simple object identifies the function of the application.

On the identification of the function is to talk more. This is the most obvious way to increase the likelihood of calling an association in a person’s head when looking at an application and realizing its function.

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Eye Catching App Icon Company

Eye catching app icon offered: elements of An Eye Catching App Icon


The application icon should look good in different resolutions and convey the essence of the concept, regardless of size. One of the most important aspects of the icon is scalability. The icon will be used in different sections of the platform and displayed in different sizes — therefore it is important that it always remains unique and clear. The icon should look good both in the App Store, and on the retina display, and in the settings panel.

Eye catching mobile app icon


Icons can be detailed or simplified, as long as they are creative, interesting and accurately convey your intentions. The application icon is like a song: it is very important to be easily recognized among other melodies in the store (that is, other icons on the home screen). And just as the melody of a song affects the soul of the listener, the forms, colors, and idea of the icon should cling to the user.

Eye Catching App Icon Offered

A design should convey a memorable and logically related image on both a functional and an emotional level.


When the icon is coherent with the interface, it visually enhances the idea of your application. It is also important to achieve coherence between the process of interacting with the icon and the process of interacting with the application.

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It is necessary to form a single, holistic image of the application — this increases the overall satisfaction from the use of the product, as well as helps to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Eye catching app icon design development


Applications in the App Store in the “Performance” category are a great example of the lack of uniqueness in design. In general, this is obvious: try to create something unique. You can use some existing style or trend, but do it your own way! The icon will compete for the user's attention with other icons — and the original design can be a great advantage.

Do not use words

This is the most painful topic of all time. Only in very rare cases words are allowed in the icons. If the designer resorts to the use of words, then he does not fully use his arsenal of images. Words and images are completely different presentation tools. The icon should serve as a graphic representation of the application, and if words and images are mixed in it, the result is overloaded and defocused — and it is more difficult for the user to grasp the idea of such icon.

Eye Catching App Icon Services

Creating Eye-Catching app icon stages

  1. Preliminary analysis. We consider the application as an environment with its own ecosystem of styles. We note the characteristics of UI-design and write technical audience for the artist on the icons. If the task is Eye-Catching mobile app icon for Android or another mobile platform, then we take into account the sensitivity of smartphones and make the icons larger.
  2. Concept drawing. Good graphics begin with a sketch, artistic images are drawn and graphic images are created which will become the basis for the icons. For this purpose, references are used — photos of objects that are associated with the function of the application or are easily associated with it. For example, drawing a "paint bucket" for the "fill color" tool. If the interface is utilitarian, then the artist creates several prototypes in the vector editor and selects the appropriate one.
  3. From image to symbol. The icon is a special drawing. Here the designer works with small sizes — 64×64, 32×32. With this resolution, the details are just noisy — they break the overall contour of the picture and complicate its perception. Therefore, artistic concepts are divided into geometric primitives — circles, triangles, and squares. Large items fit into them, and minor details are removed. Usually, there are only 1-2 large bright details that will be remembered — this is important when developing an Eye-Catching app icon for Android and other portable operating system.Development E Commerce App Icon
  4. Testing on the focus group. Icons are evaluated by recognition criteria — whether the user reads the icon as a symbol of the function that it implies. Another criterion is an aesthetic evaluation, and we ask the audience “whether you like these icons”. We invite users to test icons for Android and Eye-Catching app icon for ios, who prefer one of the platforms in real life.
  5. Presentation to the customer. When the package of icons is fully ready to be loaded into the interface, we will present the main and alternative concepts of icons to the customer. If you like the icons, then our work is completed.

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