Modern website design

Modern website design and development allows new web resources to quickly capture the audience, and the old ones can use it to surprise their customers and be on trend. When the client orders a modern website form design, he gets the opportunity to make it more accessible, informative, vivid and understandable for visitors. In order to always be at the top of the ratings, it is important to periodically update the resource’s appearance.

Successful modern website design companies follow the current trends of web design and their target audience appreciates it, which increases the number of their regular customers. The KATASIS web studio will gladly help you with the modern website design development.

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Modern Website Design Development

Basic requirements of modern web design

  • intuitive graphic design of the website
  • intuitive navigation (visual structure)
  • the convenience of user interaction with the website

Modern and functional

Just like in the world of fashion, Internet trends are constantly changing. In recent years, users prefer resources with an adaptive design. The reason for this is the opportunity to browse the website from any mobile or stationary device. However, when designing a modern website, you gain not only functionality. These are the latest trends:

  • Use of the UI templates;
  • Vivid animation;
  • Microinteractions between elements;
  • Material and responsive design;
  • Flat design

This design system is required because mobile applications and websites have evolved from simple add-ons and become integral part of regular websites.Development Design A Modern Website

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Trends in modern website design: examples and description of the key elements

First of all, design trends affected mobile gadgets. Only last year, the frequency of browsing websites with mobile devices surpassed the use of PCs. Naturally, the adaptive website design should match this. Not long ago the appearance of the adaptive resource version was limited, as there were no bright elements that made its pages stand out and no various full-length banners and triggers due to the limited size of the displays. Today, when smartphones and tablets have become highly intelligent, when there are voice bots and systems that recognize voice requests, when the gadgets’ performance and the diagonal size of their screens allow you to include any tools in the website design, more web development opportunities have appeared.

The Best Modern Website Designs Costs


With the help of a visually designed story, you can hold the visitor’s attention for a long time and motivate him to take further actions: to browse the website and learn more about the company, its products or services.

More space

Large white space visually enlarges the screen, which keeps the user concentrated. In addition, this color can be combined with others, so you can choose any shades for your design ideas. All of them will look just fine.

Responsive logos

Adaptive logos can immediately perform two functions: the company will keep its brand in front of users regardless of their mobile devices; the search system will evaluate the behavioral factor when analyzing the mobile version of the website, giving it a better position in search results.

Designing A Modern Website

Vivid colors

Colors convey emotions, which are very important for the user. At the sight of bright colors that match each other your target audience will appreciate your courage by staying on the website.

Geometric shapes and patterns

Mixing different geometric shapes can give excellent results. A proper selection of patterns and forms will help you to create a consistent and attractive composition, which is very appreciated by the web user.

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Cinemagraphs are not gifs that took over the Internet. They are modern static illustrations with partial animation.


The use of gradient color transition is not exactly new, but still a relevant solution in terms of color for website design. It is a fairly simple tool that gives an excellent result. Gradient backgrounds create an impression of freshness and uniqueness.

Create A Modern Website Design Price

Translucent buttons

Next year, the use of translucent buttons will become a fresh solution. Such buttons perform their lead generation function as well as opaque ones, but they look very original and do not overload the website.

Parallax effect

The feature of moving the background and the main elements at a different speed will become a real catch for modern website designs. Be sure that every visitor will notice it and consider this effect a very good image component of the resource.

Modern website design development from KATASIS

You can order from us an exclusive and modern design of websites, online stores, social networks, and portals. The design itself is preceded by planning, which allows you to combine the original ideas of the designer with the convenient element structure development. Thus, you solve several main problems at once: beautiful page design and its focal point, ease of perception and convenience for users, as well as adequate structure for further SEO.

Modern Website Design Company

We also develop:

  1. Logo design to make your brand bright, emotional and memorable.
  2. Modern and user-friendly app design for tablets and smartphones, taking into account the individual features of different platforms and official recommendations for developers.
  3. Landing page design, which will help you to sell your product.
  4. Online store design that will present your products and services in a structured and simple way.
  5. Modern corporate website design, which is able to increase the conversion rate up to 40%.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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