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What does logo design development include?

The logo design development is the process of creating graphic images in the form of signs, emblems or symbols, which are used by various organizations, regardless of the form of ownership, to create an original image and an individual corporate identity. A logo is used to identify and individualize the company, make it more recognizable and attract the attention of customers. It is also used as a marketing tool for company promotion in the market. The professional logo development is a laborious job that requires professionalism, creative approach and analytical mindset from the designer. A logo design for web development should be unique, attractive, recognizable and readable for potential customers.

Logo Design Development

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Custom logo creation features

Graphics information is perceived and remembered much better than texts. This is a feature of the human brain’s perception. Therefore, a logo is often a combination of the brand name and the corresponding graphics attributes. Often the name does not appear entirely and can be shortened to one or two letters. A logo should not include many small details or thin lines, as this will negatively affect its memorability. It may also be difficult to print.

Before you begin to develop a logo and corporate identity, you need to learn the principles of this process. It is recommended to include no more than three colors in the color scheme. When you select color tones for the logo, you should take into account the general concept of the corporate style.

Logo Design Development Process

Basic requirements for logo design:

When you create a logo design, you should make it:

  1. Understandable: the customer should associate the logo with the company, its services and products at a glance.
  2. Recognizable: the logo should reflect the unique and bright idea of the brand, which should be read between the lines and stand out among other advertising information.
  3. Original: your company's logo should not be identical or similar to the logos of other companies; it should serve as a means of identifying your brand.
  4. Simple for perception: the simpler your logo is, the higher its level of memorability.
  5. Easy to use: when you design and create a logo, it is important to consider the possible options for its printing on business cards, company documentation, envelopes, etc.

Logo Design For Web Development Company

Types of logos


This type of logos is widely known in graphic design as “word mark”. It can be represented by all sorts of font variations. Oblique fonts symbolize movement, straight fonts look rigor and concise, and handwritten fonts are used to emphasize elegance and stylishness.

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These logos have the form of graphic images that create original ideas and convey literal or abstract representations of a brand or company. This type often includes a variety of lines, shapes, outlines of objects, etc.

Logo Design And Brand Development


It is one of the most common types of logos, which mixes the two previous types. The text and the picture are one, which ensures the logo’s effectiveness and clarifies what the company wanted to convey to the audience.


A character plays a key role in the development of the corporate image and brand identification. The main purpose of the character is to attract additional attention to the product, to distinguish it from the competitors and to increase market awareness.

3D logo

It is a geometric logo in three-dimensional space. It allows you to create the illusion of volume, which attracts the customer’s attention.

Logo Design For Web Development

Functions of a logo

A logo is a universal tool, which is an indisputable advantage. A logo is an integral part of the corporate identity no matter how big the company is. It is a sign of its uniqueness and difference from competitors.

A logo performs the following functions:

  • announces the brand;
  • draws attention to it;
  • guarantees the product’s quality and reliability.
  • increases the level of perception and memorability of the brand by the audience.

Logo Design And Development

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Tasks of a logo design

  1. To form a positive image of the company in the eyes of the consumer. A logo helps consumers, partners and investors evaluate your intentions and ambitions.

  2. To make the company more recognizable, that is, to make it more interesting for the customer and attract his attention. A logo is a unique promotion tool.

  3. To increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. A logo placed on a banner, a shop window or a stand speaks for the company better than a thousand words.

Logo Development Identity Design And Discovery

Stages of the logo design development process:

  1. Brief study.
  2. Analysis of the competitors’ visual identification.
  3. Formation of the logo’s main message.
  4. Selection of visual associations, colors, and fonts.
  5. Sketch drawing.
  6. Logo design development in several concepts.
  7. Refinement of the logo in accordance with the customer’s wishes.
  8. Development of the logo usage guidelines (optionally).

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