Infographic design

Creating infographic design

Infographics are representations of information with graphic elements (diagrams, graphs, images). In other words, infographics visualize complex information. The applicability of infographics is huge: from history to technology and from journalism to medicine. Today, infographics combine different samples of information design (maps, charts, flowcharts, mind maps, etc.). Thus, the works in the infographics style appeared long before the emergence of this concept.

There are static and dynamic infographics, which cost is determined by the project complexity and the number of frames or interactive elements. The dynamic infographics include gifs, videos, and some types of presentations.

Infographic Design Services

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Why does your project need a high-quality infographic design?

Infographics are used to quickly and easily illustrate everything that is easier to show than to tell (statistical information, historical facts, events, etc.). Infographics are used in presentations, during seminars, training sessions, to illustrate events in online publications and social networks, on posters, stands and other promotional materials. Creating infographics is also popular in the business field, as it solves many of the tasks listed below:

  1. Infographics and graphic design help to easily explain how something works: users are always interested to find out what is inside a complex mechanism. In addition, you can present equipment (camera) and everyday objects (hamburger) in the same entertaining manner. Non-standard and creative approach plays a special role in iconographic design.
  2. Comparison: infographic designing and visualizing data make it easy to show the advantages of your product, which will help buyers to make the right purchase decision. You can also compare other useful information for consumers. If you use reliable sources, it will help you to build a positive company image.Infographic Design
  3. Historical facts and events: dates are remembered faster if they are illustrated with pictures. Infographics make it possible to show the historical course of events, your own company’s development or the life of a famous person.
  4. Communication: with the help of infographics and associative images, marketers manage to strengthen the positive relationship of customers with the brand.
  5. Processor fact: infographics can also satisfy exclusively cognitive needs and tell about new fascinating facts.

Infographic Designing And Visualizing Data

Advantages of website infographics

  1. The main advantage of infographics is the benefit for the user. If the format of the information presented is user-friendly, then it is likely that he will return to the website again and maybe share the resource with friends.
  2. Availability of infographic materials makes it possible to get additional traffic.
  3. Ready-made infographics are often used on third-party forums, blogs, or social networking pages. If you put an identifying watermark on the image or designate the website address, then there is a chance that part of the audience will go to the developer's website.Infographic Design Agency
  4. Ordering high-quality and vivid infographics will help you to promote the company through passive advertising. To do this, it is recommended to place your own logo or website address on the author's materials.
  5. There are relatively few competitors in the segment, so infographics can create an excellent platform for promoting your company’s services.

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Types of infographic design

Infographics can be based on different approaches to the presentation of materials. Thus, we can distinguish the following types of infographic representation:

  • mind map — structures the connection around a specific object by building logical chains;

  • decision tree — a consistent pattern of finding problem solutions;
  • instruction — helps the user to easily understand how a particular tool is used or how a particular process is carried out (for example, baking);
  • diagram (block diagram, chart, histogram);
  • information cards (facts and events with illustrations and captions).

Infographic Design And Development

Infographic success conditions

There are ten basic conditions that determine the success of infographics:

  1. Timeline.
  2. Smooth design.
  3. Simplification.
  4. Numbers should speak for themselves.
  5. Illustrations.
  6. Emotional colors.
  7. Interesting Facts.
  8. High-quality charts.
  9. Scalability.
  10. Interesting story.

Infographic Design Cost

Basics of the infographic design process

  1. The infographic development is better to order from professional infographic design agencies that can pick high-quality content and implement it in a suitable form. Order the infographic design service from KATASIS.
  2. To create any infographic means to search for the material and format it for a long time, so it would be right to protect it by a watermark or the developer name. In turn, it must be remembered that the use of someone else's content in your own infographics can cause claims from copyright holders.
  3. Each infographic is a visualization of ideas with minimal text support. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly design infographics. During the publication of infographics it is necessary to make an alt, title and sign for them. This will help search engines to identify and place them in search results.

Infographics And Graphic Design

Stages of infographic development

  1. Infographic development begins with the definition of the topic.
  2. Semantic concept creation: collecting information, analyzing data and organizing it.
  3. Building the infographic base (text blocks with supposed information).
  4. Infographic design development.
  5. Infographic decorative design: text and visual elements are combined together.

Infographics In Design

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Order an infographic design from KATASIS

With infographics, your every project or report will not only look brighter and more colorful but will also be well understood by the audience. Our experts create static, interactive and dynamic infographics (video infographics). Our every project includes the stages of collecting information, creating semantic concepts, building architecture for infographics, developing graphic sketches and implementing the final artistic design solutions.

Contact us now and order an infographic, which is the most successful way of presenting information!Infographics On Design

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