Footer design

What is a footer, how and why it is important?

The footer (the lower part, page footer) of the website — this is the base of the page that has useful, but not the main information. It can have absolutely any info that can be interesting to the target audience, as well as any info the website should have, but it is not rational to put it in the main menu to have it compact and logical. Create a footer design and know the statistics about who will pay attention to it & read it even if they navigate the whole page and skip the main points.

Most of the time public do not pay attention to the footer, though it is one of the key components of the website. It is a crucial part for users, who seek info on your business. A well-developed footer eases site navigation and aids you to achieve work-related ambitions, as it provides additional necessary info for the user if he/she has not found it on the main part of the page.

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Footer Design

Footer design by KATASIS company

We offer not only a beautiful picture but a real mockup, that can brighten up a website. Footer design in websites can be an extremely part. A mockup and a picture are completely different things, remember about it. Even the simplest layout at first glance requires long hours of work by a specialist. The layout is designed with the smallest details, such as scale, dimensions, colors, sequences of material presented, etc. The design of the site and the design of the footer are created according to all usability rules.

Footer Design Development

Why footer design developmentis crucial for the site you create?

Its mainly focuses on a certain content

If you create the footer catching the user’s eye, it will attract more people. You might be surprised to know the time readers spend scrolling on your online page — for endlessly! Remember: the footer is not «too far» will definitely attract its target.

It will generate leads

Show to website guests that the ending of the webpage is not exactly the ending of the website. At this stage, it’s convenient to leave the site, but do not forget about the business. Accomplish ideas for footer design with professional aid that is going to offer you the finest option: email, the contact form, or address on the footer is going to guide clients to give a shot to the following step.

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Create Footer Design

Footer design in websites give users beneficial information

Do you have extra info to be located on one page? The footer is the place where you should place it! This applies to all hyperlinks to third-party capital, associates, benefactors. Possibly, placing the legal material on the site itself may be feasible, but let the terms of service or copywriting stay below.

Header and footer design for websiteguides your readers

Whenever your client goes too far from the site’s «header», it is an obvious hint that he could not find what he was coming for. Help him with navigation by placing links to the main parts of your site in the football.

Best footer design for websites always have the attention of the user

Provided you wish to keep your attention of the site guests to the final chord, create an original, creative or even pleasing footer design, add video, images or other interactive elements.

Footer Design Price

10 successful elements for footer design ideas

  1. Minimalism. «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,» said Leonardo da Vinci. The overloaded footer mostly will be not helpful. Attempt to use up to 3 components and follow minimalism in its design. We propose you such a combo: a mark of the copyright, a logo and social network buttons. So you safeguard yourself from infringements, get recognition and direct readers along the appropriate path.
  2. Site map. Site maps are undervalued, as only a small number of readers click on them. Against minimalism, the large footer performs quite diverse duties. Whenever users do not get what they are searching, they will use search engines to find them! With spacious footers Google can index web pages better, this will be a little step towards a better position in the search engine.
  3. Contact form / newsletter. As for the contact form, it is necessary to keep in mind three main points: top right, bottom right, and bottom in the center. Double check that the hyperlink directs to the contact form, instead of the popup window that sends an email. Mostly, try to prevent links to the email — they draw the attention of spammers.

Footer Design Costs

One more secret to attract users using the footer is the module with registration for the newsletter. This function is recommended as a design element for the online store. Define things to be put in the mailing list, the period of doing it, while specifying the statistics of people that are already reading you.

  1. Navigation. Leading footer design for websites can help users who are «lost.» If they scrolled so far down, this means they could not get what they were searching. Well-organized hyperlinks to the parts of your site will assist the guests of the site to navigate.

You may organize the hyperlinks of the footer using tabs, a drop-down list or a standard menu of 3 or 4 columns. Define the pages that are viewed most in your website in advance, and ensure that they are visible in the footer.

Footer Design Ideas

  1. Social networks. As a rule, businesses value users that come to their website via social networks. Interestingly, some do not want to integrate icons of social networks into the footer for a website, fearing to lose the audience. Whenever social networks have strategic importance in the policy of your marketing, ensure to have their icons with links to them in the footer.
  2. Call to action. Write to us! We propose cooperation! Unique design development of the footer will help you in it. It can say “tell us your phone and we’ll get in touch in an hour!” A straightforward, yet a memorable phrase to invite readers in the box with a newsletter or contact form can help you raise the conversion rate significantly. Ensure your call to action is understandable as well as exhaustive. Do not forget that readers do not want to think too long, how they can perform one or another action.

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  1. Contacts, phone numbers, address. Contact information — this is expected in a footer. The phone number with the country code helps the search engines to determine your location. Each link should be clickable in order for visitors of your site may call the number or send a message with one click from their smartphone.
  2. Map. Map integration enhances trust in the image of your company, showing your office location. In addition, this helps users locate you via Google Maps.Footer Designs For Websites
  3. A unique footer. Whenever you desire to make your site unique, put the images, animations, or team photos in the box to promote personalization. To give more effective and memorable messages, place a video into the website footer.
  4. Without footer. Sometimes it is worthwhile to skip the header-sidebar-footer template to be prominent. Try removing footers from the landing page, keeping standard footers with the necessary info on different webpages of the site.

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