Brand positioning strategy development in KATASIS

Brand positioning is the creation and consolidation of the desired brand image in the mind of the consumer. Positioning is created for everything: a product, service, company, organization, political party or person. With the help of the positioning tool, companies can be heard by the consumer, make contact with him.

Brand positioning concept development will allow you to:

  • identify and beautifully present the main advantages of the brand to the audience;
  • formulate its values;
  • create strong positive associations with the target audience;
  • create brand loyalty;
  • strengthen positions among competitors;
  • promote the product and the company in the market.

brand positioning

An integral part of the positioning concept creating is graphic elements development since the visual perception of the product is the main factor in attitude formation to the brand. With the help of design solutions, you can broadcast the main communication message to the target audience, which will be a display of the brand positioning.

Product positioning: price depends on such factors

  • The marketing goals that the company has set. The more global the plans, the higher the cost of positioning.
  • The number of products that are planned to be released under a specific brand.
  • The market segment in which the company operates. The higher the competition, the harder it is to come up with a unique positioning that will distinguish the brand from similar products. Accordingly, the cost of positioning development will be higher.

company positioning

If you decide to create a positioning concept, you should contact the professionals. A minor mistake or wrong emphasis in product positioning can permanently spoil the company's image and lead to a fall in the brand on the market. KATASIS has a series of brand positioning development projects. The experienced KATASIS team will help to avoid disastrous consequences and develop the brand positioning concept, which will present the product or service in the most favorable light. By choosing us, you guarantee success for your brand.

Stages of product positioning in the market

  1. Analysis of the target audience and the competitive environment. We will study the brand platforms of competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Next, marketers will determine which the main positioning emphasis is used by competitors, what they are trying to pay the attention for, what are their methods and techniques. Also, our marketers and brand managers will study in detail your consumer in order to identify interests and values that are relevant to the target audience, as well as factors that influence consumer choice.
  2. Brand goals formation, articulation of its main advantages. On the basis of consumer and competitor research, we will highlight free niches. It will determine the main vectors of product positioning concept. With this approach, the product (service or company) will be radically different from the competitors.

product positioning in the market

  1. 5 variants for positioning strategy development. Based on the main vectors, we will develop 5 brand positioning strategies. It is based on the unmet needs of consumers, which we determine in the course of analyzing the competitive environment and the target audience. The basic needs of consumers — a thirst for travel, nature, focus on the leader. These values often form the basis for brand positioning.
  2. Selection and improvement of the selected option. The customer chooses one of the options, and we are finalizing it. A positioning strategy is created with the possibility of developing a unique selling proposition and a brand legend for it.
  3. Brand development strategy for 3 years. At the end of the work on positioning, our marketers draw up a brand development plan for 3 years. It is a company roadmap and helps to adhere to the positioning developed by KATASIS.

service positioning

What could be the positioning of a product, company or service?

Positioning methods:

  1. Attributive positioning. Based on one specific attribute of the product, or rather, on its main advantage. Many companies build their positioning around the deep roots of the brand. For example, the positioning of the Nigerian First Bank is built around the fact that it is the oldest bank in the country.
  2. Merits positioning. The main key advantage of the product or its value is chosen and played up in the USP. For example: the safest Volvo car or the most long-lasting Duracell batteries.
  3. The emphasis on a specific audience — positioning, focused on a specific target audience or its segment, while all other segments are cut off. For example: women's taxi, clothes for expectant mothers, computers for designers, professional shoes for football players, etc.
  4. Quality positioning, focus on prestige. A great concept for luxury products from the premium segment.

product positioning

  1. The game with the price — based on the establishment of a low price, compared with market leaders. This emphasizes high quality, which is not inferior to competitors.
  2. Competitive positioning — a clear contrast with competitors. For example, Nikola quass with the company “Drink non-Coke!”, or an American car rental company with a slogan: “Hertz — we are second on the market, therefore we are trying more”. In Ukraine, the competition between Gala and Fairy is clearly mmarked.In Fairy advertising campaigns, they constantly emphasize that their products last for a longer period of time than ordinary means. The appearance of "ordinary means" in videos and on posters is difficult to confuse with anything.

positioning development

Concept elements of company positioning, services or product

There are 3 main elements in the structure of the positioning concept.

  1. Unique selling proposition (USP).
  2. Legend of the brand.
  3. Brand strategy.

Unique selling proposition (UTP) — demonstrates to the consumer the unique property of your product, real or postulated. The legend of the brand reveals the uniqueness and advantages of the brand in the form of an interesting story about the brand. Text-graphic elements are developed on the basis of the legend, which are subsequently located on the packaging or POS-materials. Such elements increase consumer confidence in the product, attract its attention and enhance communication.

organization positioning

Brand strategy is a plan to implement the concept of positioning for several years to come. In such a plan, it is indicated what resources the company should use, how exactly the brand positioning should be developed. Sometimes at this stage, a positioning map is drawn up. A positioning map is a graphical diagram that shows how consumers perceive the trademarks of a certain group of goods or services.

positioning creating

What do you get by ordering the development of positioning in KATASIS?

  1. Up-selling. Products that have positioning are more expensive. Thanks to this marketing tool, the product acquires a face, an intelligible image that argues for its price.
  2. Positioning, which, thanks to the analysis, is focusedprecisely on target consumers? Your brand will hit right on target.
  3. Thanks to marketing research, we will choose a positioning that will be unique and will help to occupy a free niche.
  4. Thanks to a clear positioning, the level of brand awareness will become higher, which will have a positive effect on its image.
  5. 5 positioning options to choose and strategy for the development and brand promotion for 3 years.

The KATASIS positioning strategy company knows what consumers want. If you need to develop a positioning — contact us, and we will share with you our secrets!

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