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Consumer branding with KATASIS is:

Ask yourself the question, why your product remains without the attention of consumers? So you still do not know what consumer branding is. This is a personal branding specifically for your product, adapted to your target audience. In the general sense, branding is the process of creating and promoting a product brand; however, quite often, start-up entrepreneurs only understand the process of package or logo design development, ie individual branding elements. In fact, branding is a set of activities for working with a product, starting from inventing a beautiful name and positioning concept, to developing a graphic (designer) component and a brand promotion strategy in the market.consumer branding

It is important to understand that a brand is not just a product, it is also a complex of values associated with it, or rather, a set of impressions, emotions and associations in the minds of consumers. The brand is based on a unique idea that creates its image, recognition, high demand, customer loyalty, etc.

What is product and brand development?

This is the creation of a unique verbal and visual product elements system, which allows expressing the main idea of the brand, its individuality, competitive advantages and benefits for the consumer.

The main difference in consumer branding is the characteristics of the target audience on which it affects. It refers to products (services) that are developed for a specific consumer. It touches all spheres of life (from food to entertainment).

consumer branding

What does the brand building cost depend on?

  1. Quantity of work. Many elements are needed to create a quality brand. For example, a promotion plan or brand book. The development of each element increases the cost of branding.
  2. Marketing objectives. Creating a brand, you can set yourself one or more goals: increase sales, rise in incomes, building of brand awareness. The more marketing goals there are, the higher the cost of branding.
  3. Competition on the market. A large number of brands in a particular area makes it difficult to develop unique positioning. There will be a need to conduct an in-depth analysis, which increases the cost of branding.

consumer brand development

Why do you need branding?

  1. Branding determines the perception of toods quality. The same product in different packaging, representing different brands and manufacturers, will have different significance in the eyes of the audience.
  2. Comprehensibility and brand awareness predominantly changes the perception of the same product item. The brand creates additional value expressed in monetary terms. It increases the value and brand assets.
  3. Brand is an emotional and psychological trigger. The appearance of the product and its name create an emotional connection between the brand and the audience. The brand image evokes the consumer a number of impressions and associations. This is called the “reference point” to the brand. Consumers remember not the product itself, but the impression it produces, its advertising image.
  4. Branding helps to distinguish and choose. Most consumers strive to pick a product quickly. At the same time, they choose the trademark they trust. Also, preference is given to brands that are always heard, reliable and well-known. To choose a product on the basis of its quality or rational characteristics is quite difficult if you are not an expert in this matter. Here brands come to the rescue with their persuasive unique selling proposal. Making a choice becomes much easier.

brand development stages

Brand development stages

Consumer brand development is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Target audience monitoring, analysis of the situation on the market and competitors. It is important to know what is happening on the market today, where you need to create a new brand and what potential consumers think about.
  2. The formulation of the brand idea is the development of the product positioning concept and the USP, based on its advantages, the model of the brand and its components.
  3. Work on the verbal component of the brand — brand name (naming), slogan, promotional text, brand legend, etc.

brand building

  1. Creating a graphic (design) component of the brand, its “clothes”, is the development of a logo, packaging and label design, and corporate identity.
  2. Image component organization — standards for working with the product, rules for the use of proprietary elements and attributes the creation of brandbook and guidebook, description of the mission, philosophy, values of the product.
  3. Registration of a trademark (brand).
  4. Strategic planning of product development and brand management — the choice of ways to interact and communicate with the target audience, to create a connection between the product and the consumer and advertising campaign development.
  5. Testing a new brand, analyzing all its elements and the effectiveness of promotional activities.

brand development and promotion

As you can see, brand development process is quite complex and requires a large amount of labor and time, it involves specialists from various fields — marketing specialists, brand managers, designers, copywriters, etc. In order for the work to be complete and integrated, and the result met your expectations, you can entrust this work to professionals.

product/brand development

Creating a brand with KATASIS: what do you get?

  1. High awareness. Brand development for firms or companies will help it to stand out from the competition. Unique corporate identity, logo or slogan attracts consumers.
  2. Consumer love. Many people, choosing a product or service, are guided by the brand image. Most consumers associate a brand with stability and quality. It forms customer loyalty.
  3. Rise of income. Developing and creating a brand is a way to increase company profits. The brand causes affection and encourages people to make repeat purchases. To bring new products to the market under an existing brand is more economical than from scratch.

The process of creating a brand requires a careful approach. To order best brand development, contact KATASIS branding agency and we will create a complete image of your brand!

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