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Retail branding is the development of a brand for a retailing chain. It includes a set of works on the creation of graphics and verbal components. Modern stores are not just places to buy goods. Retail points should create an impression of the brand, reflecting its essence. A strong brand and a unique design concept are the key components of the success of any network. The main feature of retail branding services is the need to create a spatial environment of the brand, along with traditional communications. Retail branding is, above all, interior design, architectural solutions, the design of sales offices and sales area, shop windows, signage and price tags. Retail branding projects are a synthesis of design ideas, engineering, architectural and technological developments.

retail branding

The basic concepts of retail branding:

  • retailer is a point of sale or retail outlet (for example, a bank, restaurant, pharmacy, market, car dealership, etc.).
  • retailing chain is a network of one-format retail outlets, which are united by a single system of logistics, product and price policies, promotion policies, and customer service principles.
  • retail branding is the development of a brand for a retailing chain. It includes a set of works on the creation of graphic and verbal components of the brand.

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Retail branding business: price depends on such factors

  1. Size of the brand, market coverage in which the trading and retail network operates. The greater the share of the company, the higher the cost of retail branding is.
  2. The number of corporate-style media elements that will need to be developed. The more branded items required, the higher the amount will be. The standard set includes: interior, exterior, clothing, branded vehicles, signs, price tags, packages and other small branded attributes. If you need to develop a website design, create a presentation, etc. and the cost will be higher.
  3. Outlet area and facade size. The larger the size of the store, the higher the cost of retail branding is.
  4. Need to transfer the concept to other formats. The lowest cost is for creating a stall design (small architectural forms). If the implemented concept from the stall needs to be transferred to an island, a minimarket or a supermarket brand, the cost will be higher.

retail branding services

Retail branding development cost includes:

  • marketing research and company audit (internal company audit, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and benchmarking, consumer analysis, formation of marketing goals);
  • brand positioning concept development;
  • development of unique selling proposal;
  • logo design and corporate identity — 5 concepts to choose from;
  • interior design — 5 concepts to choose from;

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  • exterior design — 5 concepts to choose from;
  • advertising communication creating;
  • brand book creating.

Retail branding development: stages

  1. Marketing research. Marketers study the target audience, the specifics of the market, analyze competitors and also form marketing objectives.
  2. Internal audit of the company. We will analyze your company to determine its values, mission, philosophy, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Creating 5 concepts of retail logo development and corporate identity. We will develop for your outlet (or network) a unique logo and recognizable corporate identity (colors, fonts, textures, etc.).
  4. Interior and exterior design. Our designers will develop a choice of 5 design concepts for decorating the spatial environment of the brand (interior, exterior).

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  1. Design development for different departments: a checkout area, a bakery, a meat department, cheese counters, a pastry department, a cafe inside a hypermarket, etc.
  2. Trading floor zonating and planning the flow of visitors.
  3. Development of merchandising standards, storefront design and product display rules.
  4. Creating a design for price tags, signs, etc.
  5. Design for the main carriers of corporate identity.

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3 rules of retail branding

There are three basic rules for retail branding:

  1. Atmosphere;
  2. Product display;
  3. Update.


The atmosphere at the points of sale should be special, positively affect the audience and make consumers want to come back. Interior and exterior design, shopping areas design, advertising materials, shop windows, website and other brand attributes should express the main idea and mission of the brand, correspond to a single positioning concept.

retail branding development

Product display

The rules for the product groups placement and the display of goods must comply with the basic principles of merchandising and harmoniously combined with brand positioning.


Experts recommend retail brands to carry out updates at least once every other year. This is due to the fact that over time the consumer gets bored and he begins to look for new places, impressions, goods. To avoid losing your audience, you must periodically rebrand. Online retail branding is characterized by a rapidly growing level of competition and diffused consumer attention, so it is important that the retail brand becomes not just a place to sell goods, but a source of impressions and inspiration. You can achieve brand differentiation and gain an undeniable competitive advantage.

retail branding development cost

What do you get by ordering retail branding?

  1. Report on the results of the marketing research (internal audit of the company, competitor analysis and benchmarking, consumer analysis, the formation of marketing objectives).
  2. Ready positioning concept and unique selling proposition.
  3. 5 options for the logo and corporate identity. The study of the selected option.
  4. 5 concepts of interior design. The study of the selected concept.
  5. 5 exterior design concepts. The study of the selected concept.
  6. Advertising communications for brand promotion.
  7. Brandbook — the book of standards for your retail brand.

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