User friendly design development

What is user-friendly design?

Website design links the user and the system. By using the interface, the user is able to point out to the system what he wants it to do. What if if this understanding between the machine and the person isn’t done? The user just leaves the website. This is how Internet users approach this in accordance to data:

  • 85% can go out the website in case they do not enjoy design of the interface;
  • 83% will leave the website if they need to try hard to find what information they need;
  • 40% will never go back to the website if they had difficulties using it in the beginning.

User Friendly Design

Website usability can be denoted as user-friendly website. The main rule that webmasters need to take into consideration when developing the website is that they need to make it extremely usable and simple. It is clearly shown that there are some certain design features that affect the possibility of a user’s future visit to the site.

User-friendly web page design needs to meet the following criteria:

  • It should be really easy for the user to find everything from the first visit to the site. Sites need to be easy in terms of making some kind of action, meaning that say site for tickets needs to enable users the possibility of buying a ticker really fast.
  • User needs to have a chance to easily achieve all his goals.Any unnecessary step needs to be taken out.
  • Along with ease, each interface should possess its own style in order to be recognizable for the user.

User Friendly Design Development

User-friendly design features

Stable structure

Every web page consists of a number of elements, which depends on the aim of the site. At the top of the page it has a site header with the resource’s name and logo, which is a way of introducing a site to the customer. The most important data block needs to be in the central part and be available right after loading. It would be a great idea to put blocks in the sidebar, for example, a website search or a news thread. Additional information is generally put into the footer.

Convenient navigation

The navigation elements that coincide the page with other sections of the website should be placed in a noticeable location directly below the header or in the sidebar on all pages. The menu needs to be customizable.

User Friendly Design Service

Understandable interface

The website should not contain unnecessary interactive elements and advertising banners. They slow down page loading process and can lead to bad customer experience and prevent user from finding the appropriate information

High readability

The content’s font is of the same importance. For better understanding of the information, it would be great to use of the standard fonts. The text color should contrast background, but its brightness can not be too high. Main information can be highlighted in bold or italics. If you create a user-friendly web design, you need to make sure it will be popular as well.

User Friendly Design From Company

Guidelines for a site with a UX design

Leave space for branding elements

In digital marketing, brand elements are pictures created with a set of special recognizable elements that make a product or service better known. These images can be generated visually or through verbal communication. In the areas of web design and mobile design, branding means a set of external components that define the style of the brand. These elements can be used in the brand identity (fonts, colors, logo). Together, they provide a powerful tool for the visual presentation of a product and its stylistics.

User Friendly Design Price

Use numbers instead of words

Many scientists have proven that the human brain focuses on numbers and focuses on them during eye tracking experiments while browsing the webpage. People subconsciously associate numbers with facts, statistics, size and distance, something potentially useful to them. In addition, numbers are shorter than text, making the content more understandable.

Make the elements of the call to action visible

A call to action, or CTA, is a combination of words that makes a customer want to learn more about the product or understand the services offered. These can be buttons or other cable elements. In all types of interfaces, calls to action are the main component for effective interaction with the product. STA plays an important role in ease of use and navigation.

Create User-Friendly Web Design

Design of the overall page structure

The first time you browse, users rarely start to immerse themselves in the content of a page from the first second, but most often they quickly browse the entire web page to get an overall impression.

The eye tracking experiments showed that there are a couple of methods for browsing a website, for example, the Z-shaped and the F-shaped. If you know these models designers and information architects can organize the location of all the main features of the site in an appropriate manner. A well-designed visual hierarchy improves site’s level of understanding, it also saves its users time and energy.

Check the user’s understanding of icons

Icons are pictograms or ideograms used in web and mobile interfaces to support their usability and ensure the successful interaction between the user and the computer. They possess a very strong meaning: they speed up this process, since most users perceive images in the quickest manner. The use of recognizable and understandable icons has great potential for the improvement of usability. In order to avoid bad UX, the icons need to be tested thoroughly.

User Friendly Design Programs

Positive sides of the user-friendly design development with KATASIS

  1. We make use of all of the user-friendly design principles.
  2. Efficiency evaluation by business indicators.
  3. We will start the project development taking into consideration your needs.
  4. You can check the process at each stage of development because of its transparency.User Friendly Design Principles
  5. Each website’s design is created by professionals. We offer you the best user-friendly design services.
  6. You will get the design and interface that are totally user-friendly.

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