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KATASIS possess an influential background and knowledge in this particular sector. The agency have created over 300 different designs with UX analysis. Our team of 32 professional designers will be regularly in touch with you to make sure every element is on the correct place. We don’t do just design, we create miracles!

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Contact our experts right now! Or learn further about UX and UI design. Before maturity stage of web interfaces in any project, the duty is to establish social user interface. Nevertheless, this is not such a trivial task as it might appear at a glimpse, and occasionally demands not a little design experience. Main demands are accessibility, utility and easy-to-understand. It is at this moment that concepts such as UX and UI design come into play, which are sometimes confused. Let’s consider each of them individually and define their key moments.

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User Experience Design translates as “experience of intercommunion” and involves numerous UX-components: IA, interaction design, graphic design and content.

Generally, UX design implies an integrated approach to user intercommunion with the interface, whether it be a website, mobile application or any other program. The person who is engaged in this work is a UX-designer (recently one can often hear the names of a UX-architect, UX-engineer or strategist, as the word “design” in this context is more common than that we are actually used to Under the meaning of this word) when developing the interface, it is meaningful to consider as much as available all little things, starting from the user’s surrounding and the type of electronic device and ending with the ways of data input and display.

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Simple example: suppose you invested an impressive amount of money to promote your resource to the top lines of search engines, but its convenience leaves much to be desired. In this case, an impressive number of users will simply leave the site and the effect of this will be minimal. That is why it is obligatory to carry out constant analysis of visitors’ actions at the resource, upgrade their website, monitor current tendencies.

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UX UI mobile app design: the main issues solved by UX design

  • Arranging goals and objectives what in the end do we need to achieve?
  • Selection of suitable UX tools for the fulfillment of objectives
  • Product development is as user-friendly and easy-to-reach as target audience
  • Concluding result analysis whether the goods meet the client’s expectancy and how high is amusement level.

It is the competent thoughtfulness of all the details at these stages that will make it possible to create an army of admirers of your product.

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UI mobile app design

The user interface is a narrower concept that includes a certain set of graphically designed technical elements (buttons, check boxes, selectors and other fields). Its task is to assist the user to organize interrelation with the program site.

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Standards for UI design:

  • Organization of widgets. This means that they must be persistently organized and interrelated.
  • Grouping of widgets. It implies the integration into groups of reasonably related elements (menus, forms).
  • Alignment of widgets. It is difficult to imagine that a poorly aligned interface can be convenient for someone.
  • Distinct style of widgets. Style design is prominent aspect, because it is stored in the user’s memory.
  • Availability of free space. It permits you to outline data fork, aiming at one thing.
  • Worked out by principles, the user interface prominently raises the effectiveness of the resource and gives it a competitive advantage.

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Information architecture (IA)

Its activity is focused on the organization of data, it means how many data is organized from the user’s standpoint, rather than technical or system rules. It determines placement of elements on the page, the linking of the pages themselves. Competence of the IA is preferably a menu and navigation and their competent implementation.

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UX & UI design company: flexible lead-up

We work with the methodology that is appropriate for you: Waterfall iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not afraid of changes on the go and are ready to provide timely conversation and data about the stages of the project. If desired, we provide access to Git guidance version and the task-tracker.

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Every customer gets an individual, proficient supervisor who is capable to solve most issues. If essential, a meeting with the participation of professionals and programmers is available.

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We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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