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Visual design and development

Graphic design strives to create and improve the user interface by considering the effects made by illustrations, photos, typography, space, layouts and colors concerning their convenience of products usage and general aesthetic appeal. With aim to help designers reach this target, visual design considers a variety of principles, including space, hierarchy, balance, contrast, scale factor, dominance and similarity.

Visual Design Development

The visual design as a separate field was formed from user interface UI design and graphic design. Thus, it is based on the appeal of the product and corresponding materials, strategically using images, colors, fonts and other parts.

Successful visual design makes sure that content stays central to a page or a feature, and strongly improves it by attracting users and helping with awakening interest, increase trust in the product (and in the brand as well).

Visual Design Concept Development

What do people order visual design development for?

Visual design in web development aims towards ensuring that the product provides you a feeling of top quality and awakes good emotional response from customers.

Visual design is the most «tasteful» and subjective design variation, but overall highly appreciated. Visual designers take initial characteristics from product and interfaces designers, but only they take responsibility for developing product “spirit”. They spend the majority of their time working on interface parts appeal to make the product purpose and value clearly understood. A good visual designer knows how to make a product look well without using excessive details as working on visual design concept development.

Visual Design Services

Since the visual designer is closest to the product experience, while working closely on visual design concept development has to devote a lot of time to the smallest details. Consequently, a visual designer gets high-resolution images, animations, or other elements that can be immediately understood by the user and included in the end product.

Visual design basics

Visual design development plays a key role in the web development process. It is web design that forms the appearance of the Internet resource, it is also of paramount importance for the quality of content: colors, fonts and other elements. Quality visual part is integral to the conceptual content of the page. In addition, the bright design of the site attracts users and helps the brand to win and increase trust.

Visual Design Audit

Basic elements of visual design

Most important parts that are placed together to create a visual design are:

  • Lines connect two points and can be applied to help define shapes, make divisions, and create textures. All lines, if they’re straight, have a length, width, and direction.
  • Shapes are self-contained zones.For defining the area, designers use lines. They also use variety in value, color, and/or texture. Each object has its shape.
  • The colorof the palette ischosen in accordance with various combinations of shades, which are used to distinguish items, create depth, add an accent, and/or help structure data understanding better. Color theory studies how different choices of colours impact user psychologically.Visual Design Agency
  • The texture shows how the surface is supposed to feel. A texture is created and a pattern is formed by means of repeating an element. Based on which texture is applied, it might be used to attract or deter attention.
  • The typographyrefers to the certain types of fonts, their size, alignment, color, and spacing.
  • The form contains three-dimensional objects and describes their volume and mass. A form can be created by combining two or more objects, and can further be enhanced by different tones, textures, and colors.

Visual Design In Web Development

Features of visual design concept development

Qualitative visual design uses such approaches to above-mentioned elements, and unites them. For a correct process of visual program design and development, the elements should be combined in a coherent manner. In the process of understanding the use of the basic elements, think about following features:

  • Unity means stylistic coherence of all parts of page. It is crucial to find a balance between dullness and too much design variety.
  • Gestalt in visual design helps users general idea, instead of seeing only some separate parts. In case of a good design, gestalt can be easily grasped.
  • Space is “perceived when something is placed in it”, according to Alex White in his book,“The Elements of Graphic Design”. Including space in a design helps to reduce noise, increase readability, and create an illusion. It is impossible to imagine good layout without white space.Background Design Visual Development
  • The hierarchyshows the difference in significance while contrasting the items. Designers often form hierarchies with the help of different font sizes, colors, and page placements. Usually, items at the top are understood by user as having the highest priority.
  • The balance forms the understanding that an equal distribution is present. It is not synonymous to symmetry.
  • Contrastfocuses on contrasting different features in order to add variety to overall style.
  • Scaleidentifies a difference in sizes; it creates interest and depth by showing how each item corresponds one to another based on the size.
  • Dominationfocuses main feature while treating others as less important. This is often achieved by scaling and contrasting based on size, color, position, shape, etc.
  • Similarity represents creating succession throughout a visual design development without direct copying. Similarity is aimed at putting pieces together in the interface and enables faster interface understanding.

Visual Design And Development

KATASIS agency complimentary services

  1. Website redesigning. Aimed at improving customers loyalty and maintain an up-to-date and progressive image.
  2. Visual program design and development of a responsive website. A will be extremely user-friendly on every possible platform.
  3. Landing page design. Increasing the efficiency of landing page. The design that sells at all stages of interaction with the customer!
  4. Corporate website design.Formation of visual identifying design, creating the image, increasing authority, recognition of the company and the brand itself on the Internet and everywhere.Process Of Visual Program Design And Development
  5. Customized website design. An original, stylish and unique solution for any big or small business.
  6. Online store design. How to make your proposal distinguished among dozens of others? Handy and appealing design.

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