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Corporate style and logo development in KATASIS are:

The logo and corporate style are key elements of the brand's visual identity (objects of identification). Developing a corporate style and a company logo is one of the first, but the most important steps in building a brand and growth of your ambitious business project. By ordering a recognizable logo and corporate style, you can draw attention to the brand, increase its memorability and create the necessary associations with consumers.

You need this because: the high competition level has led to the traditional selection criteria for the consumer (such as quality, assortment, price policy and location) faded into the background. Today, communication plays a key role.

Great brands are distinguished by properly constructed communication with the consumer. The KATASIS team will develop for you not only a memorable design, but also create a strong communication link with the target audience.

Corporate Style And Logo

What is the logo and corporate style?

Corporate style is a combination of graphic and textual elements that allow identifying a brand among competitors' trademarks. The corporate style concept often includes a set of rules on the use of brand elements.

Logo is a graphic visualization of the image and the main idea of the campaign (brand). It is the main element of corporate style, a tool for promotion, attracting the attention of consumers and partners and a company identifier among competitors.

The main task of company logo design development is recognition of a company or brand. The logo is a vivid, short and emotional story about your brand, mission, ideology, values of the company and product. The logo is a brand indicator, which is a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the company in the eyes of the consumer. A custom-made logo can be represented by an illustration, lettering, symbolism, or a combination of these elements.

Corporate Style Logo Development

How should the logo look like?

The basic rules for creating a good logo:

  1. Simplicity and clarity. A laconic, easy-to-understand form, not overloaded graphics, which immediately tells the audience who is in front of her, even with a quick glance, this is the perfect logo. It is necessary to avoid thin lines and unnecessary small details when designing a logo.
  2. Expediency — compliance with the company's business and the company's product.
  3. Recognizability — originality and easy memorability of the logo by the audience, its associativity with the brand.
  4. Durability — a logo, should not lose its relevance for many years, and not require fast rebranding.
  5. Harmony — the color scheme of the logo should include no more than three colors, in addition, the selected colors should be in harmony with each other and correspond to the general corporate style of the company.
  6. Ideological content — before you create a company logo, you must select its main idea. Logo design should clearly reflect the company's business, its values and individuality.

Corporate Style Logo Design

How do we do it?

Designers of the KATASIS Company will develop for you a quality logo in 5 stages:

  1. Collection and analysis of information. At this stage, our specialists study the client's field of activity, the company's products and its main qualities, analyze the competitive environment, current trends and the specifics of the market segment and make up a portrait of the consumer. At the end of the stage, KATASIS specialists formulate the purpose of the logo and its main message.
  2. Search graphic language. Our specialists will search for a suitable image, make a selection of visual associations, colors, symbols, and so on.
  3. Logo design. KATASIS designers will implement the ideas of the symbol in graphic form, and create for you several concepts to choose from.
  4. Improvement. At this stage, we will work with the already approved option, carefully modifying the forms, proportions, fonts and colors to create for you the perfect corporate logo.
  5. Guideline and logo book. If necessary, we will compile for you a guide on the logo use and other elements of corporate style: recommendations for placing and using the logo on various media, corporate colors for CMYK, RGB and Pantone, spelled inversion and monochrome variants and so on.

Corporate Style And Website Logo

In addition to creating a logo, corporate style includes:

  • Interior office design development, commercial or other specialized accommodations, which provide services to customers;
  • Design branded clothing;
  • Design of corporate signs, standers, signs, and other carriers of outdoor advertising;
  • Corporate website design development;
  • Online ecommerce logo development;
  • Corporate souvenirs design development.

It must be considered that corporate style and logo development necessarily implies a well-developed positioning concept, a unique selling proposition, and sometimes a brand legend. If your company has not developed these elements for the product, you can always ask for help from specialists.

Corporate Style Creation

What do you get?

Marketing expert team, brand managers and designers of KATASIS will develop for you an original logo and corporate style and:

  • build the right communication, form a positive company image, tell competitors about your “royal ambitions”;
  • will become working promotion tools, increase product awareness and interest to the company;
  • increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, as well-designed logo performs the function of the company emblem and causes a certain association with consumers;
  • for many years they will save you from the need to update visual standards.

Logo Design

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