Accounting and tax apps

Benefits of accounting and tax apps development

Accounting software permits you to not just get comprehensive analysis on all transactions, but also to dispose of keeping useless knowledge in your mind. It is unlikely that anyone remembers how much he spent on traveling or new TV 3 years ago, but if you save this data in the app — they won't disappear.

Portable software for financial transactions accounting is more appropriate than desktop software, not to mention the storage of information in Excel or a paper pocket-book. Here you can not only enter data quickly but also find information about completed operations, make changes, export a database or restore it from a backup copy.

Accounting App Development

Modern mobile applications are much better adapted to account your personal finances. With very simple and convenient operation management, they contain all the necessary means for this and the device itself, unlike a computer or laptop is always at hand.

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In most accounting and tax mobile apps, you can create several accounts of various types: credit or debit cards, deposits, various assets, etc. When you create an account, you specify the name and initial balance. Frequently, different currencies are supported: rubles, dollars, euros and when entering data on the conversion operations, the exchange rate can be set manually.

When accounting for app development, one should consider accessibility, performance, and safety. Data on account states should be accessible only to their owner. To achieve this, we introduce additional protection into our programs.

Accounting For App Development Costs

Opportunities of tax deduction app development

A powerful method to modernize tax administration is the use of technical innovation. Modern mobile application development will greatly simplify the activities of tax agent and supply special, expanded possibilities for taxpayers.

For tax agent:

  • Instant data sharing with employees;
  • Automatic notifications obtaining on payment of receipts and fines by a specific taxpayer;
  • Quick access to data on enforcement proceedings;
  • Mobile express access to the necessary registries; remote update of the register of particular entrepreneurs;
  • Informative access to the database of legal proceedings against defaulters;

Accounting Treatment Of App Development Costs

For taxpayer:

  • Mobile access to personal data and taxpayer accounts;
  • Information update and automatic control over tax fees;
  • Partial automation of the preparation of necessary documentation;
  • Tax return preparation module;
  • Information blocks on the intricacies of taxation documentation in any field;
  • Information verification on payment of regular bills, rent and utilities;
  • Push notifications about the timing of monthly payments and payments.

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Among taxpayers, this app will gain popularity due to its rich functionality, which greatly facilitates the work with complex documentation. Developing a mobile application for the tax service, integrated with existing software, will greatly simplify the tax administration procedure.

Accounting For App Development

Accounting and tax apps functionality

Each budget management application should include the necessary host of functions to account for personal and family expenses and small business financial planning. Main accounting and tax apps services:

  1. a separate budget for family members;
  2. payment calendar;
  3. upcoming payment reminders;
  4. tracking account transactions;
  5. personal categories and subcategories;
  6. cost accounting by various criteria: by agent, by description, by check number;
  7. calculator;
  8. currency converter;
  9. adding transactions from SMS from banks;
  10. data synchronization between applications (plus the web version);
  11. visual statistics;
  12. accounting of transactions in all currencies, including crypto-currencies;
  13. note spending, incomes and transfers directly at the moment of their commission;
  14. fix fiscal goals and monitor execution;
  15. analyze the dynamics of income and expenditure on wallets;
  16. transfers between accounts (double entry);
  17. intuitive design;
  18. the possibility to create tags;
  19. favorable widgets with the capability of using the lock screen;
  20. backup and data export in single-click ease

Tax Deduction App Development

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Development stages

  1. Design concept and business examination. Clients appeal to our agency to turn their concept of a mobile app, Web resource or workflow automation into reality. We conduct the ree business examination, give an advisory opinion and update the idealistic component, considering the customer needs.
  2. Project estimation and challenge. The project is assessed by the development group. Next, the customer gets an iannitial offer for app development.
  3. Prototype creation. Having understood users expectations, we step up to prototyping. Appropriately interface is assurance that the client will instantly catch how application assists to handle his matter. You are permitted to check the future application functionality without software component.
  4. Accounting and tax apps design. We draw the design of all screens and element states. We use the recommendations of Google and Apple to design the application and make sure that graphic calculations are clear and user-friendly. You get a design that sets you apart from the competition.
  5. Backlog and contract development. We meet with the product-owner and discuss the project specifics. Our team develops backlog for the entire project together with the customer. After approval of backlog, an agreement is signed with the customer.
  6. Sprint planning. Correspondence with the customer about what development tasks will be performed at the next sprint.
  7. Retrospective. We demonstrate results in 2 weeks. Our team studies the dangers and difficulties, completes the sprint and optimizes the further application development procedure.
  8. Accompanying and achieving the effect. The distinction of our activity is that we are engaged not just in application development, but also its promotion. Our clients collaborate with a company that is responsible for all stages: from the first step to downloading and thank-you reviews.

Tax Treatment Of App Development Costs

Development with KATASIS

The exact accounting and tax apps service price is reliant on the specific project. If you desire to achieve accurate estimates of the price and deadline of the service, tax deduction app development or you want to get more detailed information on the service, fill in the application form below and our specialists will contact you. With KATASIS, any of your ideas can become an application.

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