Cooking apps development

Why are cooking apps popular?

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without gadgets, devices, and facilities. The mobile phone from the means of communication has become a real assistant. Do not stay aside from the general trend and the hostess. Cooking apps are pulled to the top of the ratings along with social networks, photo editors, games and continue to gain popularity.

Do not think that mobile apps about food are just electronic analogs of paper cookbooks. Now it’s not so much a storehouse of recipes, as clever assistants who can come up with dinner from what’s in the fridge, adjust the number of ingredients based on the needs of the family, make a necessary purchases list and calculate calories. In addition, it is much more pleasant to cook when there is a friendly video lesson before your eyes and not a dry instruction.

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KATASIS Company provides development cooking apps for iPhone and development cooking apps for Android, which are designed to change the culinary life of the user and bring diversity to his usual diet.

Cooking Apps

Cooking apps services

  1. The application should be a collection of many recipes from around the world. There can be presented such cuisines: Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, American, Indian, European, Thai, Cuban and many others.
  2. A huge number of recipes must be presented in the application catalog, starting with the first courses and ending with desserts: soups, borscht, fish soup, salads, meat and vegetable menus, cakes, jellies, drinks, etc.
  3. Each recipe can be accompanied by detailed instructions on both the necessary ingredients and the stages of the preparation.
  4. The advantage will be if the application has a lot of photos and pictures so that the user can compare the prepared dish and make adjustments timely.
  5. Integrated search functions, categorization, adding to favorites.
  6. Recipes should be set out clearly, step by step, easy friendly language.
  7. There are additional tips and recommendations by the author: how to store food, how to choose high-quality products and spices, what can replace the missing ingredient, how not to miss the proportions, what to combine with.

cooking apps

  1. Convenient filters are built in: you can sort recipes by categories (breakfasts, broths, snacks, main dishes, pasta and pizza, sauces, etc.), national cuisines, preferences (low-calorie, lean, children's dishes, etc.). For example vegetarian Estonian soups.
  2. Video tutorials on various topics are added (for example, how to chop the greens, how to make béchamel sauce or minced meat).
  3. It is possible to create your own recipe book and add there whatever you like.
  4. It is possible to evaluate recipes, read user comments to dishes and add your own, subscribe to your favorite authors.
  5. Each recipe indicates the calorie content, nutritional value and detailed timing: how much time is required separately for cooking, baking, even for cooling, if it is supposed to be served cold.

Development cooking apps iphone

The functionality of cooking applications

Required options for any application: shopping list (with support for the forum) are; favorite list; Calorie Calculator; cooking details by time; search for recipes and ingredients; the opportunity to share the recipe with others.

Shake and do function. You need to select several ingredients from the list (at least two), for example, those that are in the fridge, shake the smartphone and the application will offer a recipe with them.

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There is an offline library of ingredients with descriptions and a nutritional supplements catalog. Recipes can be added to favorites and their ingredients in the basket.

Development Cooking Apps For Iphone

There is rubric classification, for example, the recipe of the day, life hacks in the kitchen, a blog and thematic collections of dishes for the week. Filters in the search are very convenient, you can sort the dishes by country, cooking speed and other pleasant things. All recipes have a video.

There are unusual features, for example, some developers offer to play with the user in the game, which suggests that he should eat a week according to their plan. It is ideal for those who are purchased for a week and tired of looking for something new for lunch. Separate categories for vegetarians and vegans are available.

Development cooking game apps for ipad

Development cooking apps stages

  1. Audience research. Who will be interested in your application? Who are all these people? Which groups are they divided in? Where are they located? What are the predictions of the dynamic audience pattern for the future? We will give answers to these questions.
  2. Competition analysis. Who are your competitors, what are their advantages? What are their disadvantages? How many people use competitor apps? How many similar applications already exist? What are the most likely threats for your future application? We are ready to deal with these issues and provide you with detailed information.
  3. Cost estimation/timing of application development. Price and terms. These questions are always in priority, so we will answer them within two business days. To get the cooking apps to cost contact us.
  4. Prototyping, game design. We will create for you a prototype of the intended application on paper. Detailed concept development of the application at the design stage will save you time and money at all subsequent stages.Development Cooking Apps For Android
  5. Graphic design applications. At KATASIS, we are very sensitive to the design of the application. After all, this is what the user sees on the screen, then what he touches. The design should be beautiful and comfortable. We can do this.
  6. Application development. A highly qualified and organized KATASIS development team is at your service.
  7. Application Testing. Users should get a perfectly working application that does not contain unpleasant surprises. The app should work equally well on different devices. Thorough testing is necessary for any application aimed at success.
  8. Publish applications. We will publish your application in app stores. We work with Google, Apple and Microsoft.

 development cooking apps

What does it mean to order an application in KATASIS?

Mobile applications developed by our company are economical in terms of energy consumption, which is a critical factor for many smartphone owners. In carrying out our work, we strictly adhere to the needs voiced by our customers, take into account the specifics of their business, and do not overlook such an important aspect as the application design.

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Development Cooking Apps For Ipad

The advantages of our applications:

  • Solve specific business problems.
  • Are technological and interactive.
  • Convey the ideology and spirit of the company.
  • Are spectacular and effective.
  • Cause emotion and stands out among many competitors.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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