Content management system (CMS) for web apps


On the administrative page, the user edits general data (the password and the binding of the domain name), views the statistics of the used space and can add files and images to his website’s library. Using the website editor, the user can add and change the website’s content.

Features of the content management system for website development

A management system is a program that provides tools to add, edit and delete information on the website. Most modern CMSs have modular architecture that allows the administrator to select and configure the components he needs.

content management system for web application

Typical modules:

  • dynamic menu,
  • blog,
  • news,
  • polls,
  • website search,
  • visitor statistics,
  • guestbook, etc.

The website development with content management system is based on the following technologies: data storage, a web server, a web application for the system’s operation, a visual page editor, a file manager with a web interface for managing website’s files, and a user rights management system.

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content management system web app

There are paid and free CMSs that are built with different technologies. Each website has a control panel, which is the part of the program sufficient to manage the website.

The following technological platforms are the most commonly used as the basis of web applications that implement CMSs: PHP, Perl, Python, .NET.web development content management systems

CMS functions for web apps

CMS functions can be divided into the following categories:

  • Content creation: provides authors with convenient and familiar means of creating content.

  • Management: stores content in a single repository. This allows you to monitor document versions, control who changed them and when, as well as make sure that each user can only change the section for which he is responsible. In addition, integration with existing information sources and IT systems is provided. CMS supports the document flow control. Content management includes storing, versioning, access control, integration with other information systems and document flow control.

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content management system for web application costs

  • Publication: automatic placement of content in the user terminal. Appropriate tools automatically customize the page appearance for it to match the website design.

  • Presentation: additional functions that improve the presentation of data; for example, you can build navigation through the repository structure.

CMS manage small interrelated information units. In this context, the document takes on the meaning of hypertext.

content management system for web application price

Advantages of the content management system web development:

  1. Fast information update: the information is published by the employee who owns it without additional intermediaries in the form of technical specialists.
  2. Reduced costs of support: information is updated independently, so there is no need to pay for the webmaster’s work.
  3. Additional services for the user: some services (search, forums, voting, etc.) require user interaction. They are already implemented as part of CMS.
  4. Reduced time and cost of development: the most popular functions are already implemented in CMS and can be immediately used.
  5. Development quality improvement: in the development are used repeatedly tested ready-made modules.
  6. Reduced costs of further modifications: CMS allows you to separate the data and its presentation. This makes it much easier to change the website appearance than on a static website.cms for web apps

To provide these benefits, CMS should solve the following tasks:

  1. Publication of information by a non-technical specialist.
  2. Separation of data and its presentation.
  3. Organizing collaboration when publishing information.
  4. Search opportunities
  5. Other services: forums, polls, profiles, etc.

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CMS characteristics


The development of content management systems can be used for any type of website. No matter if it is an online store, information website or any other project, the system will ensure its efficiency.

  • you can insert applications in any website design
  • you can replace or edit design templates
  • you can connect various modulescms web application development


The convenience of the application. The opportunity of managing the website as a regular PC user. Intuitive, easy navigation.

  • simple user interface
  • formation of a dynamic website structure (hierarchical structure development)
  • at any time, you can connect additional modules without blocking the website
  • availability of various system modules, including the standard ones (news feed, product catalog, mailouts, forum, etc.)
  • the opportunity of developing and incorporating into the system any other module on the customer’s request.
  • redesign without stopping the resource and losing the content
  • app operation without errors

cms for java web application

Administration and Security

  • multi-user system access
  • separation of access rights to the website sections
  • access control for different user profiles
  • protection from hackers
  • opportunity of blocking and unblocking the website users

Other characteristics

  • load resistance: the same website operation with different amounts of content (no matter how many pages there are on the website, it should work equally)
  • list of technical specifications.
  • opportunity of transferring the website to another platform without losing information
  • database backup


content management system development services

CMS web application development from KATASIS

  1. Adaptive interface. Available on smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  2. Website acceleration. Multi-level caching and compression.
  3. Modern technologies. We provide the best content management system development services. New solutions, ORM, QueryBuilder, MVC, flexible event system.
  4. CMS for online stores and corporate websites.
  5. Multisite. Development of websites managed by one control system.
  6. Support. Prompt and qualified technical support.

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