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Features of entertainment apps

Development entertainment apps and games in most cases is a commercial project, the implementation of which allows directly (paid distribution of the application) or indirectly (advertising revenue) to make a profit. Modern applications related to games and entertainment are extremely dependent on the level of demand, and if the theme and content of the application are promising, the success of the product will depend directly on the development quality and the promotion effectiveness.

Considering the high level of competition in the entertainment market, the project success is largely predetermined by the future development of market research and the identification of those factors that will enable the new application to successfully compete with analogs or similar software products. As a result of research and analysis, general principles, goals, and objectives are formed, which should be implemented in the designing framework and creating an application.

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Entertainment Apps

How to monetize mobile game and entertainment applications?

This type of application brings direct income to the entertainment apps companies, due to monetization, which can be expressed in sales of advertising within the application or the application itself on specialized sites (Android Market, App Store, and Windows Marketplace). In game applications, monetization is mainly based on the sale of in-game features and items.

What are entertainment applications used for?

Entertainment Apps Companies

Ideas for entertainment apps

  1. The hot topic of the last year is unlikely to take second place in 2019. Applications that allow you tracking virtual currency rates, as well as conducting basic calculations with them. Such applications provide an opportunity to monitor both popular Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.
  2. Arcade games with the ability to control several characters at once.
  3. Games are “time-consuming”, where a gamer needs a little spatial imagination and a good reaction. The brain can relax and go into rest mode. Often, the user only needs to move from one area to another, tapping on the display to launch the “hero”. The main thing is to press the screen in time.

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  1. Programs using advanced algorithms for taking selfies are in trend. You can change the facial expression and body position, but as soon as you freeze, the program will automatically take a picture. That is, now you don’t have to drag your finger to the button and thus spoil a potential masterpiece or set a timer and wonder if it will work on time.
  2. Quiz-type application. Developers provide tricky questions and the ability to ask your own. You can compete with friends, track statistics and discuss the results.
  3. Parallel book translation. Often, when reading foreign literature, individual words may cause difficulties. Then their translation has to be guided by the context. This is also not bad, but the exact meaning of the word remains a mystery. Such applications provide an opportunity to view the author's translation of any paragraph in one click, and an unfamiliar word can be added to the built-in dictionary for repetition. In the presence of an ever-expanding internal library of books, it is possible to download your own publications.

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Development of entertainment apps and games

The main stages of development include:

  • Concept preparation of a software product and a technical specification development for its creation, within which the tasks, objectives, requirements for the application, its architecture, design, and functionality are specified and detailed. The concept also includes definitions and descriptions:
  • target audience and market;
  • supported platforms;
  • development methodologies, tools, and technologies;
  • the timing and cost of the project;
  • genre, setting, gameplay features.

Entertainment Apps Company

  1. Game script development.
  2. Development and creation of a graphics component and sound design of a game product — the game world, characters, animation, music, voice acting, etc.
  3. Application prototype development — the initial version of the product, which contains several variants (examples) of the graphical interface, functionality and other components of the project that require coordination.
  4. Development of application working version, focused primarily on a small audience, distributing among which the product, it will be possible to assess the performance and potential of the project, collect static information, identify and eliminate problem areas.
  5. Testing the application, troubleshooting.
  6. The release of a full-fledged working version from publications on one or several websites — the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store.
  7. Project support, its promotion, and development. Whatever the product is completely ready for release, its further life cycle necessarily requires support and constant changes, and, perhaps, the development of the game plot, which inevitably leads to the increasing popularity of the application.
  8. Considering the level of competition in the entertainment market, to attract users’ attention and, as a result, to ensure the success of the product:
  • catchy graphics, user-friendly, intuitive interface and navigation;
  • unique, addictive gameplay (for games) with an interesting plot and game mechanics;
  • technological excellence that creates comfortable conditions for users to interact and work with the application, eliminating malfunctions, errors, allowing to refine and develop the product.

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In addition, the development of entertainment mobile apps must meet all the requirements (technical, graphic, ethical) of the website on which they will be placed. The use of frameworks allows you to create a product that will initially be oriented and supported by several mobile platforms at once.

Development of entertainment apps and games by KATASIS is:

  • Experience in web development for over 8 years.
  • Effective technical solutions and affordable development cost.
  • A dedicated team for a project of 6 specialists: manager, designer, developer.
  • Full-time promotion specialists.
  • To bring maximum benefit with development entertainment apps for iPhone to your business, it is important to entrust this business to professionals.

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