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The film industry is one of the main pillars of entertainment business. Cinemas earn a lot on showing the hottest products’ premieres, as well as old and well-known films. Cinemas are a good source of profit, both for their owners and for the studios themselves.

With the development of technology, business is moving to the Internet. This also applies to cinemas. Movie app companies offer users popular films for money or for free. Websites with free movies may be monetized with advertisements.

Creating your own online cinema with legal content can become a very successful project in the future. A mobile movie app development for Android or iOS will be a perfect assistant for viewing movies comfortably. The KATASIS movie app company professionally develops applications for online cinemas.

Movie Apps

What is a mobile cinema application to users:

  • updated information about movies;
  • information on film distribution;
  • opportunity of booking and buying tickets for a film show.

What is the online cinema industry today?

Creating online cinemas initially implied paid movie screenings on the Internet in real time. The user could stop and resume broadcasting, adjust the volume level and use the "rewind" function at any time. In the past, there were illegal products, which were forbidden. As online video format was gaining more and more popularity among Internet users, the system has changed and became legal.

Development movie apps iphone

Nowadays, there are several constantly operating cinemas, which get about 10,000 views a month.

On average, watching a movie costs from 1-10$, and this includes the payment to the copyright owner. The owner of a digital cinema hall makes an open profit and does not pay for the rent, work of staff, equipment maintenance and community facilities. The only task is to collect and periodically replenish your film collection in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones. This is achieved through cooperation with copyright holders for a particular film or cartoon. In fact, they are interested as well, as they want their movies to be watched by everyone who is able to pay a nominal fee for viewing a unique, interesting and rare video without leaving their homes.

Development  movie Apps For Iphone

However, your main income source is advertising on your online cinema website.

KATASIS will give you a unique opportunity to become the owner of such a cinema and get a permanent, independent income. We offer you top-level movie app development services.

Development movie apps iphone: how do movie apps work?

  1. "New movies" category. Quick access to the latest movies for the user’s convenience.
  2. Information about each movie. The user can view information about the film before watching it.
  3. Movies by category. All films in the application are divided into convenient categories.
  4. Film archive. The user can select a movie by its release year.
  5. Online ticketing. The user can choose the best places and buy tickets online without having to print them, as they can simply submit the QR code.Development movie apps ipad
  6. Filter events by selected parameters. View events by date, location or type. You can also check the app for special offers.
  7. Film description. Detailed information about new movies: their duration, synopsis, cast, etc.
  8. Unlimited possibilities. Movie apps have a huge number functions that make them indispensable smartphone tool.

The purpose of the mobile cinema application development is to provide customers with a modern service, which will help them to quickly and easily pick a movie, select a session, book seats and/or buy tickets for the selected session.

Development movie Apps For Android

Movie app functions include:

  • Opportunity to add short descriptions, list of actors and trailers to each film;
  • Automatically created user registration database;
  • Opportunity to send notifications, current news and promotions;
  • System that analyzes the film profitability, popularity and number of views for a certain period of time;
  • Opportunity to enable automatic payments to the copyright holder based on the statistics of views;
  • Multi-functional, easy-to-use admin panel that allows you to monitor, control and customize the operation of your cinema.Development movie apps iphone
  • Opportunity to change the quality and size of the video, depending on the Internet connection speed;
  • Touch screen support;
  • Access to convenient advanced search, filtering and sharing, as well as advanced menu settings;
  • Opportunity to simultaneously watch movies and run other programs;
  • Semantic Zoom — content scaling function for various devices.

Development movie Apps Android

What do you get by developing a mobile movie apps with KATASIS?

If you make movie apps with KATASIS, you will get the following:

  • Creative product
  • High level mobile app design.
  • Software testing at all stages of development.
  • Warranty support of the project.
  • Transparent work scheme.
  • Reasonable movie app cost.
  • Quality assurance and fixed development terms.

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