Diet apps

What are diet apps for?

Wanting to look out for yourself and lose weight, many people use diet apps. Such programs installed on a tablet, computer or smartphone help you stick to a workout plan, monitor nutrition and perform daily tasks. They are useful not only for those who can not bring themselves to practice regularly but also for every person who is used to systematizing their lives.

Diet Apps

Monetization types for diet apps

There are such monetization schemes for such applications:

  • Paid application.
  • Sale of applications in the store.
  • Free app with a paid subscription.
  • Free app with in-app purchases.
  • Free with ads inside.
  • Donations.
  • Selling your application.
  • Attracting sponsors and investments.
  • Hybrid schemes.

Development Diet Apps

Features and benefits of development diet apps

Controlling your nutrition, going to the gym or going in for sports at home are all steps to perfect shape and good health. However, in the bustle of working days or if you want to just relax at the weekends, it is not always possible to strictly follow the plan and force yourself to do something. Therefore, a convenient application for proper nutrition and weight loss is a good way not to stray from the intended course and not to quit your beginnings on a halfway.

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Such programs have many advantages:

  • allow you to count the number of calories that a person consumed per day;
  • based on age, height, and weight, we calculate optimal calorie intake per day;
  • have standard training programs and can register individual plans;
  • when setting a specific goal of losing weight, calculate the system of power and physical activity;
  • save training statistics and user nutrition history;
  • remind, when the system of weight loss goes beyond the prescribed plan and give recommendations for its improvement.

Having installed the diet apps, you only need to follow the prescribed steps, bringing your results to the base. Moreover, the modern choice of such programs for any operating systems is so wide that every user will easily find the best option for themselves. It is only important to decide what the emphasis should be on — nutrition, sports or home workouts.

Diet Apps Service

The basic diet apps services

  • A renewable database of food items. It shows the value of foods in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, and cholesterol.
  • Barcode scanner for easy search of products on the database.
  • Development diet apps eating: the application remembers your favorite dishes, and also allows you to add several dishes at the same time, save and add whole meals and so on.
  • Full synchronization with the site: you can fill in the diary from the computer or from the phone, in other words, where and how you prefer. In addition, all your data is stored online, so you never lose it.
  • The possibility of joint weight loss: you can follow your achievements and share experiences with friends.
  • Quick selection of interesting information about the calories and nutritional value of dishes.
  • Application methods — motivating arguments, recommendations, photos and quotes, control over the implementation of tasks, virtual rewards for achievement, reminders.

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  • Integrated reminders (drink water, weigh, cook healthy food, development diet apps diary).
  • The application can support the most popular diets. You can also customize individual levels of nutrients in the body with any degree of detail and any frequency.
  • Calculations. The application section helps to monitor the weight loss dynamics, see changes in nutrition, as well as monitor food intake. Here is the database of products, a table of products, the calculation of the mass index and other utility.

Development Diet Apps For Android

Stages of mobile application development

  1. Technical task. First, we determine the needs of users and the client, it should solve the application, plus prescribe the main tasks. This stage is the most important, because, without it, it will be impossible to build further work.
  2. Designing UI / UX. To understand how the user will use the application, we create an interaction map between the screens, work out the functionality of the future product. At this stage, the prototype of the future application is assembled, the functionality is prescribed and the paths of user transition are built between the screens.
  3. Design concept. Using the example of the first 3 screens, we are working on the design of a future application, starting from goals, audience and functionality.
  4. Drawing all the screens. After the approval of the design concept, we draw in detail all the remaining screens. Buttons, help, different tips, everything is in details. At this stage, we combine the prototyping result and design creation. Timing depends on the complexity and number of screens.

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  1. Application development. We impose all elements of the application — i.e. We make a good application from good pictures. We also combine the server and client parts of the application so that it fully works.
  2. Testing application performance. We take a few days to test the finished application, create a correction table and fix all the errors found. If the client wants, we send him a test version of the application on approval.
  3. Debugging the application. When you design an application on the screen of a regular monitor, it is impossible to fully understand all the features of its live use. All applications are unique, and errors are possible with the first use. Normally, debugging takes about half the time from initial development.
  4. Application icon. We develop the application icon, because depending on how it is done, your application will be visible or not in the App Store and Google Play.
  5. The publication of the application. We check for compliance with all standards, technical requirements and publish.

Development Diet Apps For Ipad

Development of diet apps by KATASIS

Ten years ago, athletes and people who simply wanted to lose weight had no idea that their activity could be recorded, monitored and supplemented with recommendations from coaches using a smartphone. Today, this convenient and simple function helps not to stray from the system and clearly see your own results at the end of each day. If you want to lose weight and put your body in order, you can use several diverse applications. This will achieve its goal in a short time.

Development Diet Apps For Ios

Why should you choose us?

  • A complex approach. Includes basic marketing analysis, research on the integration of all types of communications with the client used by you.
  • Focus on results. We always integrate into the client's business in order to release the most targeted application.
  • Development of the project after launch. In addition to developing the application, we also offer to stay with us and jointly improve the mobile application.
  • Loyal pricing. When ordering several products, diet apps cost is significantly reduced.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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