Inventory apps

What is an inventory application?

Any software solution for inventory automation should have a powerful set of functions and an intuitive interface for easy use on mobile devices with a camera (for reading barcodes). Such applications allow you to automate control mobile sales and keep inventory records outside the office, which reduces labor and operating costs, as well as simplifies inventory accounting in accounting programs.

The inventory program functions should focus on managing inventory in warehouses and accurately tracking its movements, which covers all routine processes. It also automates the sales agents’ work at sales outlets.

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Who needs inventory app development services?

Inventory mobile apps are used by companies working in such areas as:

  • Wholesale and retail trade

  • Office supplies

  • Clothes and accessories

  • Consumer goods

  • Auto parts

  • Industrial equipment

  • Medicine and health

  • Food and drink

  • Sports complex

  • Dry cleaning

  • Logistics

  • Repairing

  • Agricultural machinery and parts

Inventory Apps Development

What features does the inventory management application provide?

Here is the brief list of the necessary inventory program features. Depending on the software configuration, the list of features may vary:

  • barcode program can identify any product;
  • an application can work with factory barcodes or print them using special equipment;
  • inventory program is able to exchange information with the database through a PC connection;
  • company's financial statements are available only to employees who have the access rights for such information;
  • inventory program for products can display leftover stock for each warehouse of the company.

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Sales accounting tool

Inventory app is a tool for solving accounting problems in trading or providing services. Such programs can work in any direction of retail, sell, control stocks in warehouses, purchase the necessary products, monitor the movement of funds, regulate your work with suppliers and customers, issue and print documents, checks, labels and much more.

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Inventory Apps Development Costs

Effective management

An inventory application allows you to effectively manage your business and actively develop it. The program’s functionality allows you not only to regulate retail and wholesale prices, track the number of products in warehouses and avoid regrading and shortages, but also compare employee productivity indicators (vendors, cashiers) and form relationships with suppliers.

With the help of inventory software, you can organize your own loyalty system for clients or wholesale customers, as well as conduct promotions and account for the products on sale. An inventory application generates reports to analyze the business profitability based on the available indicators. Reports are generated for any period.

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Comfort control

Sales automation is impossible without management automation. The inventory program will be able to give the owner a tool to manage a separate sales outlet and network. You can comfortably maintain a product database and adjust prices from home, and this is not everything the program is capable of.

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An inventory application will establish control over employees and protect your business from their negligence and deception. You will be able to view sales online, monitor cash withdrawal from cash registers with an indication of who did it and for what reason, shortage logs, stocktaking, customer and employee databases. In addition, you can deny access for cashiers to those sections that do not relate directly to the sale process.

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Inventory app development stages

  • Target market business analysis. At this stage, you should decide what you want your application to do and what is the final goal of developing a mobile communication tool.
  • Development of the agreed solution. Before starting the development, we need to receive technical specifications from the customer or give him a brief for further work on this document. After receiving the completed brief and/or technical specifications, you can proceed to prototype and compiling user profiles, which will allow you to assess the final product’s capabilities.
  • Prototyping. Prototypes are created by designers and can be both static and interactive.
  • Coding and technology implementation. When the design is ready, the developers create the mobile application based on programming languages, frameworks, and various technologies in accordance with the technical specifications, brief and approved prototype.Inventory Apps Development Service
  • Testing. At various stages of application development, Internal testing of the application at various development stages is mandatory. It is carried out on both simulators and real devices.
  • Creating a pre-release version. After a series of tests and improvements, a working version of the application should be obtained. This version will be added to one of the app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone App Store.
  • Placing the application in the store (if necessary). The final stage of our work is adding the app for a review to one of the app stores.
  • Further technical support and marketing promotion of the application. We provide technical support for the application, further release of new versions for upgraded versions of the mobile OS, as well as a marketing promotion.

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Development of inventory apps with KATASIS

The KATASIS inventory app development company offer the best solutions for your business. Our finished applications are convenient for subsequent development and active promotion. Our clients obtain the maximum commercial effect from their use. We develop a project structure based on business analytics, design interfaces and create high-quality content. This allows you to quickly launch an MVP and, based on feedback, most likely achieve first sales.

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Our specialization is inventory apps for iOS and Android. But we have no problem creating a working and profitable inventory apps for Windows. Clear and streamlined production processes ensure your project will launch just in time, with the optimal cost and required quality. The step-by-step development of your project saves you time and money, and you start to get profit from the project immediately after its launch. Find out about the inventory app development costs from KATASIS. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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