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Features of children's applications

Children's apps development on mobile platforms and PCs is currently experiencing a peak in popularity. Widely demanded in the market, this type of gaming industry engages developers from different areas, even with zero experience. The forwardness of a child plays a significant role in the life of both parents and the child itself. When and how to begin developing our young talent. Many parents believe that the development of a child is an almost automated process: the child was born, learned to speak, walk, play with toy cars and dolls. Some think that it is possible and necessary to begin a sensitive period with the help of educational games since the game is the first thing to begin understanding the kid during this period.

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The benefit of children's apps development

Regardless of the decision of the financial model, children's apps development is a very profitable direction. The application market for children is now oversaturated, but still demanded by users. Another solution that helps the promotion of the game is the use of franchises that are popular with children or familiar and popular characters.

By the way, it is worth mentioning the financial part — whereupon will the developer earn? There are several options:

  • Advertising inside the game. It should be noted that adds in the children's application should not be intrusive or difficult to close.
  • Selling the game. It is enough to make a high-quality product so that the user does not regret spending a nominal fee on him (children's games are one of the cheapest).
  • Free-to-play. It is implied that some of the functions of the game are paid, and with their help, it is possible to speed up the process of passing, to solve some of the game tasks.

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Components of the children's apps development

What should be the modern children's app? The first thing that comes to mind is accessibility. Children's game must be adapted to the computer, phone and tablet. The application should be interesting for the little man. So the child has a motivation and is interested in winning.

The application should develop and teach useful skills and knowledge. Of course, to burst balls in flight is fun, but when syllables appear and you need to make words from them, the game becomes both useful and entertaining. As you know, children like the color and, in accordance with their expectations, the app should be bright and engaging. Do not be afraid to overdo it with color, but make it clear that which of the elements are interactive.

Menus and icons. Most children's apps have a fullscreen menu that makes navigation easier. Thus, it becomes easier to get to the various sections of the application (single-player / multiplayer, high score table, etc.). Here it is important not to complicate, to adhere to the maximum simplicity. Feedback, context and sound. Fidbeck is especially important in educational applications. If the child gives the wrong answer, do not flash red X and continue on. Give them one more chance, show the correct answer or tell the right decision.

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Stages of children's apps development

  1. Segment the target audience. An application for a 2-year-old child will be different from an application for a 4-year-old, and even more ,so it should be completely different for a 7-year-old child. Therefore, before starting work on the application, we clearly define at what age it is calculated.
  2. Avoid multiple tabs. Navigating the application should be easy. Children do not understand the nesting of objects at all and will simply be confused in navigation.
  3. Making tips for kids. If the design of children’s apps is for an audience of up to 5 years, we take into account that children at this age do not know how to read, therefore each task in the application must be announced.
  4. We are attentive to localization. Educational content cannot be made universal. Each country has its own teaching methods.
  5. Animation is beautiful, but not always justified. You can do without animation. We analyze its relevance for each specific project.
  6. Parents should feel the benefits of the application. The application, on the one hand, should occupy the child, on the other hand, should not constantly require parent intervention in the game. Give your parents a break and they will love your application.
  7. Testing. We test applications on a real target audience in order to verify the correctness of its work and correct the shortcomings.
  8. We publish in stores and are engaged in the further promotion.

Design Of Children's Apps

KATASIS special children's apps development services:

  1. We take into account the store rules. In order for the application to fall into a special children's category or under a certain age rating, we follow the rules of storage. For Windows Store, you will need to receive app evaluation certificates and for development of children's apps for ios, the introduction of protection against random purchases.
  2. We publish applications in specialized sites. In addition to the main markets with children's categories, there are a lot of third-party specialized children's markets.
  3. We propose the creation of a series of applications to prevent the user of your product from going to other applications. We create a whole line of applications for different ages and on different topics. Let users remember you as a brand!
  4. We offer different ways to monetize. For example, the basic functionality can be free and advanced can be purchased for an additional fee. Also, we add extra goodies.
  5. We start a group in social networks and collect the target audience in it.
  6. We are not limited to one platform.Benefit Of Children's Apps Development
  7. We publish reviews and news on thematic sites.
  8. We translate the description of the application into all languages. When translating the description of one application into all available languages on Google Play, the growth in downloading the application increases for about 30%.
  9. We collect statistics for data capturing about the launches of the application and analyze user behavior within the application.

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