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Healthcare software solutions

Development of IT products for healthcare is one of the main specializations of KATASIS. Our healthcare app company has created software solutions for interaction between patients, doctors, and institutions, as well as systems for internal document management in public institutions. Cooperating with medical specialists, KATASIS has developed a number of diagnostic applications for smartphones, which allow patients to conduct express diagnostics of their condition.

Healthcare App

Healthcare application types:

  • Collect and save various medical metrics of the user (pulse, pressure, heart work, sleep, etc.)

  • Fitness applications (series of exercises, training diary).

  • Healthy lifestyle applications (dietetics, active lifestyle, tips, etc.)

  • Drug taking control and treatment applications

  • Applications for people suffering from a particular disease.

  • Applications for interaction with a medical center or clinic.

Healthcare App Development Companies

Healthcare mobile app development stages

  1. Answer the question of who you are: a medical center, a pharmacy, a community of doctors, etc.

  2. Specify your clients and problems you are solving for them.

  3. Find the users’ pain points.

  4. Create a mobile healthcare app service that helps the user. This item is very important. When you develop an app, you need to make decisions based on the solution of the user's problems, not on your relationship with them and your needs. These problems are not obvious at first glance. However, they are simple and efficient. For example, let’s say you are a laboratory. Your clients are people who want to be tested to monitor their health and get treatment based on the results. Testing requires preparation, but the user does not know how to prepare, so you give them recommendations for each analysis.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

What do users request from healthcare apps?

More and more people want to be healthy and believe that technologies will help them. According to statistics, 56% of fitness gadget users believe that their devices will allow them to live 10 years longer. Many respondents believe that mobile health will solve the obesity problem. Another group of respondents is ready to buy a device to improve their health indicators through regular monitoring. Another survey showed that almost all smartphone users (96%) are confident that healthcare apps improve their lives.

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Top 5 things users want from apps:

  1. 61% – to help them understand their health condition and give healthcare advice.

  2. 55% – to provide support (for example, to plan health care)

  3. 46% – to monitor and control symptoms to evaluate their development

  4. 45% – to provide a communication tool between the user and a doctor or nurse

  5. 37% – to raise awareness of medical facts that are important to the user

Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

What types of applications does KATASIS create?

Monitoring and planning

Healthcare apps are convenient for time management and treatment monitoring. A simple calendar application will help you to coordinate all appointments with your doctor and vaccination dates, as well as remind you to take medicines and measure your vital signs. Health care activities and treatment take time, so a convenient mobile app can greatly simplify this process.

Medical data management

Keeping medical journals is a tedious process, which also harms the environment. Therefore, instead of piles of papers and documents, doctors can use convenient mobile or web applications to track each patient's medical records, sort information, and reduce the risk of potential errors that may occur due to large amounts of information. It is also possible to use voice input.

App Development For Healthcare

Reference materials for doctors

Have you ever seen reference books on diseases and drugs? They are huge! But with the KATASIS app on a small device storing thousands of reference pages is not a problem.


Although some diagnostic procedures do not require complex equipment, it is mandatory for such things as vision and hearing tests. Smartphones and tablets are much more convenient than numerous tables, charts, diagrams, and tools. They are portable and can be easily used by doctors.

Online meetings with doctors

Sometimes you need to see a doctor, but the problem is not serious and urgent enough to visit the hospital, which can also be very far away. Thus, it will be much more convenient for both the patient and the doctor to have online meetings with webcams.

Mobile App Development For Healthcare

Information for patients

With medical mobile applications, it is possible to give patients the information they need more conveniently. Make the application interactive and enable the augmented reality technology, so that doctors could describe organs and problems to patients more clearly, making them understand what is happening inside their bodies.

Symptom diaries

People suffering from chronic diseases should keep symptom diaries, which should also contain information about the treatment. A mobile app will help users to access the records wherever they are, as well as to share these records with their doctor.

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Healthcare app development with KATASIS

Mobile and web application development is a great solution for healthcare organizations, as it helps them to work more efficiently and improve their patients’ quality of life. The KATASIS team applies numerous solutions in the development of mobile and web applications for various areas and industries. We offer you the best healthcare app costs!

App Development In Healthcare

What do we offer?

  • Advanced IT achievements
  • Optimal solutions
  • Document management systems
  • Medical records of patients and doctors
  • Online appointments and electronic payments
  • Diagnostic smartphone applications
  • Online services from medical institutions

Mobile healthcare app development for Android and iOS includes a full range of services for analyzing market requirements, writing technical and marketing reports, creating unique and intuitive UX/UI application design and architecture, as well as the development and testing process. We will publish your app in Google Play and the Apple Store, and provide it with the necessary support and maintenance.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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