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Adventure apps development benefits

The advantages of developing adventure apps include weak competition. And in fact, in the top of the best games, you are unlikely to get any quest. But this does not mean that success will be possible even with a low-quality product. The basis of all adventure apps is exactly an exciting plot and thoughtful script. Therefore, if you are not able to come up with something yourself that you are interested in from the first minute, it is better to turn to professionals, that is, to find an intelligent scriptwriter who will make you such a storyline that will drag into the game immediately.

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adventure apps development

Basic tips for adventure game development

We highlight the main points and details that we adhere to when developing adventure apps.

No monotonous game principle

No need to force the player to repeat the same thing several times. For example, if the game's plot in one level asks to pass from one room to another several time, give the opportunity to quickly move between them, bypassing the corridor, elevator and other elements that make you wait. Periodicity is the main enemy in game dev.

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Mistakes are everywhere and always. What will be the player's grief when the level passed by 98% abruptly takes off and closes the game? Mood after such moments does not rise, even among the most optimistic gamers. Program your application to automatically save progress during certain actions. There is no need to overload the processor system and RAM with minute auto-drives. Just make sure that after solving riddles, guessing codes and searching for various objects, progress is automatically saved.

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Add conversational scenes

In the adventure mobile apps (and not only) there are many interactive scenes. The strength of words in such moments plays a key role. You do not bribe the player by any graphics if during the dialogue the characters talk bollocks, which does not intrigue the player. Entrust this mission to a professional if you are not strong in literature. Our scriptwriters, having worked on the plot of the game, will be able not only to perfectly build the dialogues between the characters but also to make the most intriguing storyline.

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Audience analysis

Research the audience, find out what are the quest players’ tastes and only then start the development. By no means combine elements of different genres. No need to add epic armed fights in the quiet graphic quests. By this, you are unlikely to attract the attention of players. Make an interesting adventure game taking into account the players wishes and then you will see good download statistics of your content and good audience ratings.

From simple to complex

Before you add another rebus to the game, give it your friends or children to solve. Select an audience of 10 people and calculate the average time spent on problem-solving. We do not think that it was interesting for you to sit for an hour on one puzzle. The optimal time for the decision should not exceed 5-7 minutes. Of course, children and adults think differently, so time will be completely different. To do this, the games have difficulty levels. Ask the player to enter their age when they first start and automatically configure the appropriate difficulty for them.

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A recipe for your game success

Adhering to all recommendations, you will be able to create the content, which at least will not be a bad talk. Of course, you need to take into account the professionalism of your team. Because the game made on the knees, even with all the tips, is unlikely to get into the top of its genre. The development of complex horror and survivals, which are also partly considered quests, is only possible for an experienced team. Players of such genres will be waiting for you to answer not only a decent plot but also excellent graphics, effects, sound design and adapted balance if the game provides multiplayer.

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Other KATASIS services

  1. Game development. We develop adventure apps for android, adventure apps for iPhone and adventure apps for windows. We are well acquainted with high quality and level mobile games for our users.

  2. VR videos. We develop VR adventure apps. We are working to provide Virtual Reality videos from popular and well-known heritage websites and other areas.

  3. VR 3D architecture. We develop 3D-models of world-famous websites, providing a 360-degree overview of all heritage sites.

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How do we work?

  1. Discussion. Contract. Technical specification development. As a rule, at this stage there is an acquaintance, drawing up a technical task, agreement and signing a contract. Here we form and fix all the upcoming tasks.
  2. Design / Interfaces. Structure. Navigation. At this stage, we create an attractive and user-friendly design, application structure, all interfaces and all this with a pleasant animation of navigating through pages/screens.
  3. Development. Testing. Perhaps the most important process of creating a mobile application — here all the details are put together. We program the logic of the entire application, connect the server and the database, carry out thorough tests.
  4. The publication of the application. Everything is ready to publish the application in GooglePlay and AppStore. We can be congratulated with you — we have passed all stages and are ready for the most interesting! We design your application with icons and descriptions and publish it.

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We are actively engaged in our own developments, which have no analogs in Europe and America. Mobile apps development innovations are one of our key advantages. Our team follows the values of professionalism in any undertaken commitment. We know how to make your business more profitable using a mobile application.

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We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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