Application improvement

Application improvement — what is it?

The application improvement for Android and iOS, Windows Phone is a task that requires professional approach and skills. As practice shows, not every performer can competently cope with this task. Unfortunately, there are cases when the application or its part has already been written, but the current contractor does not like the customer. The reasons for this may be different: disruption of the project deadline, a creation of a low-quality product, inappropriate design/user interface for the customer, the realizer may lack skills and expertise, rejection of the project. Funds for development have already been spent, the question arises what to do?

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application service improvement

Application improvement for Android and iOS

You already have some application, but you need to correct it. Or there is only part of the project that needs to be completed. Or everything works well, but we need to provide technical support. We will help you!

What are we doing?

  1. We improve the already developed application.
  2. We finish the begun project.
  3. We organize technical support.

application improvement process

We start the application improvement process from conducting its expert examination. We study the code itself, how convenient its UI / UX is, and offer several options for a suitable solution to the problem: improvement or rewriting, as well as ongoing support.

First, we interview you: what do you want from the application? What are the target audience and desired platforms, languages and other requirements? According to the results of the interview, we get a brief — detailed term of reference for all professionals involved in the project. If necessary, we analyze the market and users and then we estimate the time and application Improvement cost.

web application improvement

Why is technical support so important? The fact is that the mobile technology market is constantly updated. The most successful solution, in this case, is the rapid development of a relatively simple product and then its monthly revision. In this case, the application immediately receives the recognition of users, and regular technical application support helps their loyalty and attracts new customers. We develop applications from the very beginning and know how to support them! Contact KATASIS agency.

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Application improvement for Android and iOS: deadline

Terms of improvement depend on the complexity of the application and the number of devices on which the program should be installed. To begin with, we will give the deadline that is required for the development itself, so that you understand what time periods it makes sense to build on.

The project for Android takes more time than for iOS — you have to test on many devices. For the same reason, the cost of application service improvement is slightly higher.application Improvement companies

The development of mobile applications from scratch requires an average of:

  • simple, with patterns — up to a month;
  • integrated with databases — up to 2 months;
  • enterprise applications, databases plus device memory — 3-6 months;
  • gaming — from six months.

When improving an existing project, you need to build on the application itself: what to add and improve what and how to support. Therefore, we clarify the specified time of work after negotiations with you.application Improvement company

Application improvement: UI / UX

When improving the application, you need to develop the user interface of UI / UX, we will carefully clarify all the necessary details together with you. We create an interactive map between the screens, analyze the existing functionality and, if necessary, rewrite it again or add additional functions.

At this stage, a prototype is being developed, in which all the functions already exist. It defines how the user will work with the application. We sharpen the UI / UX script, write the diagrams of all screens with transitions.

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Next, we develop design options — how the user interface will be implemented visually. If there is already a design, then we improve it in accordance with the technical expertise and interviews with the customer.

application service improvement

Application improvement: from simple to complex

Any application is implemented in the so-called screens. The user clicks on the desired buttons and goes from screen to screen. The application Improvement cost also varies depending on the number of screens. Simple applications include about 5 screens and almost no access to databases. They do not collect statistics on client actions and there are no voluminous personal accounts.

Typically, such an application contains the company's business card with a brief description and its contacts. Simple programs are created for one process, for example, for placing an order in a store. Such an application is developed from scratch in about a month — it may take less time for improvement. Usually, the program is made for several different platforms and it takes more hours.

application improvement process

Applications of average complexity contain several various functions. The most common example is an online store. A similar program has about 10 screens, it has a cabinet and you can log in through social networks. The application integrates with the server, with databases. It is sometimes embedded feedback and the ability to make ratings of objects. The application of medium complexity takes from 3 months to six months.

Difficult applications are developed for half a year and more. Programs can synchronize on the fly, support interactivity, integration with all databases, animation and other complex functions. If you need to develop a project faster, then more specialists are involved in the project. Programming can be done in several parallel threads, and the remaining steps are done only sequentially. We can make applications of any complexity. Contact KATASIS agency and your dream will come true!

application support

Application improvement by KATASIS

We specialize in business web application improvement for iOS and Android platforms. Each development is a unique product in terms of functionality and design, created specifically for your company. We develop both applications for your clients and customers, as well as corporate applications for employees, and we integrate with business processes and accounting systems already operating in the enterprise.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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