Application navigation and architecture

For modern business, one of the priorities is the strategic use of IT-technologies and the implementation of business objectives in such a way as to gain a competitive advantage in the market. At the same time, there is often a discrepancy between the IT infrastructure and business requirements, which is caused by rapid market changes.

Problems of the information architecture of business solutions are often associated with insufficient speed and low scalability, unreliability, as well as the complexity of updating and supporting software.

application navigation and architecture development

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KATASIS company implements a special approach to solving such problems, which allows bringing the IT-infrastructure of the enterprise in accordance with the requirements, goals, and objectives of the business. In its work, KATASIS relies on proven design solutions and industry best practices, which allows the company's experts to provide competent consulting in the field of application architecture, covering all life cycles of software solutions, starting with the implementation of service-oriented infrastructure and ending with support for legacy information systems and application navigation and architecture services.

application navigation and architecture services

The service offered by KATASIS application navigation and architecture company includes:

  • an assessment of the cost of an architectural solution, during which redundancy elimination is performed, requirements analysis and potential impact on enterprise business processes are performed, as well as optimization of the technology portfolio;

  • development of information systems and applications architecture, in the course of which a technology portfolio and strategic vision of a business is being formed, conceptual projects or specific architectural models are described;

  • maintenance and management of architecture, involving an audit of the design, the formation of requests for proposals, general project management, consulting in the field of reuse, reviewing, and transfer of knowledge. 

application navigation and architecture companies

Criteria for good application navigation and architecture development

Good architecture is primarily a profitable architecture that makes the process of developing and maintaining a program more simple and efficient. A program with a good architecture is easier to expand and change, and also to test, debug, and understand. That is, in fact, it is possible to formulate a list of quite reasonable and universal criteria for web application development architecture:

  • System efficiency. First of all, the program, of course, should solve the tasks and perform its functions well, and in different conditions. This could include such characteristics as reliability, safety, performance, ability to cope with increasing load (scalability), etc.

  • System flexibility. Any application has to be changed over time — requirements change, new ones are added. The faster and more convenient it is possible to make changes to the existing functionality, the fewer problems and errors this will cause — the more flexible and competitive the system will be.

application navigation and architecture company

  • System extensibility. The ability to add new entities and functions to the system without breaking its main structure. At the initial stage in the system, it makes sense to lay only the main and most necessary functionality. But at the same time, the architecture should allow to easily add additional functionality as needed.

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  • Scalable development process. The opportunity to shorten the development time by adding new people to the project. The architecture should allow parallelization of the development process so that many people can work on the program at the same time.

application navigation and architecture cost

  • Testability. Code that is easier to test will contain fewer errors and provide more reliably work. But tests not only improve the quality of the code.

  • Accompanying. Over the program, as a rule, a lot of people work — some leave, new ones come. After writing to accompany the program, too, as a rule, it is necessary for people who have not participated in its development. Therefore, a good architecture should make it possible to quickly and easily understand the system for new people.

application navigation design offerings

Creating a navigation application

Navigation is a system with which the visitor is guided on your site, goes to the pages of the second level of nesting, searches for the necessary information.

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It is important that the site navigation is convenient because otherwise, you risk losing a visitor. Without competent navigation, the user simply cannot find what he was looking for! There are two types of navigation — visual and functional, which, in turn, are divided into several other subspecies.

application navigation and architecture development

The navigation system differs according to its functions:

  1. language (responsible for the language interface)
  2. main (main sections of the site)
  3. global (links visible from all pages of the site)
  4. advertising (links to advertising pages)
  5. thematic (navigation through the pages of one heading)
  6. text (hyperlinks from the text on the page)
  7. reference (hyperlink indicating which page the user is on)
  8. geographical (on sites with sections devoted to different countries).

Navigation on visual design is divided into text (the same as in the functional plan), graphic (with graphic display, needed for all types of functional navigation), HTML forms (needed to save space), Java and Flash technologies (necessary for a certain reaction on the action when you press the buttons or setting the cursor).

application navigation and architecture development

The importance of the mobile application development architecture design

Today, no one is more surprised by big smartphones. They have many advantages, so the trend for huge phones is likely to continue. But more is not always better: a large display does not contain more content. The actual size and number of functions are the same for high and low-resolution displays.

A study of mobile devices in 2013 by Stephen Huber showed that 49% of smartphone users use only one hand to interact with the interface, 36% while still putting the smartphone on the palm of the other hand, and 15% using both hands. But the moral is: using one hand is limited by how far your thumb can reach. That is why it is better to place frequently used application actions at the bottom of the screen.

application navigation and architecture services

This method is especially intuitive with applications for calling or messaging because we usually use one hand to dial a phone number and text messages. First of all, application developers have to reckon with users and the target audience. These are the cornerstones of any future UX application. The simpler and more convenient your application, the higher its chances of getting a wider audience. Saving trends is a must — what is fresh and new today may become common by tomorrow.

application navigation and architecture companies

Advantages of working with KATASIS

  • 50 highly qualified employees;
  • Effective use of materials and time resources of the project;
  • Always satisfied customers;
  • A huge number of completed projects;
  • Highly educated staff;
  • Vast experience;
  • Experience in implementing global projects for enterprises operating in various industries.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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