Augmented reality application development

Application of AR for business

Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept that denotes various options for adding virtual objects to real objects (it can consiste of bodies, buildings, nature etc) with the use of specialized software. It represents a mix of painted graphics and a video that can be watched.

Augmented reality is called up using a marker which could be applied everywhere. As an marker, illustration, photo, logo, QR code, product packaging and even the human body itself will do.

Developing Ar Applications

This method is extremely popular now and its application spreads to a wide variety of fields: exhibition expositions, multimedia presentations, complex solutions (combined with modelling used in architecture), printing and, of course, Internet sites, services, promo pages, games.

Virtual and augmented reality app development is one of the main fields of operation for KATASIS.

Technologies of virtual and augmented reality have become an effective tool for sales in various spheres of business, such as production, construction, repair, real estate, tourism, entertainment, and also showed excellent results in applications such as education and medicine. The widest scope of VR development, and their advantages in terms of interactive opportunities for presentations and visualizations, allow them to be implemented to achieve completely different goals and objectives: the sale of your product or presentation of the project, more effective theoretical and practical training or exciting entertainment, and much more. other. A marketing tool that gives your customers a unique user experience and highlights the strengths of the brand.

Developing Augmented Reality Applications Android

Develop ar app: what you will achieve with AR:

  • increase likelihood of re-purchasing a product or service
  • increase time of audience interaction with the product
  • give a brand with an individual and unique design
  • allocate product to others
  • make a product multimedia
  • emphasize brand strengths

Develop Ar App

AR development: what tasks does VR solve?

Virtual representation of products and services is an effective tool for communication with a potential consumer.

  • Will help buyers better understand your product. In the smallest detail. Maximum information in minimum time.
  • Involves users. Full immersion in the process captures the attention of the viewer.
  • Will demonstrate in detail the future yet unrealized project.
  • Has a high WOW factor. It plays a crucial role in shaping the product impression. Users will say: "Yes, it's very cool!".

Augmented reality is an unusual gift and innovative tool for business advertising. Augmented Reality (AR) represents the mixture of real time, product information and captivating visual way of presenting it.

Virtual reality creates totally new space for a person, while augmented reality interacts with the existing landscape near the user.

Develop Ar App For Android

AR application development for exhibition stands

Demonstration of the equipment, presentation of the project, product or service is now available not only in remote buildings, factories, or specially equipped premises. Interactive exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations with augmented reality equipment are now possible on one square meter in any place suitable to organize it. We offer virtual reality app development aimed at increasing sales for your product.

Develop Ar Applications

Develop an augmented reality app: designer of an apartment in virtual reality

If you are engaged in the sale of finishing materials, furniture and other elements of the interior or construction, then the designer of an apartment in virtual reality will be an indispensable assistant for solving such problems as helping in the rapid decision-making by customers of the choice of their future interior. In the augmented reality you can create an unlimited number of proposals for interior design for your customers, use it as a huge field for your creative ideas in creating interior design, and even let your customers assemble their apartment, all to the smallest detail when planning repairs or simply filling the apartment with various interior items.

Develop Ar App Ios

Virtual tour of interior design and house design

The easiest way to present the design of a future apartment or house project is to recreate them in augmented reality in the form of a virtual tour. Such a reconstruction is much cheaper than placing a real model, which also occupies a huge area, but at the same time it can convey all the necessary information. Most importantly, such a presentation of your augmented reality model can always be subject to adjustments without any effort to quickly bring the interior design to the desired configuration.

Order develop AR apps

KATASIS is an international IT company, the developer of innovative products with AR. Our company deals with all stages of development — from the concept to the finished AR-product. We just create WOW products.

AR-marketing uses the latest technological methods, creating unique three-dimensional products. Consumer gets a unique user experience,and it draws him or her closer to a company.

Apple Developer

IOS ar app development: variety of methods

We choose the most appropriate method for each project, depending on its features: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

Changes can be considered along the whole way of project preparation, constant updates concerning project status is guaranteed.

When requested, our clients can follow the stages of project preparation themselves

Develop Augmented Reality App Android

Our project managers make sure that constant communication is maintained with clients concerning every little aspect of work. They can also mediate a mediate a meeting between a client and a team working on a project.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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