Carsharing applications

Car sharing app development

Carsharing is an automated car rent. Usually, it is short-term, but not always. The key word is automation. Customers rent and return cars themselves with the payment occurring automatically. Customers can see the location of free cars on your website, as well as in a mobile app on your smartphone. Those already registered in the system can also see the level of fuel in the tank, the car model and brand, and other information.

Сar sharing mobile application

Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to start car sharing and what exactly employees of carsharing companies do to ensure your convenience and smooth service operation?

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Behind the seeming simplicity of “install an app — use a car” is a rather complicated mechanism, which became real due to modern technologies and well-coordinated work of many people.

Car Sharing Applications

Why do you need a mobile carsharing app?

  • Direct contact. Using a marketplace application, you exclude yourself from the transaction process, as the driver/owner of the car communicates directly with the user, which eliminates the expenses on operators and other employees.
  • Convenience. The user does not have to call anyone, because the order is carried out directly from the app. In addition, the user will be able to select the brand/class of the car and track it on the map.
  • Reviews and ratings. Before calling a taxi or renting a car, the user will be able to read the reviews of previous customers to find out information about the driver or car, as well as rate them.

Car Sharing App Development

Functions of car sharing apps

  • Ability to register users, drivers and cars.
  • Introduction of maps to track the location of both the user and the car.
  • Integration of online payment systems.
  • Price and class estimate based on the specified car characteristics.
  • Introduction of push notifications.

Car sharing app mobile

Advantages of car sharing mobile application

Carsharing allows you to move behind the wheel without buying a car. On average, carsharing is cheaper than a taxi. Unless you drive in traffic jams, of course. It is especially indispensable when making several small trips. The main advantages of carsharing are:

  • per minute billing;
  • no car maintenance expenses (vehicle license, insurance, gasoline, wheels — all this is already included in the price);
  • the sense of having a car and being independent at the same time;
  • the convenience of rent management (via mobile app);
  • round-the-clock technical support.

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In addition, carsharing has a positive effect not only on the traffic jam situation in megalopolises but also on the region ecology in general. People who choose to carshare more often refuse to purchase their own car (which usually stays idle up to 20 hours a day). According to statistics, one carsharing vehicle replaces 10 personal ones.

Car Sharing App Development Services

Car sharing app development for android: types of carsharing

  • One-way car sharing — it is a car rental for short periods of time (minutes, hours or days) within the permitted area (within the town or city). One-way car sharing vehicles are distributed throughout the city and there is no centralized rental point. You can leave the car at any place marked with a parking sign. Carsharing usually uses per minute or per hour billing. All interactions with the car and payments occur in the mobile app.
  • Peer-to-peer carsharing — it is a rental model when the cars are owned by individuals or rental companies. The renter and the owner find each other on aggregators.
  • Fractional carsharing — it is a collective vehicle use. Several people who share the same interests or same location cooperate and rent a car.

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Car Sharing App Development Company

Car sharing app development agency: what does KATASIS offer?

We will provide equipment and IT system for carsharing business or automate the existing one.

  1. Carsharing without parking. Your customers will be able to complete the rent anywhere in the city within the zones you approve.

  2. Automated car rent. The procedure of renting is greatly simplified.

  3. Tracking and telemetry. Remotely observe a variety of important car parameters in real time: fuel level, location, speed, engine speed, mileage, etc.

  4. Car map. All vehicles from your car park are displayed on the map.

  5. CRM module. Customers can register on their own, but they must receive approval from your security team to gain access to your vehicles.Car Sharing App Development Agency

  6. Rent management. Information about your customers’ rents updates in real time and stores in a database. Order data includes information about the car, customer, GPS route data, order events (start of the reservation, switching to parking tariff or use mode, etc.). The operator may interrupt the rent in any moment.

  7. Tariffs and zones. You can set up a detailed tariff schedule with reference to hours and days of the week. You can also set an unlimited number of car use zones and rent completion zones on the map. Both tariffs and zones can be assigned to groups (organizations) used in B2B scenarios.

  8. Billing. Order billing and withdrawal of funds from customers’ bank cards occur automatically. The system implements a direct debit: after registration, the primary payment is debited from the customer’s card. After that, the card becomes tied to the account. All further changes are made without explicit confirmation of the client.

  9. B2B opportunities. You can set up personal rent completion zones and tariffs for particular car groups and customers. Customers from different organizations will have only their cars available.

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