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Are there any reasons to provide a communication app service?

Probably, there's a dream that unites all of the startuppers worldwide. Communication app development for Android or other compatible platform fits this goal perfectly. Every global user has the ability to create content with no additional help and interacting with each other, and once their amount is enough, you'll have a wonderful and so awaited ability to monetize your application. Let's take cats. Not real ones but on stickers! You can add them! Surely, there are no limits to your imagination. KATASIS communication app company will do it's best to implement all of your bravest ideas into every project and bring your company on a whole new level.

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The popularity of dating applications and its profitability are undeniable. Tinder app may be a good example of who app may unite people of all gender, race, and nations under the same sky. But there is also a complete opposite — an app called Hater. It also has the same unification principle but in a completely different manner. It is a platform for people who share the same habits and reasons for hate, e.g hating food, people, things, etc.

Dating applications fame is indisputable. And it will continue for a long time. This type of application may bring a lot of profit. Let the facts speak for itself.

  • Yearly, «Dating» category applications make more than 2.5 billions $ all over the world
  • Almost half of the population use this type of applications
  • Tinder application create more than 10 million meetings
  • iOS dating app monthly income may be about 1.3$

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How does the communication app development begin?

Let’s consider the typical features of dating applications. There is a list of ones. Let’s get through it.

  1. Firstly, you need to define key features that differentiate your application on a market. In another way, it will be just a simple and sad copy of a dating app.
  2. Secondly, you need to define your potential and key audience. Who are the main visitors of your company? Probably, they live in a certain region or share the same views?
  3. What is the way of monetizing your business? Charging the way of raising the users’ profile or charging for using some additional services? Think about it.
  4. What is the main way of getting the user base? What will help you to find the potential and real customers that will bring your app to the top?Communication Apps Companies
  • Partnership with existing service. Top dating services offer affiliate programs. They provide a profile database in exchange for traffic and share profits. You can discuss with them the terms of cooperation.
  • Start with a small audience. Start with a small region or a small niche. It is necessary to collect at least 500-1000 profiles within 2 weeks.
  • Come up with viral mechanics. The user will not want to share a dating application with friends. But it is very important for promotion to figure out how users will tell everyone about your application. It does not have to be exactly your users. Just make people and the press to talk about you. At one time, such viral mechanics were the “smart” pair matching algorithm, anonymous dating and geolocation applications. To see on the map who is looking for a couple was a sensational function, which is why media talked about it a lot. Honest dating service Pure received press attention for its “sex-only” positioning, which was something fresh and interesting.
  • Quickly get traffic through advertising. You can buy a lot of traffic in a short period of time. Although it requires some resources, it will help you quickly get an amount of profiles you need.

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Compilation of basic dating app functionality

Any dating app should have this set of basic functions:

  1. Get registered
  2. Set appropriate filters for a search
  3. Profiles for users
  4. Selection of partners (matching)
  5. Online messages and alerts
  6. Additional ways of payment

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In application for dating in real life, registration is best done through social networks. Almost all modern services offer registration using Facebook, the rest of social networks are less popular.

For those who do not have social network accounts or want to use app anonymously, you can make a registration form by mailbox or phone.

Search filters

Filters help users to find partners by gender, location and age. In addition, you can use filters that will allow you to see if the person is online now, as well as select only new users.

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The feature of modern dating apps is that they have minimum information in their profiles. Users have no time to read, and the first thing they need to find a partner is a photo. Therefore, profiles with a huge list of questions are in the past — now it’s enough to indicate the age, name and location in the profile. Additional information (work, education, interests) can be integrated from social networks. Due to this, the user does not spend time working on their profile.

Partner selection method

To select a potential partner you use swaying — the ability to scroll through the photos of candidates, sorting them right or left, depending on whether you like them or not. Users can write only those with whom they have mutual sympathy.

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Real time event alerts

One of the main functions is quickly notifying the user that their photo has been liked, someone has written or sent a gift to them. When an event occurs, information about it should immediately go to the server. The user will receive a push-notification (if online) or an email about what happened.

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Additional paid functionality

Paid features are activated if the user purchases a VIP account. Most often, additional features include:

  1. Profile promotion: making the profile first in the list, show the photo in the TOP, advertise the profile, etc.

  2. Invisibility: the opportunity to hide your age or location, visit other profiles without notifying and make the online/offline status invisible.

  3. No advertisements.

  4. Opportunity to change your decision about the last swipe.

  5. Virtual gifts.

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Skilled team is the key to successful application

KATASIS is a team of highly ranked professionals that will help you to develop the app of your dream! The professionalism of our workers is what differentiates us on a communication app companies market. This feature helps us to create impressive products that include both creativity and functionality. Before you’ll make a decision there’s one thing you need to know- we have the best communication app costs at the market!

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We’ve got dozens of successfully implemented projects for well-known companies and 8+ years of experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you want to create the product of your imagination and excellence!

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