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Mobile application development in KATASIS

According to Google Analytics, more than 73% of users who made purchases in the store, first all, searched for information about products using mobile devices. Man of today can no longer imagine life without gadgets, since smartphones have become a powerful channel for popularization and promoting services. That is why the presence of a business on the Internet significantly affects the degree of customer loyalty. And the Android application development, iOS and Windows contributes to increasing interest in any business project.

Development And Visualization

Custom mobile application development benefits

  1. Increase sales. Creating a mobile application should, firstly, attract a new audience, and, secondly, keep it. It is obvious that any regular customer is a guaranteed increase in profits.
  2. Informing. The mobile application quickly delivers information about sales, special offers and promotions to customers. Such actions are aimed at increasing the average check.
  3. Analysis. Analytics of the user’s activity gives an idea about the user’s actions on the website, the characteristics of his preferences and the popularity of a particular product.Ios application development
  4. Monetization. The web application may be paid, in addition, the creators have the opportunity to provide advanced functionality for an additional fee or simply introduce advertising to generate additional income.
  5. Return communication. Developing a mobile application is an excellent chance to strengthen contact with customers, providing operational advice and information. Unobtrusive help will increase Central Asian confidence in the business and encourage it to make more purchases.
  6. Popularization of services. A well-designed mobile application will easily highlight the project among competitors and attract new visitors.

Development And Visualization Application Services

Who will benefit from developing their own mobile application?

  • Executives and marketers to increase user loyalty and sales.
  • Heads of departments and entire agencies for accounting and administration.
  • Novice entrepreneurs who create a business online or promote an existing resource.

Stages of mobile application development

Are you looking for effective tools to promote your business? Order mobile application development at KATASIS and our programmers will surely create an indispensable web assistant for your clients.

Android application development

The process of development and visualization new application usually consists of the following sequence:

  1. Segment analysis includes analytics of competitive offers and the formation of an original business concept for a potential audience.
  2. Setting the goals of the project. The goals of developing an application may be: increasing sales; brand promotion; popularization of a product or service; acceleration of order processing, etc.
  3. The choice of solutions. The third stage involves the definition of technology development and platform. We offer Android, Windows Phone and iOS application development.Visualization Mobile Application Services
  4. Interface prototyping of the future mobile application. This step gives the customer an idea of the appearance of the project.
  5. Writing application code by programmers.
  6. A test run allows you to check the correct functioning of a web resource, to detect and fix problems and malfunctions, for example, freezing, stuttering, arbitrary closing, etc.
  7. Publication. The created mobile apps are placed in the main online markets and become available for download.

Visualization mobile application services

Order mobile application development

Color solution

Do not underestimate the color factor. For 85% of buyers, it is basic when choosing a product. In addition, color improvesbrand awareness. For example, red — Youtube, blue — Facebook or Twitter, green — Evernote, orange — Avast. Even for an economic energy, color matters. Greenbot testing showed that using black in the design of an application interface saves battery power on AMOLED displays (organic LEDs that are controlled by an active matrix). Such displays are often used by Samsung, Nokia and HTC.

Size of icons in the mobile applications design

Manufacturers of gadgets every year make the diagonal of devices more and more. How does the user interact with such a huge screen? For this, application interface designers use ergonomics. All elements must be of such size that the user can reach the icon with his thumb. That’s why important elements are placed at the bottom of the screen.

Visualization Mobile Application Company

Social network buttons in the mobile application interface

The authorization process often causes users laziness, therefore, to simplify the procedure, the platforms use integration through social networks. Thus, the business receives information about the user: age, place of residence, interests, and the client spends only a couple of seconds to register.

Mobile application gestures

Custom mobile application development

To simplify interaction with the screen of the smartphone, as well as to broaden options in the mobile applications design, gestures are used. There are whole learning tables for studying them (from a simple movement of a finger to deployed combinations). KATASIS experts recommend reducing the use of gestures, if the application focuses on a wide target audience. Studies have shown that a very small percentage of consumers can immediately identify and remember where a gesture should be used. And it destroys the ergonomics of your design. It is better to make button navigation with the possibility of using gestures, because the consumer will always be able to choose what is more convenient for him.

Where to order the development and visualization application services?

Order mobile application from KATASIS. Our team is professional in the development of innovative and ergonomic designs that will gain popularity among users. Contact the manager right now!

Development And Visualization Application Companies

Creation of mobile applications from the agency KATASIS

  • Reliability. We work only officially, so our cooperation with the customer begins only after the signing of a formal contract. We guarantee the creation of unique mobile applications to achieve your business goal.
  • Affordable pricing policy. The development and visualization application costis formed taking into account: the terms of project development, the complexity of its implementation and the main tasks.
  • Preparation. Before each project we conduct a thorough marketing analysis.
  • Warranty. Each customer is assigned a curator of his project, so our client is always aware of the progress of developing a mobile application.
  • Comfort. You can order mobile application development, for example, by contacting us by phone, mail or filling out a form on the website. We also conduct personal and online consultations.
  • Professionalism. A team of at least six full-time specialists is working on each new project: designers, programmers, marketers and copywriters.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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