Development of music applications

Development of music applications

Can you imagine our contemporary life with no music in it? No day passes with either new singers or genres, moreover, artists continue to deliver new tracks to us. Because of the developments in mobile technologies, music is our regular accomplice. In the previous decade, anyone who loves the music used to buy players, in this decade this has changed and now our smartphones are our entertainment devices that act like a music center or even a radio receiver.

Music Apps Development

The main focus of the device producers is to enhance the quality of the sound in the gadgets while programmers and developers work on creating the finest music apps so that you can listen to your favorite music. As a result of this work, music lovers do not fill their smartphones with music files. Rather, if you have constant Internet access you will have access to tons of music.

Music apps development: required functionalities for a music player

  1. Intuitive interface, which is quickly mastered even by a user who has never encountered music applications.
  2. Required screens: playlist, track, and settings.
  3. Ability to download music from the memory of the smartphone, from the SD card, and to adjust the streaming playback.
  4. Support by all audio formats.
  5. Tracking each track in the playlist with an information line about the size of the file and bitrate.
  6. Possibility of customization: several skins should be available in the application, different themes.
  7. Equalizer, for listening, for example, folk, hip-hop or jazz.Music Mobile App Development Companies
  8. Sort tracks by album, artist and style, as well as the ability to create your own unique playlist.
  9. Ability to output the widget to your smartphone's desktop.
  10. Main audio formats supported: OGG, WAV, MIDI, AAC, MP3, and AAC.
  11. Cutter function: the user can cut out a separate part from the music, after that set it as a ringtone or alarm clock sound.
  12. Visualization of a melody with the help of spectacular spectral animation.
  13. The bass amplifier that improves sound quality.
  14. Ability to share music on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, popular social networks and set up synchronization with them to show subscribers which song is being played right now.

Music App Development In Android

Music apps for iPhone: required options for creating music in the application

  1. Various instruments to develop melodies: pianoforte, guitar, drums, drum machine and so on.
  2. Several types of sound for every musical instrument.
  3. Creating a multi-track recording, which is a superposition of several instruments sound. This option allows you to create professional works.
  4. A built-in utility that supports external midi-keyboards.
  5. Various mixer tone controls.
  6. Paid and free samples.
  7. Automated settings.

Music App Development Companies

Music app development in Android: resources

  1. Creating a function to extract tracks on the device for audio playback and for controlling playback.
  2. Creating a sample to show the songs as a list and start playback when selecting an item from the list.
  3. Creating a function to give the customer management over playback, implement forward / backward and enable the shuffle function.
  4. Creating functions to improve media playback, such as processing the focus of audio, presenting media files in different views and playing streaming media.

Music App Development Cost

Why is it important to entrust the development of a music application to our studio?

  1. Our company consists of 20 talented developers that are experienced in developing advanced projects for companies around the world.
  2. We create turn-key projects. We specialize in complex business projects; we use an integrated approach from developing the idea to the final launch.
  3. Our work is transparent — you will receive the current status of the project weekly. We give access to the project management system and the opportunity to consult with developers.
  4. We offer an optimal pricing policy for customers.
  5. We work with the latest technologies and methods of application development.
  6. Our agency is focused, mostly, on the client, their wishes and requirements, therefore, we do our best to satisfy them.

Music Apps

Moreover, we can offer related services that will interest you after completion or during the development:

  • finalization and support of existing products;
  • application development;
  • development of web sites and online stores.

Music app development companies: a flexible approach

The technique we use is very useful to you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are ready for any alterations while developing the project and will provide on-time communication and informations on project stages.

Music Apps For Iphone

Per request, you will have access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

For every client, a personal, experienced project manager is available, who is responsible to answer all your question. If desired, you can have a session with professionals and technical assistants.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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