Gallery apps

Why do we use mobile galleries?

We use a standard gallery app to open photos in the smartphone. It does not have a big number of functions. The main features are: the ability to run a slide show, structure pictures, send photos by mail, and includes a simple photo editor.

However, many users want more functions which would allow them to include additional viewing modes, display images in a quick search or set up tags. Web Studio KATASIS offers gallery mobile apps service aimed at a unique gallery for images and videos.

Gallery Mobile Apps

Features of the gallery applications

The key features of the application include:

  • Customized setting of display modes
  • Pictures are grouped by month in the "Events" mode
  • Sending of photos via Wi-Fi and uploading to the "cloud" storage
  • Image protection configuration
  • Caching snapshots for faster browsingDevelopment Gallery Apps For Iphone
  • Detailed settings for all application items, including navigation, browsing, protection and cloud function
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Possibility to add notes for each snapshot. It transforms the application into a true photo diary
  • Digital signatures are saved in metadata
  • Plug-in widget for the desktop
  • User friendly World Map
  • Geotagging for each photo

Development Gallery Apps Photo

Crucial steps in development gallery application

One of the key features of new galleries is "smart" albums. These are folders with images divided based on specific features, for example, by date of shooting, tags, estimates, geotags and so on. Some galleries work with GPS data, which allows to attach pictures to a certain location, and show them on a map afterwards. If the trip is rather long, and more than hundred photos have been taken, the gallery will group all the albums by date and route based on the information from the GPS tracker.

Development Gallery Apps Android

Another interesting feature of the new galleries is the "smart" background which can be customized to the mood and color scheme of the displayed images. The background is created from the central image on the screen and it gradually changes as you scroll down.

Some galleries have the option to tilt in case of changing the position of the smartphone. It allows you to view a gallery at an angle.

Development Gallery Apps Android Mobile

Gallery mobile apps services

  1. You can edit photos, create photo albums, share images with other users.
  2. It supports Dropbox cloud storage, Amazon Cloud and Facebook. In other words, the program allows you to view images there.
  3. You can keep personal photos in a feature called Storage.
  4. The program has a nice design and is extremely usable.
  5. Search photos based on metadata is available. You can put tags on photos to simplify their grouping.
  6. The program readы metadata in EXIF, XMP, IPTC formats.
  7. The function "Smart Albums" helps organize photos.
  8. The program has an option of playing the animation in GIF format.
  9. You can hide private albums.
  10. You can hide the program icon so that no one knows that you have installed it.

Development Gallery Application

Stages of development gallery apps photo:

  1. Idea of the product and business expertise. People use the services of our company to put into practice their idea of a mobile application, web site or automated business process. We organize business expertise free of charge, give advice to the client and find the key component of the project, taking into account the needs of users.
  2. Project evaluation and formation of a proposal. Project evaluation is held by the development team. After that, the client receives the first offer for application development.
  3. Prototype creation. Once we understand what users expect from the application, we proceed to the process of creating a prototype. Fully designed interface guarantees that the user will quickly find out how the application solves his problem. You get the opportunity to see the functionality of the future application without the software itself.Development 3d Gallery Apps
  4. Design of gallery mobile apps. We develop the design of all screens and components. We follow Google and Apple guidelines for development gallery apps android and development gallery apps ios. We make sure that the graphic solutions are understandable and easy to use. You get a completely unique design.
  5. Development of backlog and contract. We meet the product-owner and discuss project details. The next step is backlog development for the entire project by cooperating with the customer. Once backlog is approved parties sign an agreement.
  6. Sprint planning. Coordination of development tasks that will be performed in the next sprint with the customer.
  7. Retrospective. In 2 weeks, we demonstrate results for the customer. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint and optimizes the further process of application development.
  8. Following and reaching goals. Not only do we develop applications, but also organize their promotion. We are company which bears responsibility for each stage of product development: from designing the first button even to downloading the application and grateful reviews.

Development Gallery Apps Ios

3 main benefits that KATASIS customers receive

  1. Dedicated team: an team which is integrated in your project; ongoing administration and communication with the project manager; the ability to monitor and change staff during the project.
  2. The exact conditions of the project are agreed on when working on a fixed price list: the gallery mobile apps cost and terms are set before work process starts; fixed dates and prices; minimal risks.
  3. Optimization of mobile application development: constant access to the results of development; the ability to independently regulate the makeup of the team, focusing on your own budget; control of all processes through the system of project management.

Development Gallery Mobile Apps

Despite the seeming simplicity, not all gallery applications are same. Some of them have great design and speed. Others are slower and more minimalistic. If you want to create your own gallery application with unique functionality and design, please contact KATASIS web studio, we will help to realize your ideas.

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