Kinect application development

What is Kinect application development?

Ms Kinect is the first serious step towards creating a full-fledged virtual reality. It implements interactive user interaction by digitizing the movements of its body. On the basis of Ms Kinect, applications are created that allow you to show physical activity while working with them and fully immerse yourself in the exciting process of managing an application or game.

At the moment there are not many programs adapted for Ms Kinect and not all developers were able to fully master the ability to create applications for this complex system of augmented reality. The company KATASIS offers the Kinect development on Mac of unique games and applications.

Kinect Application Development

What is Kinect application development offered for?

For commercial applications, this choice means an increased level of interest from users from all over the world, since every new product designed for Ms Kinect is not left without careful attention. Games for Ms Kinect are a huge success, because the range of currently available gaming applications is still small. Sports and dance games, training complexes, yoga and fitness applications are especially in demand.

Kinect Application Development Companies

Kinect application development benefits from KATASIS:

  • there is a developed hardware base for full development and testing;
  • applications are created by a Kinect development group of qualified programmers;
  • there is an opportunity to implement a ready-made project or develop it from scratch;
  • marketing analysis of application potential is carried out.

Interaction with the system Ms Kinect refers to the most modern high-tech solutions. The KATASIS Ms Kinect-based application can open up a completely new world to users, full of unexplored features.

Kinect Application Development Company

Kinect application development — a promising business solution

Are you a businessman and value your customers? And do you want to have confidence in their loyalty? For your business, it is very important that once having become your clients, they return to you again and again? Are you used to think big and work for the future? Then you, undoubtedly, will be interested in creating mobile applications that will help you not only to keep existing customers, but also attract new ones.

Mobile applications also help to significantly improve the image of the company, advertise the products and services offered, keep contact with customers, promptly convey to them information about promotions and thereby push them to make purchases.

Order Kinect Application Development

Application Development by KATASIS

  1. Universal software development solution
  2. System approach to software development
  3. An integrated approach to solving business processes
  4. Rational business solutions

The industries we are working with

KATASIS offers tailor-made software development services to companies from various industries:

  • banking and finance
  • telecommunications
  • energy
  • auto and transport
  • health care
  • trade and e-commerce
  • e-learning
  • marketing

Kinect Application Development Services

What are customers afraid of and how do we get rid of these fears?

Fear # 1 — after starting work, I’ll understand that I’m working with a professional team and I’m not comfortable with it

To make our clients feel safe — we give everyone a chance to go through a trial, free period: «demo website prototype» .Even before the conclusion of the contract and any payments from the client, we begin to develop a demo website prototype. It is a layout of the elements in the website interface, the basis for the technical specifications. If we draw an analogy with the construction of the house, the prototype of the website is a drawing of the house, its project.

In the process of preparing this prototype, the client will get acquainted with our team, our approach to work and quality. It is absolutely safe. In case you don’t like something, you can stop cooperation at any time.

If you are satisfied with the results obtained in the process of developing a demo prototype — we can safely proceed to concluding a contract and start full-fledged work on the project development.

Kinect Application Development Costs

Fear # 2 — when the project is already delivered the contractor refuses to implement the new functionality and develop the project

Under the terms of the contract, we give a guarantee on all projects developed by our studio. In the event of any problems with the site that could not be identified during the transfer of work — we will absolutely free of charge to eliminate these shortcomings as soon as possible.

The same applies to the development of the project (implementation of the new functionality) — if necessary, with the client, we commit to carry out all the work on the implementation of the new functionality and development of the project.

These works will be performed on the basis of a separate technical support agreement. For the convenience and security of the client — this agreement can be concluded right at the time of site development. The contract fixes the kinect application development costs at which we undertake to provide technical support services.

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Fear # 3: The cost of the project can grow in the process of its development and it will not suit me

The process of Kinect development with visual studioinvolves the division of the project into small parts. Before starting work, we have a very detailed approach to studying the scope of work that was part of the next parts of the project.

Based on this analysis, we form the final cost and fix the amount of work in writing. If the scope of work is not increased by customers, in the development process — we guarantee that the cost will be as it is fixed in the contract.

If the client increases the amount of work in the website development — we warn him about a possible change in price. If the client agrees to this — we discuss the amount of additional work, their cost and the order of implementation in the project.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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