Lifestyle apps development

We often lose track about a lot of essential things in a rapid pace of the course: to call relatives, to visit musicals, get into training, have time to meet — and this list can continue.

The development of mobile applications is continuous and an entire direction is already available — it is a lifestyle application that facilitates the life of users and is effective in its various fields. The lifestyle apps are available for major OS like Android, Windows, and iOS that aid business people do business, apps for prospective moms, apps for travelers, and for people who are into healthy lifestyles, etc. Fashion, news, culture, travel, health, recreation, and leisure — these are all in the concept of lifestyle.

Lifestyle Apps Development

Consumer lifestyle apps

Mobile travel apps

Vacation — as much is said in this word. Many of us try to conduct it in the finest way possible. Many consider that vacation is associated with traveling to some interesting place in a pleasant company. Travelers won't let you lie that the assurance of a perfect trip is its proper planning. Whenever you plan the journey, the lifestyle application will become an indispensable aid. Booking accommodation, buying air tickets, making a plan for excursions, finding restaurants with local cuisine whenever needed is convenient for you wherever you have a smartphone or tablet.

Lifestyle Apps Android Development

Development messengers on iOS, Android & Windows

Modern people hardly can be imagined outside the information space, and mobile apps messengers let information exchange richer, which allows their users to continuously be in their information space. Using mobile applications, people deliver different multimedia files to each other, communicate whenever and wherever they want.

Mobile apps for a healthy lifestyle

A new trend in a lifestyle is the one which is healthy. At present mobile devices make it easier to play sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Users in this category are very interested in Android / iOS apps that include training programs, power diaries, activity diary of a user and more.

Lifestyle Apps Ios Development

Mobile Apps for Discount Coupons

Anybody can argue that mobile discount coupons are an efficient commercial channel for communication with customers what you deliver and also a fine companion for buyers who generate shares and get deductions via various stores. The convenience for the user of coupon codes they get from the mobile applications is that they get price deductions for different merchandise and utilities at any suitable time and place!

Mobile applications for reading

A lot has already been written about the value of books because books are the basis of education and culture. The book will not bore you on a trip, on a rainy evening or on a bus/taxi. "Readers" are the most frequent mobile device apps. Mobile applications for major OS’s like iOS & Android lets everybody have their favorite book in an electronic form.

Lifestyle Apps

Mobile applications for study

It's no secret that smartphones & tablets are trendy among youth. With their help, you likely are “hanging” in social networks, listening to some rap/rock/another type, watching videos, reading books and playing games. All this is often done in breaks between school or college classes, and sometimes even in classes or pairs. Mobile applications allow not only to waste time but also to improve academic progress! Electronic diaries, a schedule that has a reminder, audio textbooks, applications with formulas, methodologies on subjects and much more are going to be useful means in studying.

Lifestyle Apps Iphone

Developing a lifestyle application with us:

Developing a mobile application with us, you are going to get not only a high-quality & effective product but also:

  • Cooperation with a group of experts who work for your result.
  • High level of mobile application design.
  • Testing and debugging a software product after its development.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Effective and non-standard solutions to the tasks.

Lifestyle Apps Android

Developing Android & iOS apps are getting more prominent day by day. It is no surprise as their advantages in promoting business are obvious:

  • the mobile market is growing at a fast pace;
  • mobile users buy, and do it quite often;
  • your company is literally in the client's hands.

The development of the Android application is slightly different from the development of iOS, even though, in general, the actions of KATASIS specialists are carried out according to the plan. The development of Android apps, just like for iOS, begins with an analysis of the business direction of the customer as well as setting tasks. In the following stage, we design the terms of reference, offering a prototype of the future application and coordinating it with the customer, we are creating a unique design. After app testing, we publish it in the AppStore / GooglePlay, where users can easily download a fresh application to their smartphone!

Lifestyle Application Development

Businesses who work with us are going to always be in front of the competition with mobile applications developed by KATASIS!

Mobile app development studio: a flexible approach

Our working methodology is user-friendly for you: Waterfall + iteration, SCRUM or Agile.

We are ready for any change and to maintain timely communication and info about project stages.

Whenever needed, you will be given access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

Consumer Lifestyle Apps

Every customer gets a personal, professional project manager who will get answers to your questions. It is also possible to have a session with specialists and developers whenever desired.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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