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Logic app benefits

Many people think that video games (for both PCs and smartphones) are a waste of time. This is not true, as they help to distract you and also give you the opportunity to train your brain by finding the right strategies and tactics. In addition, their interface is more convenient for interactive tasks compared to books, for example. Many programs develop logic, memory and attention using a test or game format. The KATASIS web studio is the logic developing app company you need. We create the best logic developing apps.

Logic Apps Development

What do logic applications give the user?

  • Improve memory
  • Speed up thinking
  • Increase concentration and attentiveness
  • Develop logic and intelligence
  • Provide a competitive system with other players.

Logical App Development

Key features of logic applications

  1. You can determine which aspects of your mind you want to train.
  2. Small initial tasks to determine your current level.
  3. Multiple languages.
  4. Large database of players, which compares your results with others and forms your game statistics.
  5. Beautiful graphics.
  6. You can set your goals and get special tests for memory, concentration and quick thinking.
  7. Opportunity to purchase bonus games.
  8. RPG system in which new exercises are opened only upon reaching a certain level of experience.
  9. Each user has the opportunity of creating an individual training program for themselves.
  10. Plenty of games in the database.
  11. User progress analysis.
  12. Daily tasks.
  13. Adaptive gameplay complication.
  14. Workload calendar.
  15. Elaborated motivation system.
  16. Competition element.

Logic Apps Service

Application scenarios

  1. The game can be similar to chess and based on predictIng the course of action: you need to fill in the game grid with numbers, eventually solving all the examples.
  2. The game pieces represented on the field may have different shapes and colors, which interact with each other. Moving from the starting point, you need to go through all the cells with different parameters and try not to come to a dead end. The idea of the game is to think through all the moves from the very beginning. It is easy at the first levels, but becomes difficult as the number of rows and columns increase. Such applications develop strategic thinking and logic, and you have the pleasure of training your brain with a beautiful and convenient interface.
  3. The game scenario may be similar: to throw balls between rotating elements, following the different rules for each new level. As you make progress, it becomes more complicated due to the rotation speed and the number of elements. Such applications can help you to spend time usefully, enjoying their pleasant minimalist design.

Development Logic Apps

Stages of logic app development

  1. Collecting application requirements. You call us or leave a request on our website, and our sales manager collects information: what kind of mobile application you want to create, what it is intended for, who will use it, what functions it will have, whether or not you need a website or a server. If you are concerned about the integrity and uniqueness of the idea, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before discussing the project.
  2. Preliminary estimate of the logic app development cost. Our development department estimates how long it will take to create the application and which specialists will be involved. You will receive an answer about the application’s preliminary cost within 1-3 days. After signing the contract, the project is assigned to a personal manager who will monitor the work progress, communicate with you and answer all your questions.
  3. Prototyping design. To show you how the application will work, you need a prototype — the future application’s layout. It can be static or interactive (with action buttons and transitions). After that, the analyst thinks over the application’s logic and the user story. At this stage, the marketing department may offer you to adjust the idea, focusing on the target audience and the tasks that you want to solve using a mobile application.
  4. Creating technical specifications. The technical task is created by analyst on the basis of approved prototypes. The technical task describes: the mobile application’s functionality, transitions, business processes, basic scenarios, methods of receiving and transmitting data. When the technical task is ready, you can accurately estimate the project cost.
  5. First release of the product. Based on technical specifications, our programmers make the first release of your mobile application. For complex projects, we advise you to create MVP — the minimum viable version of the product in order to test users' reaction to the application.
  6. Testing. If there are errors, we fix them and give you the finished application. For download statistics and analysis of user behavior in the application, we provide analytical services.
  7. Publishing. We publish your logic developing apps for Android and iOS on the Google Play Market and the App Store. We have our own developer account. Most customers prefer to publish applications in it.
  8. Technical support. Mobile application support get feedback from users, solve their problems, check the application’s performance, provide updates for new devices and OS versions.

Development Logic Apps Companies

Logic app development services from KATASIS

As you can see, your smartphone can be a perfect tool for self-development. Many people do not want to depend on gadgets too much, but it should be obvious that a properly used smartphone can perform anything you want it to. Spend 15-20 minutes a day developing your memory, concentration and problem solving, and you will notice the results very quickly.

We offer a full range of development services for various application types. We always work closely with the client and start by defining the product. Based on it, we develop technical specifications, implement and create integration software, as well as test the finished product. Each our project is accompanied by detailed documentation. Among logic developing app companies, the KATASIS web studio is your best option.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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