Map & route planner applications

Development map & route planner applications

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with aggregators for cheap tickets and hotels, but there are numerous projects trying to make life easier for tourists. Today, map and route planner applications give the user the opportunity to choose the places and events he wants to visit while traveling.

Who needs order develop map & route planner applications?

  • Startups and investors
  • Tourists
  • Businessmen who often go on business trips

Maps Route Planner Application

Development route planner applications: functions

  • Creating an individual route to the best attractions.
  • Entire route download for the offline mode use.
  • Recommendations on the most popular tourist routes.
  • Scheduling for each day of travel. No more stressful situations when choosing places and the sequence of their visits.
  • Information about public transport in the selected city and the creation of an optimal route from point A to point B.
  • Calculation of time for the road.
  • Schemes for the unfamiliar city subways. Since subway maps can be very confusing, even local residents need such applications.
  • Information for outdoor enthusiasts about campgrounds, gas stations, recreation areas, service stations, etc.

Additional application features:

  • Matching the duration of films or books with the travel time.
  • Search and recommendations of restaurants, attractions, museums, night clubs, etc.
  • Making a list of everything you need to travel: clothing, toiletries, food and beverages, health and safety products, electronics and travel gear. The application may remind you about what you need to pack in your suitcase, etc.
  • Information about flights, hotel check-in, etc.
  • Quick search for ATMs accepting MasterCard / Maestro cards.
  • Tracking of the route you have traveled on the map.

Development Map & Route Planner Applications

What problems do map and route planner applications solve?

When a person arrives in an unfamiliar city for a business meeting, he has to search for the necessary information by himself. People used to spend several hours doing it, but nowadays, you can do it in a couple of clicks with the help of a business guide.

With such applications it is convenient to plan trips, as well as make up routes and schedules. This information is synchronized with multiple devices. The applications also allow you to share experiences, publish photos, leave feedback and send postcards.

Some of the applications allow you to create a checklist for each trip, check in for a flight and find out information about the departure/arrival time and airports.

The route planner apps can be integrated with online platforms where travelers from all over the world rent equipment for hiking, mountaineering and diving: surfboards, snowboards and skis, canoes, kayaks and much more. Such programs take a small percentage from each successful transaction.

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Agency of development map planner applications: our development technologies


It is an object-oriented programming language. C# was developed as an application layer programming language for developing apps for Microsoft .NET Framework


It is a typed object-oriented programming language. Java apps can run on any computer architecture using a Java virtual machine.


Originally developed by Android, Inc., it is an operating system for smartphones, tablets, etc. It is based on the Linux kernel and Google’s own Java virtual machine implementation.


It is a mobile operating system for Apple products that was released in 2007.

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Stages of mobile application development in KATASIS

1. Discussion

We begin work with an interview in order to understand the project idea and determine the users’ needs and business goals that you want to achieve with the help of the future application.

2. Feature Map

Feature map creation. This document takes into account the functional specification, features and limitations of the system, as well as helps to define the project boundaries. We will arrange the function development to achieve the best result with minimal cost. Then we specify additional options and features of the application that will be implemented as the product develops. The feature map is used throughout the development cycle to set goals, schedule and evaluate the project.

3. Analytics

At this stage, we study the market and similar applications, analyze existing IT solutions. As a result, we create a detailed functional specification of the application, set the project time frame, estimate the development cost and set up a contract.

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4. Architecture

At first, we describe potential users, work through usage scenarios and application logic. Then we estimate the size of the target audience, determine major and minor functions for implementation. We invest time and effort in carrying out quality control and evaluating product scalability. The result is the creation of an interactive mockup.

5. UI/UX

The next step is to create a graphical user interface and simulate user experience. Using the full list of functions from the specification, we think through how the user will interact with the app. We determine which buttons and functions to place on each of the screens.

6. Design

The layout of the graphical interface is specified and expanded with the help of visual design. We work through the design of each application screen in detail: the main and additional screens, buttons, icons, tips, pop-ups, etc. We thoroughly test each interface created at this stage for usability. Focusing on the test results, we improve the interface design.

7. MVP

Our developers write the code, creating the first working version of the product (a minimum viable product, or MVP). After conducting a variety of manual and automated tests, we make adjustments, and then provide a functioning application to the customer. We upload web applications and systems to cloud hosting / server.

Development Map & Route Planner Applications Company

8. Publishing on the App Store, Google Play or hosting on customer’s server

Before the mobile application release, Apple or Google experts conduct final testing. After receiving the results, we make adjustments (if required). The application will appear on the App Store / Google Play and will be available for download by regular users.

9. Post-release services

We add new features and release updates to maximize product value for the user according to your suggestions and feature map.

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