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What are math applications for?

Subtraction, addition, division and multiplication are common to study with children using simple examples, when handy material acts as numbers: sticks, toys and surrounding objects. But for the children of the 21st century, who can deftly use tablets and know how to turn on mobile phones and play interactive games, such ways of learning math are not very attractive. Software developers have created interesting and useful programs specifically for preschoolers and older children.

Math App Development

Necessary math app elements

  1. Difficulty levels. Each mission can consist of a choice of action (for example, multiplication) and the task description.
  2. Bright design that helps to maintain the effect of involvement and hone the skills of solving examples.
  3. Conductor characters who will become assistants in the math world.
  4. Support for multiple languages, including English, French and German.
  5. Theoretical lessons, which will help you to easily master even the most complex topics of further mathematics.
  6. Convenient and intuitive interface.
  7. Accessibility on different platforms: iOS and Android.
  8. If you encounter difficulties with tasks, you can request an algorithm for solving them.
  9. Track your progress, saving your learning statistics. Topics have detailed descriptions, accompanied by clear examples and colorful pictures.

Math App Development Service

Design of math apps for teens

Nowadays, teenagers are actively using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) for fun and study, and through applications they communicate with friends on social networks. Considering the demands of modern pupils and their active rhythm of life, mobile applications can become relevant assistants in exam preparation. With them, students can prepare for exams on their own, in any free time and where it is convenient for them. Parents can keep their children busy and reveal their talents with math apps for child development.

There are numerous benefits of math app development. For example, pupils can take math tests and, if necessary, use the reference book. These applications give children the opportunity to prepare for their exam not only at home, but also in cafes, vehicles, during a walk or a visit. They can do it without books and textbooks.

Mobile applications will be useful for:

  • Pupils, high school students;
  • Graduates of various special institutions.

Design Of Math App

Application level development

A pupil chooses the Preparation mode and the variant of his test, which is similar to the one he can get on a real exam. In the Preparation mode, the pupil can thoroughly work through each option: there are no restrictions on the time and number of possible corrections, and the pupil can see the correct decisions for each task. There is the possibility of choosing a variant of a different level: basic or advanced. The pupil can see the results of the variant he completed and compare them with the correct ones.

Math App Development Costs

Pupil’s actions in the Preparation mode:

  • pupil chooses a variant and the task that he will solve at the moment;
  • in the course of writing the test, the pupil can answer or skip a task, go to the next or previous one, return to the list of tasks, and also see if the task was completed correctly. After viewing the correct solution, it is no longer possible to enter an answer;
  • pupil may end using the application at any time; in this case all unresolved tasks are considered to have incorrect answers;
  • answers given by the pupil are verified by the program. The exceptions are tasks that need to be assessed independently, based on the correct answers given in the appendix.

The Exam mode limits the pupil in time and number of possible corrections, allowing him to get an idea of the examination process.

Benefit Of Math App Development


  • pupil chooses the Exam mode and a variant of the test;
  • completes the variant and confirm he is ready to verify the results. In the process of writing he can give an answer, skip the task, go to the next or previous one, return to the task list. The test will be considered completed after receiving the decision or if the time is up. All unanswered tasks will be counted as incorrect;
  • pupil's answers are checked by the program, with the exception of tasks that must be assessed independently;
  • pupil has access to the completed variant’s results, which he can compare with the correct ones. All results are stored in the statistics.

Math App Development Company

Math app development stages

  • Product idea and business expertise. We conduct free business expertise, advise the client and refine the project’s ideological component, taking into account the needs of users.
  • Conducting interviews and preliminary market analysis. What are the application’s purpose and value, target audience, basic functionality, platforms and requirements for the application development process?
  • Repeated contact with the client. Additional questions, technical support, approval of requirements for the application’s implementation.
  • Project evaluation and offer. The project is evaluated by the development team. After that, the client receives the preliminary offer to develop the application.
  • Signing a contract. We sign a contract in which we will describe in detail the stages of work and our obligations. You will be legally protected. Each stage of our work is absolutely transparent, all the main points will be discussed with you in the most detailed way possible. You will be pleasantly surprised with our math app development costs.Math App Development Companies
  • Prototyping. Efficient interface guarantees that the user will quickly find out how the application helps to solve his problem. You get the opportunity to see the future application’s functionality without the software part.
  • Product design. We design all the screens and element states. We make sure that the graphic solutions are clear and easy to use. You get a design that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Programming and testing applications. Programming a web resource or mobile application.
  • Retrospective. Demonsting the results to the customer. The team analyzes the risks and problems, completes the sprint, optimizes the further application development process.
  • Publishing the mobile application. Recommendations for placement on the App Store, Google Play.
  • Maintenance and results. We not only develop applications, but also take them on promotion.

Math App Child Development

Math app development service from KATASIS

Mobile applications help children and adolescents to learn math more easily, deepen their knowledge, develop logic, improve attention, activate thought processes. The colorful program design creates the illusion of the game, where the child feels as the main character and perceives the calculation tasks as steps towards victory. The KATASIS math app development company will help you in the implementation of any ideas for the application.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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