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How popular are photo editor apps?

Modern applications for processing photos on the phone can almost as much as professional software. Their download, installation do not take a lot of time, the interface is convenient and clear. Photo editors allow you to add styles, effects, change backgrounds, adjust contrast, quickly crop images and upload them to social network accounts. Programs are regularly updated, they add new options. Most applications are extremely easy to use, do not pose any difficulties in processing photos, they allow you to achieve excellent quality of ready images.

Photo Editor App

Photo editor apps have fundamental importance for any small business. Regardless of whether you are sending photos of company events, creating content for advertising on social networks or sharing your business culture with the world, applications provide business owners an opportunity to regularly turn pictures into convincing images. It is not necessary to be a photographer to create attractive photos. Most smartphones and tablets are equipped with high-quality cameras, so anybody can freely take pictures from their personal device.

KATASIS company is engaged in photo editing app development, these programs will precisely help to transform the visual representation of your business. Using these applications, you can attract a wide range of clients and create an online reputation for the business you operate and bring the necessary concept of you.

Photo Editor App Companies

Photo editor app service

  1. Different types of filters and a slider to raise or lessen the intensity.
  2. Editing of photographs individual elements, like exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, and attenuation.
  3. Available for various platforms, development photo editor for iOS and development photo editor app for Android.
  4. Synchronization across numerous devices, therefore ability to edit images anytime and any place you want.
  5. The capability to eliminate undesired objects from images: shadows, people, buildings, cables, marks and more.
  6. The auto-correction function which regulates colors, exposure, and contrast to make your photos clearer and more attractive.
  7. Cancellation history, if the user made a mistake, it can easily be noted.
  8. The presence of textures, rays, and gradients.Photo Editor App Service
  9. Ability to add multiple filters.
  10. With the integration of social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, users are able to upload photos to them rapidly.
  11. Synchronize with iCloud, after that, the customer can use the photo editing application on any iOS device.
  12. Ability to overlay and mix multiple images together.
  13. The function of smoothing edges, adding masks, and adjusting the color, exposure, contrast, and saturation of images.
  14. The ability to move, scale, resizes, rotate and flip.
  15. Ability to create memes, collages;
  16. Automatic retouching.

Photo Editor App Company

What is the best platform for photo editing app development?

When compared the platforms which we use to make a photo editor app, we safely distinguish Android and iOS — the gadgets that operate on these OS are the most popular.

Photo Editor App Cost

Users of these devices are specifically very interested in a diversity of apps, both entertaining and residential, sports, educational or business.

Android OS has a very large user base, therefore, keep in mind this platform to develop photo editor app in it.

Simultaneously, the developing photo editor app for iPhone is also crucial for you, as the users of those devices are usually above-average and high enough, which will be an indisputable favor for you.

Make A Photo Editor App

Full cycle application development

  1. Analysis — we conduct a raid on the market by studying competitors, analyzing search queries, exploring the behavior of the audience on the Internet and its interaction with mobile applications. We write a technical test for development, considering the customer’s business processes and technologies and user needs.
  2. Prototyping — we define user expectations from the app, and then we start the prototyping process. The user needs an easy-to-use interface that will be easy to navigate. Thanks to prototyping, you can see the functionality of the future application. We are working on custom scripts, we are designing the application logic and we are skipping the main screens.Photo Editing App Development
  3. Design creation — we will develop the design of your brand website, distinguishing you from the competition with a new approach to understanding style. We adapt to the customer's corporate style to platform guidelines. We draw convenient and clear interfaces.
  4. We program. Create an extensible architecture, write clean and stable code. We integrate with customer technologies.
  5. We are testing. We carry out manual functional testing and write UI autotests. Prepare checklists and test cases.
  6. We support. We monitor the stability of the application, update for new devices and versions for iOS and Android.

Android Photo Editor App Development

Advantages of KATASIS photo editors:

  1. We solve specific business problems.
  2. We offer technology and interactive.
  3. We create effective and effective applications.
  4. Evoke emotions and highlight you among competitors.

Development Photo Editor App Android

Advantages of work with KATASIS

  • We have a successful experience in developing projects for medium and large businesses.
  • We conduct business expertise in developing startups.
  • We offer a team of 6 specialists in the application development or website.Development Photo Editor Apple
  • We offer uniqueness, non-typical solutions.
  • We offer a transparent control system and flexibility in development.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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