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Why create mobile planning apps?

Time is a limited resourcу, which you constantly use. You cannot stop it or restore its reserves, but you need it to realize your plans. Time is crucial for every business aspect — from planning appointments to fulfilling orders, and you can't afford to manage it badly.

Bad time management can manifest itself in different ways. Procrastination, a distraction for personal affairs or long-drawn-out projects — these are just a few examples of things that waste our time every day. This time loss disturbs your life-work balance: you feel more stressed and more often have to cope with tight deadlines.

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Fortunately, modern technology can offer us a lot of opportunities for more productive time management. Planning applications will help you to free up your schedule, find time for privacy, and focus on doing important work. With the KATASIS mobile planning app company, you can easily and quickly implement your idea in the app.

Planning diary app functionality

  1. To-do list, which makes it easy to keep track of all current tasks.
  2. Priority goals are displayed as a series of easy step-by-step processes.
  3. The daily task management function with different categories due to thematic lists.

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  1. Fully customizable and easy-to-use interface. With simple gestures, you can add and complete tasks without the slightest hesitation.
  2. You can synchronize the app with your iCloud account, so you do not need to constantly update your to-do lists on all your devices.
  3. Reminders and push notifications that help you focus on what you really need to do.
  4. You can create joint case lists, which will help you to coordinate with colleagues, friends and relatives more accurately.
  5. You get notifications when you are spending too much time on particular tasks. By tracking your time, you can compare how long it takes for you to compete a particular task with the application forecasts, and optimize your schedule for the future.

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  1. You can save bookmarks to read the articles you need later.
  2. You can organize project activities, manage several projects simultaneously, make plans. It can be used by the whole team. In this type of application, you can work with documents and give access to them to other employees.

Stages of planning app development

  1. Idea. At the very beginning, it is necessary to carefully consider the future mobile application’s purpose. Then you need to decide on which platform it will be used. As a rule, nowadays applications are developed for both iOS and Android at the same time, but if you do not need it or you are not in a hurry, our specialists will help you to choose one of the platforms after analyzing the market for demand/supply and competition. Choose the planning app development for Android or iOS with KATASIS!
  2. Before starting the development, it is necessary to receive the technical specifications from the customer. If there is no technical task, the customer is given a brief to fill out. This stage is especially important, as technical specifications directly influence the technical features of the finished product. At this stage, the mobile planning app cost is determined and the following types of work are performed.

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  1. Prototyping. In order to understand how the user will work with the mobile application, a graphic map of the interaction between the program’s various screens is created. At this stage, almost all mobile application functions are developed. At the UI design stage, our specialists determine how the application will work, as well as place its functions and buttons on each of the screens.
  2. Mobile app design. We create the design of all future application screens and various application states for all usage scenarios. After the design concept is approved, we create the internal buttons and icons, as well as all other graphic elements. As a rule, creating a mobile application design involves usability research in order to make sure that the created design concept is simple and convenient, and will help users to solve tasks as quickly as possible.

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  1. Development. Technical specifications and application design layouts are handed over to developers and they begin to “create”. Programmers "transform" a static picture into an interactive working model. At this stage, the first version of the application is released.
  2. Testing. The mobile application undergoes thorough testing. Then a check table is created in which all errors are indicated and described in detail. In the process of application design, is impossible to foresee all the errors of actual operation. At this stage, a list of errors, shortcomings and defects of the application is created and the time frame for their elimination is determined. Then the application with fixed errors is released. If necessary, its functionality can be modified, which is indicated in the tables after trial testing.
  3. Publishing the mobile application on the App Store and Google Play. We publish the application on the AppStore and/or Google Play. Each application is checked by Google and Apple teams before publishing. Publishing to Google Play takes no more than a day, which is an advantage compared publishing App Store, which takes at least 7 business days.

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Planning app development with KATASIS

Efficient time management is the key to a more productive and happy life. If you do not manage this resource well enough, you can easily get bogged down in work and miss opportunities for having a good time with friends or relatives. Maintaining the right working-life balance is the key for professional and personal success, so people should try to make the most of their time under any circumstances.

Through the development of planning applications for students, office workers , nd other busy people, you can create a great assistant for your customers who can easily optimize their lives, making them more productive and less stressful.

We are Katasis

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. Each of our projects begins with a professional marketing expertise and market analysis. This approach allows to realize even the most cosmic ideas.

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