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KATASIS has extensive experience in software development. For over 5 years we have been providing software development services for various business sectors. Deep technical knowledge and competence, long-term relationships with customers around the world, more than 1,000 successfully implemented projects have made us a reliable international IT outsourcing company. KATASIS offers Swift development for ios services to achieve your business goals.

Swift Development On Ipad

Our technological expertise in the field of Swift development includes:

  • Operating Systems: OS X, IOS

Swift Development Companies

Our Swift application development services include:

  • Dedicated teams of Swift developers
  • Development of mobile and desktop applications on Swift
  • Mobile app development for devices
  • Development of corporate solutions
  • IOS and Mac application development

Swift Development Company

Our experience in developing applications for Swift technology:

KATASIS has gained the reputation of a reliable partner for developing Swift applications thanks to an experienced, highly qualified team that understands the needs of the customer and carefully implements them, ensuring safety, stability, timeliness of execution and functionality of the products. Our experts are experts in developing applications using Swift and all its advantages. We have implemented a large number of custom applications for iOS and Mac for various areas and industries. In order to get acquainted with the finished projects, you can go to the Portfolio page.

Development Methodologies

The success of a software development project depends largely on the correct choice of project development and project management methodology. Depending on the specifics of the project, we use flexible methodologies and software development practices based on Agile, DevOps and CI:

  • Scrum
  • RUP — Rational Unified Process
  • TDD — Test Driven Development
  • other modern development methodologies
  • DevOps — Development and Operations
  • CI — Continuous integration practices

Swift Development Offered

Order Swift Application Development

KATASIS, being swift app development company, offers services to dedicated Swift teams for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS application developers. We value the reputation of a reliable partner, so all our customers receive ready-made, high-quality, integrated solutions on time with their subsequent support.To discuss the details of your project or to order Swift professional application development, contact us.

Our team offers you:

  • Turnkey development — from writing technical task to development
  • The term for the swift development apple applications — from 4 weeks
  • Our experience with the platform — 3 years
  • Free publication in the AppStore, technical support of the project.

Order Swift Development

Reasons to order Swift development on iPhone in our company:

  • We have our own development team, projects are executed without the involvement of third-party participants
  • More than 10 iOS applications have been successfully implemented over the past year.
  • We are quickly involved in the work — 5 days to start the development
  • We work under the contract, transfer copyright to the client

Swift Development Benefits

Swift development services stages KATASIS

Development of mobile applications is a difficult and time-consuming process, representing full-fledged software development. To make it easier for you to understand how we create mobile applications, we will briefly describe each stage of our work.

  1. Technical task development. First of all, it is necessary to determine what the users and the client's need should be solved by the application, as well as formulate its main tasks. Special attention is paid to this stage: the technical features of the future product depend on the task. Having missed even a minor, at first glance, detail and not having laid it into the basis of the application, we may be faced with the need to redo it from scratch.
  2. Designing UI / UX. To understand how the buyer will use the application, we create a graphic map of the interaction between the screens, work out almost all the functionality of the product. Designing a UI / UX is an application prototype development.
  3. Creating a design concept. Using the example of the main screens of the application (1-3), we show its future design, based primarily on goals, audience and functionality.
  4. Rendering all screens. After approval of the design concept, we draw all other screens (with help and hints), buttons, icons, etc. — that is, we combine the result of the design and creation of the design concept. Terms of work depend on the complexity of the concept and the total number of application screens.
  5. Development. At this stage, we impose all the elements of the application, i.e., we make an interactive working model from a static image. We also connect the server and client parts of the application so that it interacts with the user and fully works.Swift Development Apple
  6. Testing. For several days we are testing the application, after which we form a table with all the errors. If the client wishes, we send him a test version of the application so that he can see how it works.
  7. Debugging. When designing an application on a monitor screen, it is impossible to foresee all the features of its live use. All applications are unique, and the appearance of errors in the first stage of work is inevitable. In most cases, debugging takes about half the time from initial development.
  8. Second testing. Before running the application in the App Store or Google Play, we need to make sure that all the flaws of the previous version have been fixed and the application is working correctly, that is, the user will not encounter problems and development errors.
  9. Creating an application icon. The application icon is an integral part of it. Usually this is not just a reduced company logo, but an independent graphic element. As with the creation of any illustration, when creating an icon, its sketch is drawn first, then it is corrected, drawn and approved.
  10. The publication of the application. Before publication in the App Store or Google Play, the application is tested for compliance with all standards and technical features. Apple or Google may ask for some changes in the application. This stage takes from several days to two weeks.

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